Follow Through

By: Mistress Titania

Notice: The characters are not my own. I am just letting them out to play and will give them back to Joss when I'm done.

Ratings: FRM or FRAO

Pairings: Spike/Angelus/Xander, Giles/Ethan, Oz/Remus, Faith/Draco, Severus/Harry/Lucius

Warnings: MPreg, Threesome, Sexual Content, Language, Character Bashing, Blood-play/Vampire Sex, OOC, mentions of child abuse and sexual abuse, crossover with Harry Potter

Spoilers: All Seasons of BtVS. Mainly up to the end of Season 2 but I may decide to use Episodes from other Seasons. For Harry Potter all 5 books also to be safe.

Status: WiP, updated on Tuesdays

Summary: Angelus and Spike are hunting one night and discover Xander being abused. They save Xander and leave the country when it becomes clear that Sunnydale is not safe for the three of them. Spike decides that they should stay in one of his old family properties. At Gringotts Spike discovers some disturbing information and works to fix things. There is also a prophecy that comes to light.

Author's Note: I'm rewriting season 2 after Angel turns into Angelus. I am going by the idea that Angelus is Spike's sire. Angelus will have healed Spike making him no longer need the wheelchair. Also, Faith is called instead of Kendra. The Harry Potter world will be after the final battle with Voldemort. The male Malfoys' have always been on the light side but were undercover. There will be character bashing of Buffy, Willow, Drucilla, Narcissa, Ron, and Dumbledore. I know I tend to bash Dumbledore in my stories but I have my reasons. I have a list of them if anyone is curious.

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Oh, this is the start of something good

Don't you agree?

I haven't felt like this in so many moons

You know what I mean?

And we can build through this destruction

As we are standing on our feet

So, since you want to be with me

You'll have to follow through

With every word you say

And I, all I really want is you

You to stick around

I'll see you everyday

But you have to follow through

You have to follow through

These reeling emotions they just keep me alive

They keep me in tune

Oh, look what I'm holding here in my fire

This is for you

Am I too obvious to preach it?

You're so hypnotic on my heart

So, since you want to be with me

You'll have to follow through

With every word you say

And I, all I really want is you

you to stick around

I'll see you everyday

But you have to follow through

You have to follow through

The words you say to be are unlike anything

That's ever been said

And what you do to me is unlike anything

That's ever been

Am I too obvious to preach it?

You're so hypnotic on my heart

So, since you want to be with me

You'll have to follow through

With every word you say

And I, all I really want is you

you to stick around

I'll see you everyday

But you have to follow through

You have to follow through

Oh, this is the start of something good

Don't you agree?

Follow Through

Sung and Written By: Gavin DeGraw

It started as just another typical hunt night but soon the night would change their lives forever. Spike was still celebrating having his Sire and lover back. Angelus first action was to give Spike enough of Sire blood to heal his back. Spike was very grateful to be out of the wheelchair. He showed Angelus his gratitude all night and all day long.

Angelus and Spike were wandering around a residential area of Sunnydale. Something was drawing them to the area, they usually hunted downtown or at one of the many parks. Angelus realized they were on the street that Buffy's White Knight, Xander Harris, lived. Moving closer to his house the vampires could hear screaming and begging. Soon they were right in front of Xander Harris's house, which was where the screams originated from.

"Spike do you know whose house hat is?" Angelus leaned against a fence having a few of Xander's front door and yard.

"No, sire. Whose is it?" Spike tilted his head hearing more screaming and begging.

"That is Xander Harris's house. The slayer's comic relief and donut boy. But through Angel's memories I can see that this much more to Xander. I was planning to see what you thought of him. Thinking maybe he could join the family as your first childe."

Spike raise an eyebrow at this and went through his memories of the boy.

Just then the door to Xander's house slammed open. A figure stumbled down the porch before collapsing on the grass. Both the Vampires got a strong scent of blood, fear, and sorrow. Soon a much bigger figure cam to the door way and stomped down to the grass, a belt in his hands.

