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Chapter XV: Valentine's Prom

"You almost finished playing that?"

Rei looked up from his bass guitar still holding it in place ready to start up again at any minute. "Is it bothering you much?"" He asked as he looked down to his guitar and then back up again emitting a smile as he did so. "It's very loud," Keira said cocking her head to one side rolling her eyes.

"That's the power of bass honey…" Rei stated chuckling. "I know, I was just coming in to see I'm going home. I've already said it to Tyson and Hilary so I thought I should say it to you too," She said as he nodded understanding.

"You okay?" She asked squinting her eyes trying to get a read on him. "Oh, I'm fine. I'll meet you later for this prom thing at school." He replied looking down at his bass again checking his strings.

She let out a short sigh. "I feel that we don't talk as much as we used to do. Is that whole thing with Mariah?" She asked putting her hands on her hips and them moving strands of hair out of her sight. "Because I hardly ever lose my temper like that," She added.

"Nothing like that," Rei said shaking his head and placing his bass against his wall. "It's just I'm embarrassed… and worried to say that I haven't really gotten you anything for Valentine's Day…" He said putting his hands in his pocket and bracing himself for what she might say next.

"You're silly," She put getting a quick kiss off him while he sighed a sigh of relief. "It's just some sort of holiday, we don't need any constrictions of dates or gestures to show our love. This prom with everyone and… you should do fine enough."

She gave him a hug as to which he returned. He squeezed her a little tighter to him before releasing her and brought his hand up to her cheek. "It's settled then…" He said before his kissed her again.

She broke it off and made her way to the door. "I'll meet you there then," She said holding her hand up to show a wave. "See you soon," Rei breathed as she closed the door with a smile.

I guess I have been sort of distant lately from here. I'm just keeping a close eye on Tala still. I'm still not entirely sure that he is trustworthy. He still acts a little suspicious and although he is still hanging around with Jessica. They don't seem to be smiling as much as they used to and this whole thing was ages ago.

Rei scratched his hair and decided the best thing to do was to just worry about himself and his relationship since Keira had sensed a change in him which was making her doubt him and them being together. "Better get ready," He told himself seeing as he would probably be the one that would be hurrying up Tyson when it came to the time of setting out for school.

Rei put on some smart clothes but was still casual enough to keep some of his original dress style, making his way to the living room; he shook his head and brushed his hair back trying to absorb what he was seeing. "You are already ready?" He asked Tyson who was already in some smart trousers and a shirt with his hand around Hilary who was wearing a rather elegant dress.

"Two surprises in the last couple of days then Tyson?" Rei said trying to gain some sort of composure back. Tyson laughed and held onto Hilary who was smiling smugly.

"That won't work; I've already told Hilary…" Tyson began proudly. "… of your love for the KC and the Sunshine Band?" Rei asked quickly. "That's the way I like it," Tyson said before cracking up at Rei who had his hand on his face trying to get rid of his embarrassment.


"Oh you're early!" Chenoa exclaimed as she opened the door to Alycia. "I am?"" She asked looking worried but Chenoa laughed and smiled bringing Alycia back to being relatively calm.

"I'm kidding, we're both ready… well Kai has just got to come down stairs…" Chenoa said and soon enough had those words left her mouth. Kai came down the stairs in a tux now less.

Alycia suddenly felt a little underdressed since she wore a t-shirt and a small jacket over the top of that with a slightly smart skirt. "You look…" Kai began as he stopped just in front of her. "Good…" Chenoa put in.

"No." Kai stated closing his eyes. "Great,"


Tala looked across the school hall as he and Jessica arrived, they were much earlier than they expected to be. They had both walked much faster together than usual, they had barely spoke to each other only little snippets of a conversation now and again. "Oh, there is Max and Mariam…" Jessica said as she brought Tala and herself over to them.

Max and Mariam were already dancing as were some other couples but compared to what Max and Mariam were doing, dancing wasn't really a word. Mariam's zany nature seemed to have affected Max somewhat as their arms which were holding each other as they flailed around to the tune of Elton John's I'm Still Standing which had also brought some of the teachers onto the dance floor showing off their moves.

And as the song broke into the chorus saying its chorus, Max and Mariam mouthed the "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" to each other smiling brightly to each other.

"Let's move over there," Jessica stated. "Well said," Tala said as he smiled to her. As they made their way to a quiet part of the hall. He nodded to himself before he moved his hand over to hold hers. "Let's not be distant with each other now, huh?" He said kissing her hand. "Sure," She said lovingly.

