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'Did you try?'

' Fine! I'm telling you, it's not going to work!' Inuyasha snapped, carefully laying the shadow on the ground and stamping on it before it could move.

Kagome raised her eyebrow. He glared at her and raised his foot experimentally. The shadow was again attached.

' I knew I could do it!' Inuyasha proclaimed, pointedly ignoring Kagome's part in solving the issue.

' You?' Kagome exploded, ' All you did was follow my instructions! How dare you try to…'

Inuyasha silenced her by raising his hand, ' Quiet, wench.'

Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth.

He smirked and she closed it, and then promptly re-opened it with a question, ' Why are you in my room?'

' I needed my shadow.' Inuyasha said with the air of someone explaining that one and one made two.

' No, not that!' Kagome dismissed his answer with a wave of her hand, ' Why were you here the first time.'

He looked at her from the corners of his eyes, ' Ilikelisteningtoyourstories.' He said quickly.

' What?'

' I… like… listening… to… your… stories.' He said slowly, as if she was deaf.


'I've got to go.' Inuyasha said, looking at the floor. He jumped into the air, hovered and went to the window.

'You can fly?' Kagome asked.

' Nooo. I'm swimming right now.'

Kagome muttered a few choice words under her breath.

Inuyasha looked at her curiously, ' Would you like to come?'

' Where?'

' To Neverland, where you'll never have to grow up.'

' Never is an awfully long time.'

He shrugged, and extended his hand, she hesitated, and he pushed open the window.

' Wait!' She cried, running over to her brothers' beds and dumping them unceremoniously onto the floor.

' Hey! Watcha do that for?' Shippo asked sleepily.

' This boy is going to take us to Neverland.'

That woke them up, ' Neverland!' they chorused, ' I thought that was only make-believe.'

' So did I.' Kagome muttered under her breath.

Inuyasha waited impatiently by the window.

' Oh!' Kagome exclaimed, quite dismayed, ' But we can't fly!'

' Tough luck.' Inuyasha said, turning back toward the window. He was stopped by the sound of sobbing. When he turned back around, he saw tears cascading down Kagomes' face, ' Ok, I'll fix it.' He said. For some reason, seeing this girl cry mad him feel oddly protective.

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