" No, son of mine is going to be a faggot! Do you understand how embarrassing it was to have the guys at work tell me that they knew my only son not just a sissy wimp but also a pillow biter bitch!" With ever word the man brought his belt down against the boy on the grass. The victim was dressed in only a pair of boxers. The belt was cutting into his skin but it was the belt buckled that was doing the most damage.

Angelus and Spike are shocked to realize that it is Xander collapsed on the grass being beaten by his father. They look at each other before slowly moving toward Xander and his father.

"Dad, please stop! I can't change who I am! Please stop!" Xander was whimpering and moaning.

"You had better damn well change!" Several kicks to Xander's side causing him to curl-up. His father then placed five hard well aimed kicks to Xander's cock and balls. "I should just castrate you! You don't deserve to have the tools of a man. The only good this is I can now make some extra money selling your ass!"

Xander throws up after the kicks to his groin. Listening to his father's words Xander sobs harder. He's only sixteen which means his father has control over him for two more years. Xander knew there was no way he could survive that long. He looked up and saw his mother in the doorway on the porch.

"Mommy! Help!" Xander managed to croak out.

"Xander you brought this on yourself with your sick ways. Repent or you will burn in Hell while your father and I enjoy paradise," she responds.

Xander lets out another scream as a hard kick connects his with back near his kidneys. Damn, Xander knows he will be peeing blood for at least a week. He looks up his eyes pleading with his mother again for help. She responds by tossing her screwdriver on him before going back in the house. Xander didn't think he could feel much more pain but he was wrong. He lets out a blood curdling scream as the alcohol and orange juice drip into his many open wounds. His father is about to kick him in the stomach but is stopped by a voice.

"I wouldn't do that. That boy is under my protection. And I don't take kindly to my property being damaged." Angelus stands in front of Mr. Harris. his arms crossed in front of his chest glairing at the man.

"Shh, pet it's okay now. Your safe, your da won't ever touch you again. Darlin' can you walk or do you need help?" Spike knelt down gently brushing Xander's hair off his forehead. Xander whimpers in pain. He doesn't believe Spike is truly there.

"Dream Spike, your wearing more clothes than normal. Sorry, don't think we can play 'chase the prey' today. I don't feel so good. I think I am going to pass out now." Xander does just that. Spike raises an eyebrow at the words Xander had mumbled. Spike is intrigued with the fact that Xander revealed he had naughty dreams about Spike and himself. Spike looks up to see Angelus in gameface threatening Mr. Harris.

"You will never touch this boy again. You will never ever think about this boy again. And you will tell no one about what went on here tonight. If you don't do those things then your life is forfeit. Understand?"

Mr. Harris nods frantically while peeing his pants. Angelus rolls his eyes.

"Disgusting! Get inside and don't look back!" Mr. Harris scrambles into the house. Angelus turns to Spike. "That cretin offered us Xander in exchange for sparing his life. I took his offer mainly because his blood is probably to disgusting to drink. How is Xander doing?"

"He passed out. But he did admit to having naughty dreams about me"

"Well who wouldn't, your one sexy specimen." Angelus leans over giving Spike a deep kiss. "So, we take him with us?"

"Yea, you said you were planning on taking him anyway, this is just a little sooner."

Angelus nods leaning down to carefully pick-up Xander in his arms. Spike walks next to them. Every so often Spike would reach over to stroke Xander's cheek.

"Um, Sire I just thought of something. Between all the minions, lack of heat, no bathroom facilities, and water that can't be drank; I don't think that warehouse is going to be helpful to Xander's recovery."

"You're right, Spike. I didn't even think about that. Well, what do you suggest?" Angelus stops walking and turns to look at Spike.

"There is a new luxury hotel downtown. The bonus would be the slayer would never think to look for us there. I'll wait here with Xander and you can go get the car. You move faster on your feet than I do."

Spike sits down on the front lawn of an empty house with a for sale sign in the yard. Angelus leans down and gently places Xander into Spike's arms. Angelus turns and runs off to the warehouse. Spike rocks Xander singing to him softly.