Not too long later, the song had finished and Max and Mariam made their way over to Tala and Jessica who couldn't help but now crack a smile. "You should have joined in," Mariam said breathing showing that she was a little tired after that number. "Maybe later," Jessica said over the new song that had begun playing.

"The hall scrubs up pretty good," Tyson said nodding as he entered with Hilary and Rei and Keira followed them in. Seeing Tala, Max, Mariam and Jessica in a corner, they made their way round people who were talking and people who were dancing to meet up them.

The Valentine's Day prom had now come into full spring since the headmaster Mr. Davies made his way onto the stage at the front of the hall. "Can I have everyone's attention please" He called over the microphone.

"Just in time," breathed Chenoa as the headmaster continued. "As you can see we have decorated the hall to try and give off a very Valentine's theme." He said as he motioned for them to look up.

He was right, the hall which often looked dull with the contrasting browns and blacks with a few art displays on some notice boards scattered around the hall. Today however red banners were attached across the ceiling, tables had been set up with various refreshments and per the headmaster's request there was no alcohol.

There was several tables on the other side of the dance floor which were mostly occupied by students sitting down.

"We would prefer you not to wander around the school and cause trouble, the night will be focused inside this hall, there will be zero tolerance for troublemakers which is why as a precaution, there will be teachers near the exits and we will keep an eye on what you are doing…"

Seeing that he had everyone's attention, Mr. Davies nodded and folded his arms behind his back. "Then now, you can enjoy the rest of the evening."

As everyone clapped and understood the rules to the evening, the music came back on and the prom started up again. "Screw the rules, I have an idea," Tala mused to himself. A small smirk came across Kai's face as he, Chenoa and Alycia made their way over now that Mr. Davies had finished his speech.

"Try not to caught this time, Ivanov" Kai stated folding his arms. "It'll just be a little distraction or something like that, to keep them guessing." He replied. "It'll be easy,"

"Wish I had your confidence," Max said. "Ill just stay out of this whole thing," He added. "… Sure," Tala put nodding thinking that he could do this all by himself anyway.

It was time he had gotten back to his roots anyway, now that everything was out I the happen and the backlash of everything seemed to have faded out. He wanted them to see he was over it as well and that he wanted things to be like they were before.

"You got this one then?" Rei said getting Tala's attention away from his thoughts. "Oh yeah…" Tala confirmed. "Good," Rei replied as he and Keira headed over to the refreshment tables.

"Hey Rei," Brooklyn said cheerfully with Julia in tow. "Hey, glad you could make it," Keira added with a smile as she leaned on Rei whose new job as a leaning post didn't seemed to bother him.

"You look great guys." Keira added as Julia did a little twirl in her dress to show off.

"Yet there is no compliment for your boyfriend on how he looks… on Valentine's Day as well," Rei said playfully.

"We'll leave you to it," Julia said as they passed them by.

Max and Mariam were now back on the dance floor and were a little more relaxed with the dancing than they were previously. Tala glanced over to them and then looked at all the teachers in the room, he was thinking of the best possible way to slip out.

"This is going to be a good one," Tala said to Jessica who shook her head and rolled her eyes. "God help me," She complained as she tapped him on the shoulder. "Dance with me first before you set your plan in motion…"

"You wouldn't happen to be making fun of me would you?" Tala said as he led her over to where Julia and Brooklyn were already dancing. They greeted each other with a nice smile even Julia who had been a bit weary in the past of Tala and Jessica.

Tyson, Hilary, Kai, Chenoa and Alycia had made their way to one of the tables and were each having a drink before they began to dance. Kai hadn't said much on the subject but he had already begun to become the subject of some of Chenoa's jokes.

"I'll dance," He stated finally making her stop in her tracks. "I will…" He added to Alycia who nodded giving her smile. Her eyes met his and Hilary leaned on the table sighing happily at the display.

"We need more moments like that Tyson…" Hilary said as she admired Kai for showing a sensitive side, well as sensitive as Kai could get. "Fine," He said folding his arms and turned his attention on her opening his eyes wide seriously cupping his face on his hand which was leaning on the table.

"I meant like this…" She said as she ignored his taunt and brought him close to her. Tyson sensed that she wasn't in the mood for a match of wits and taunts so he pulled away slowly and pressed his lips against hers. "I see what you mean," He deduced.

"Good." Hilary said ruffling his hair up.

Tala smiled. "I'll be a couple of minutes max," He said holding Jessica's hands. "I just need you to take Brook and Julia over to Mariam and Max and persuade them to dance like they did last time. Join in if you have too…"

"Aren't you a little old for pranks Tala?" Jessica said seriously. "You are never too old for pranks Jess" He gently kissed her. "It'll spice things up for sure,"

She sighed heavily before giving in. "Fine,"

Tala made his way to the corner of the room wading his way through the crowd of couples. Jessica had begun to speak to Brooklyn and Julia and not to long after were making their way through the crowd towards Max and Mariam. As Tala watched from afar, he realised that this would have to be his last prank.

