Extended Author's Notes:

This work would not be as good as it is without the help of Isaac "Will it Work" Dansiker, so I want to thank him for his help as a pre-reader once again. Thanks!

This of course is the end of Baba Yaga's quests. They took somewhat of a tangent to my original idea, but I had always had the idea that Ranma/Ranko and Ryouga were being sent to other worlds as Baba Yaga's pawns. She was sending them on quests to gain more power. She planned on using the two boys to gain more power and win her game. I hadn't decided on exactly who she was playing the game against until Ranma and Ryouga entered the Sailor Moon universe. Once they did it became obvious who the other player in Baba Yaga's game would be and the powerful artifact that Baba Yaga wanted became just as obvious to me.

Since Ranma was Baba Yaga's pawn the ancient crone ended up winning the game against Wiseman, but as with all pawns Ranma and his allies were able to make themselves into Queens. When that happened they ended up taking the main prize away and leaving Baba Yaga with virtually nothing.

You may have noticed that I have left the story open for a sequel or two. Will Ryouga be able to help Sailor Moon defeat Neherenia and the other threats that come along?

Will Sailor Moon succumb to the temptation to use the Ginzuishou?

What about the Neptune and Uranus henshin rods?

What about Ranko and her allies. How has the chronological power affected them?

What about Baba Yaga's curse how will they deal with that?

Those are all questions that will have to be answered in other stories.

So keep an eye out, because I will be writing some of those stories.

See you around,