Drucilla was sitting at the window waiting for her Daddy and Spike to come back from hunting. Drucilla was happy to have her Daddy back but she didn't like Spike being devoted to someone else. It seemed that with ingestion of Sire's blood Spike was no longer responding to the spell and potion she had been using for a hundred years. When Angelus disappeared Drucilla saw it as a chance to have Spike finally notice her. It amazed her that no one ever realized she faked her insanity. True Angelus drove he human self insane but once she was turned her sanity came back. The only one who ever figured it out was Darla. She also told Drucilla that Angelus never wanted her. He was following Darla's order. Darla was sick of watching Angelus and Spike fawn over each other. Darla had hoped that making Spike believe that Angelus was in love with a human girl would end their relationship. She neglected to take into account that Spike was a wizard before being turned and could tell she was lying. That was Drucilla knew the only way to gain control over Spike was a combination of potions and spells. Now Angelus and Spike were all lovey dovey again and Spike wasn't even stuck in the wheelchair. They acted like they were on their second honeymoon. She wasn't sure what to do about it. At time like this she missed Darla, she was such a devious planner. Drucilla would just have to wait and see for now. And it looks like her Daddy just got home.

Angelus rushes into the warehouse grabbing his wallet and car keys. He looks up and sees Drucilla watching him. After taking Spike's blood Angelus now knows what games Drucilla has been playing but decides to wait to see how she'll react to him being back before he does anything.

"Hello Princess. I just came back to get the car. Spike and I had to rescue a boy who may become your newest brother, Xander. Spike and I are going to take him to a hotel for a few days until he is healed up. So you'll be by yourself for a few days. The minions will help take care of you." Angelus turns to go back out the door when he feels something land on his back.

"NO! YOU WILL NOT TAKE ANY MORE CHILDREN! AND YOU WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU WILL START PAYING ATTENTION TO ME AND NOT THAT WUSSY VAMPIRE SPIKE! HE IS TO DAMN HUMAN!" Drucilla is clawing at Angelus' face.She starts growling, " I should have staked that little bastard when I found out he was stuck in that wheelchair. Well I'll just fix that the next time he shows his face here or maybe I'll wait until he's asleep that way he'll never know what hit him. Would you like that Angelus, wake-up in bed full of ash?"

Angelus hears her threaten to stake his favorite childe and just looses it. He grabs Drucilla by her throat and slams her into the wall. "Spike is so much more a vampire then you will ever be. He is a better lover too. You are selfish little bitch. I know about your spells and potions to keep Spike under your control. I don't need anything to control Spike. Showing you what a pathetic vampire you are. Angel staked Darla without remorse and I will do the same with you. I never wanted you, but Darla forced me to make you. Spike I have always wanted. Xander will be much better for the Aurelias line than you ever were. Your biggest mistake though was threatening to stake Spike. It will be your last!" Angelus removes a stake from his waist and quickly plunges it into her heart. Before Drucilla can even scream her body becomes ash.

Angelus steps back dropping the stake. He wipes his hands on his clothes and stares at the ash shaking his head. He takes a deep breath and grabs the keys along with his wallet and quickly leaves the warehouse. The car peels out of the driveway heading the where he left Spike and Xander.

Spike sits on the grass listening for Angelus' car. He looks down worried at Xander and leans down nuzzling his cheek. Finally he hears the car pull up in front of him.

"Sorry, it took so long. I ran into a problem at the warehouse with Dru. Then I went to hotel at got a room already because I figured it wouldn't be good to drag Xander into the lobby in the shape he's in. I also stopped at picked up a bunch of first aid supplies along with food and drinks. I also picked up several days worth of bag blood so that we don't have to leave him to go hunting." Angelus picked Xander up while Spike slid into the car. Then he laid Xander across the backseat and quickly drove to the hotel. He parked in the underground garage.

"Sire, you can carry Xander and I'll carry all the supplies you bought." Spike picked up the 5 bags of medical, food, drink, and blood supplies. Angelus removed the hotel key and handed into Spike before picking Xander up. They rode in the elevator up to the Penthouse.