It really had to be, he had to become a lot more serious and show more depth of himself to Jessica and not to go to Brooklyn in confidence when he wanted to speak about things. He was moving on from his talks with Brooklyn anyway, he had been going round less and less and either practising with the band with Brooklyn or going out on double dates with members of the group.

Tala's eyes fixed on the first part of his plan as Max, Mariam and Jessica dancing began to descend into the original madness of I'm Still Standing. As Julia, then Brooklyn joined in, the crowd of other dancers began to take notice of the silly dancing and some began to do their own impressions of the take.

As the teachers from the door began to take notice and walk over, Tala saw his chance and slipped out of the hall. His mind whirring with possibilities now, his mind drew to one conclusion. He hoped he was right as he turned down the corridor and then went to the right.

Smiling as he knew he was nearly there, he stopped in his tracks as his plan had been done before him. The lights went off and he heard the air conditioning stop. He stood still and looked around trying to think as to what to do next.

Since he was heading to the caretaker's room to turn off the power to spice things up, he decided to press on and see who had beaten him to it.

As the lights went off in the hall, the dancing stopped immediately and Kai and Alycia who were just about to get up and dance, sat back down and waited to see what was going to play out. "Calm down!" Mr. Davies shouted before the hall went into a panic.

He motioned the caretaker who was making his way to him to go and check out what had happened who nodded at his order and began to make his way through the people who were now standing still waiting for answers.

"This was his plan?" Jessica whispered.

As Tala pushed through some double doors, he saw a figure in front of him. It was dark so he couldn't see the face. "Who goes there?!" Tala snapped.

"Guess who?"

Tala snarled much to the figure's amusement. Then there was some noises and raised voices and as Tala turned to guess how far they were away from him. He heard something else as he heard footsteps move away from him. He was running and leaving him to take the fall!

"Bryan!" Tala snapped quietly as be began to run after him but a slam of the door of behind him and a light beaming on the back of his head made him stop in his tracks.

"There is no only one person in this school who such an appropriate hairstyle… Mr Ivanov,"

Tala turned and held his hands up. "Mr. Davies…" He said disappointingly.

"I was framed," Tala added.

Back at the hall, a cheer erupted as the lights came back on and Jessica looked worryingly around. She hadn't explained the whole details as to why she had asked them to dance the way they did.


Everyone turned around as they saw Mr. Davies at the front of the hall. "The Valentine's Day prom is being cancelled effective immediately. One individual though their little display just then was comical so because of there misjudgement."

"You will all pay the price, go home please." This brought on some jeers and moans from the crowd but Mr. Davies soon quieted them down. "Go home now!"

Jessica ran her hands from her air and growled. 'Some Valentine's Day this is' She thought.

"I'm sorry we didn't get to dance," Kai said as he and Alycia walked side by side away from the school. Chenoa was a bit in front behind a fuming Jessica, Tyson and Hilary, Rei and Keira and Max and Mariam.

Julia and Brooklyn brought up the rear.

Jessica hadn't explained or mentioned what Tala had planned and had just stated that he had probably left while everything was dark saying that he was complaining of an upset stomach and no-one was none the wiser.

"That's okay," Alycia said putting Kai's arm around her. Kai didn't say anything about what she just did but brought the subject back to dancing. "I have two left feet anyway…"

Alycia smiled rubbing his hand. "I have two right ones, we would have been fine."

"Nice line," Brooklyn said to Julia nudging her gently as they watched Kai and Alycia in front of them. "I keep expecting Kai to go kung fu style because he's allowing himself to open up," He added.

"Vivid image there," Julia said surprised. "Very," Brooklyn said acting worried for Julia's amusement.

As the gang began to split off, greetings of the special day we given to everyone including Kai who wasn't fond of the fact that guys were wishing him a Happy Valentine's Day.

Before long, Julia, Brooklyn, Max and Mariam were the only people left they hadn't gone down a different route. "May I ask about the dancing?" Brooklyn said to no-one in particular.

"It's more fun," Mariam said. "You have to live life to the fullest you know," She explained.

"Didn't half take it out of me though," Brooklyn replied. Julia giggled and stopped him bringing his face close to hers. Brooklyn didn't kiss her, he brushed the hair away from his eyes and lightly pressed his nose against hers bringing on another fit of giggles from her.

"I'm still standing!" Max exclaimed waving his arms in the air.


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