"I rented the room for the next month. I figured this would be better than going back to the warehouse since it was only a matter of time before the slayer found it."

"Good idea, Sire." Spike sets the bags on the small dinning room table before moving to the main bedroom and pulling back the covers. "Sire, I'll get a bath started for Xander." Spike quickly scoots into the bathroom. Angelus follows behind him with Xander.

Xander's PoV-

I must be dreaming, that's the only way I can explain this. I'm in a warm water being washed by gentle hands of a male. Of course in a dream I shouldn't feel pain. And boy do I feel pain. I guess I should open my eyes. I slowly let my eyes adjust to the light and see that I am in a very fancy bathroom. I follow the hand that is bathing me up to the body it is connected to. Oh, I really must be dreaming. I'm being bathed by Spike with Angelus sitting on the bathroom counter watching us. I whimper as Spike brings the wash cloth over a sensitive spot.

"Shh, sorry pet but I have to get you clean. It nice to see you awake again, I was starting to get worried." Spike tells me as he gently my sides.

"Um, why didn't you kill me and leave me on Buffy's doorstep?" my voice is sore and scratchy from all the screaming I did earlier.

"Because you have wonderful potential. We see that you are more than a bumbling fool of a donut boy. I also think there maybe something mystical at work. Spike nor myself ever walk in you neighborhood but tonight something drew us there. And as such you will be staying with us while you heal. After that if you still wish to leave then you may." Angelus spoke watching me with gentle eyes. That is something I am used to see on Angel not Angelus.

"Pet this is going to hurt but I need to try and clean all over you." Spike moves the wash cloth over my groin and I feel tears come to my eye from the pain. My cock and balls are swollen and bruised all sorts of pretty colors, the impression of a shoe is visible. "I'm so sorry pet but I'm done now. Angelus can you hand be that towel." Spike empties the water from the tub.

I feel so useless because I can't seem to move at all to help in my own care. Spike wraps a giant towel around me and lifts me out of the tub. Angelus follows us out of the bathroom. Looking around I realize were are in the penthouse of the new hotel downtown. I remember seeing pictures in the newspaper of how beautiful the hotel and the rooms are. I rest my head against Spike's shoulder getting tired.

"Don't go to sleep yet. We need to bandage your wounds and get a little food into you. Your pretty skinny, pet. Do you like to eat?" Spike asks after he dries me off. Angelus helps me stand up so that Spike can apply antibiotic cream and bandages all over my body.

"No, I do like to eat. We just never have very much money for food after my folks use the money for their alcohol and gambling debts. Beside, Willow and Buffy said I was starting to get chunky." I tell them both while laying my head on Angelus' shoulder. Mmm, he smells really good. I focus on Angelus scent and barely feel Spike bandaging my wounds.

"Pet, I hope you aren't embarrassed but I think it will be easiest for you to go with out clothing until some of your wounds heal." Spike and Angel help me lay lean against a bunch of pillows in the middle of the bed before covering me with some blankets. Spike sits down on my left and gently rubs the base of my skull, playing with my hair. Angelus carries a plate of cheese slices, apple slices, crackers and a glass of milk.

"Here Xander, I know your tired but you need to eat something first. Let me help you." Angelus slowly begins feeding me a piece of food at a time in between giving me sips of milk.

"I can't eat anymore. I just want to sleep." I tell them after I finished over half the plate.

"That's a good job. Alright, here is some antibiotics and pain meds that I got from a Demon doc I know. Don't worry he also treats humans." Angelus slips the pills in mouth and I swallow before really thinking about it.

I yawn and turn towards Spike. He gently moves me so I'm laying down slightly with my head resting on his chest. He makes sure the blankets are covering me. I feel him kiss the top of my head and Angelus kisses a spot on my shoulder that doesn't have a mark. I feel safer in the arms of known killers than in my own home. I quickly fall asleep listening to them both purr.

End Part 1

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