Prank Wars

(An: I don't own Drake and Josh)

Chapter 1 Let the Pranking Begin

Blood curdling screaming filled the home of Drake and Josh. A girl sat laughing at the breakfast table. She reached for her cup of Oj still chuckling to her self. Her parents stared awkwardly at her, but after continued to eat. Josh ambled down the stairs backpack on, ready for school. He sat down next to his stepsister wondering what was so hilarious.

" What is so funny, Meghan?" Josh asked.

" Nothing," she answered.

" Where's Drake?" Audrey asked.

" I think he is taking a shower," Josh answered.

Suddenly the sound of thunder came down the stairs. It was no storm but Drake. Within his hair was a comb that seemed to stay in the same position. He stared at Meghan for ten minutes and continued after he sat down.

" Honey," Audrey replied. " Why is there a comb stuck in you hair?"

" Ask, Meghan," Drake glared.

" Meghan, did you have something to do with this?" Walter asked.

" Of course not," she smiled. " I have been downstairs the whole time."

" She is a liar!" Drake shouted.

" Now, Drake, if Meghan said she didn't commit the crime then we should believe her," Audrey answered.

" You always believe her!" Drake argued.

" Now, Drake…" Audrey began.

Drake leaped out of his chair and headed for the front door.

" We'll get breakfast on the way," Drake answered. " Come on Josh."

Josh stared at the pancakes then back at Drake. Impatiently Drake waited.

" Drake, the pancakes," Josh complained.

" We don't have all day," Drake yelled.

" Oh," Josh moaned. " I wanted to eat the pancakes."

Taking his backpack in his hand he headed out the door with Drake.

Inside the car Josh and Drake kept quiet. Josh turned to Drake.

" Drake," Josh called.

" What I am trying to drive and wave at girls here," Drake smiled waving at a car full of girls driving next to them. " Extra giggly bunch."

" You still have the comb stuck in your hair," he answered.

Stopping the car at a red light Drake stared at his reflection in the review mirror. The comb from home was still in the same position in his hair. Looking back at the girls he hoped they didn't notice, but sadly that was the only reason they were giggling.

" Tried to tell you," Josh smiled.

" Oh, I'll get Meghan for this," he growled.

" I'd get that comb out of your hair first," Josh suggested.

Once Drake parked the car in the school parking lot he turned to Josh.

" Help me get this distraction out of my hair?" Drake pleaded.

" Okay hold on,"

Josh clamped his hands around the comb in Drake's hair. Pulling with all his might he couldn't get it out.

" Okay, don't panic," Josh, said.

" Don't panic," Drake frowned. " All the hot girls are in my English class. They can't see me like this."

Josh glared.

" The only way that is coming out of you hair is with some scissors," he explained. " Good thing I have some here."

" Oh no, you aren't cutting my hair," Drake hollered. " I wont let you."

" That is the only way you are getting the comb out," he said.

" Fine, but if you cut too much I will kill you," he sneered.

" Don't worry I watched this on extreme makeover once," he grinned.

Few minutes later the comb was out of Drake's hair.

" Josh, you did it," Drake yelled.

" Well, you're welcome Drake," he smiled. " I like to know I helped in some way. I like to think you would do the same for me. We're brothers and we have to stick together. Meaning I'll be there for you…

While Josh was droning on Drake got out of the car and caught up with a cheerleader. When Josh's speech was over Drake was nowhere in sight.

" Drake," he searched.

During English class Drake played with his pencil looking up to listen once in a while.

" Hey, Drake do you want to play video games with me when we get home?" Josh asked.

" Whatever as long as you don't bother me," he replied.

The bell rang loudly signaling all the teens to leave. At the lockers Drake was chatting with the captain of the cheerleading squad.

" So, I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime," he smiled. " I mean since we are beautiful it would be only right if we went out."

" Drake,"

" I mean two beautiful people going out is a wonderful thing," he continued.

" Drake,"

" What do you say?"

" Drake!"

Drake whirled around.

" What Josh," he asked.

" I have this cool new magic trick to show you," he grinned.

" I'm kind of trying to get a date with a cheerleader here," he answered.

" But Drake,"

Drake shooed Josh away. Turning back to talk to the girl she was gone.

" Well, now that she is gone I guess I will see your trick," he mumbled.

" Okay brother prepare to be amazed," he announced.

" Wow me,"

Josh showed Drake there was nothing up his sleeves then he said the magic words. After he pulled out a long cane from his right sleeve.

" Tada," he screamed.

" Josh, that was nice," he nodded. " And it couldn't wait why?"

" I just thought I would show you," he answered.

" That is nice," Drake answered. " Josh, next time wait till after I get the girl."

" Oh sorry about that," he frowned.

" No probably," he smiled. " My schedule is full anyway."

" Of what?"

" Dates,"

Josh stared at Drake, but then walked to his next class.

The last bell of the day rang out through the whole school. Drake put his backpack on then waited for Josh by his car.

" Hey Drake," Josh waved.

" Hey Josh," he waved back.

Back in the car the two boys made it safely back home. Quickly they opened the front door then retreated to their room. As Josh turned the doorknob a tennis ball smashed him in the head. Soon many tennis balls attacked Drake and Josh. Located in their room was a tennis ball shooter. Drake dodged the balls and turned off the machine.

" Hey I was practicing," Meghan snorted emerging from somewhere in their room.

" What exactly?" Drake eyed her.

" Tennis of course," she smirked, " I have a big game tonight."

" So you were practicing in our room," Josh asked. " Why not a let me think a tennis court."

" That wouldn't be fun," she answered. " Then I wouldn't be able to break your things in the process."

" Meghan, out!" Josh shrieked.

Meghan ran out of the room.

" Can I have my racket?" she asked.

" No," Drake responded closing the door.

" Tennis practice in our room!" Josh yelled. " Our room!"

" I know," Drake slumped onto the couch.

The video game system was turned on and Josh began to choose his player. Drake chose his player too.

" You're going down brother!" Josh shouted.

" Not if you don't first," Drake smirked.

" Boys dinner," Audrey yelled.

" Race you there," Josh smiled.

After dinner the boys headed back upstairs ready to continue their game. Once they both walked in they slipped.

" Ouch," they replied.

Dusting themselves off they headed back to their game. As they sat down they were instantly electrocuted.

" Meghan!" they shouted.

Soon Meghan was in their room smiling evilly.

" What is the matter?" she asked innocently.

" We know you rigged our couch," Drake answered.

" Yeah," Josh shouted.

" And we don't like it," Drake continued.

" So?"

Drake glared holes into his little sister. How could she be so evil? How? He then put on a smile.

" Meghan, why do you torture us?" he asked.

" Because it is so easy," she laughed.

" Meghan, how would you like if I rigged your couch," Josh asked.

" First of all you wouldn't be able to, second of all you would get caught if you tried and third of all I don't have a couch," she said.

" If you should know Drake and I are very sneaky," he grinned.

" You and moron?" she giggled. " You both could never prank me."

" You never know," Drake added.

" That is too funny," Meghan chuckled. " More funny then Drake sleep walking."

" I don't sleep walk," he frowned.

" How do you know you are asleep when you do," she smiled. " If you excuse me I have a tennis match in thirty minutes."

Slowly Meghan exited the room.

"She makes me so mad," Josh grumbled.

" Yeah, wish we could do something," Drake frowned.

" That's it,"

" What?" Drake asked.

" We do something about it," he began. " First we find a prank so bad that it will teach her not to prank us."

" Good idea," Drake nodded. " How do we do that?"

" Easy," Josh smiled. " The internet.

" Huh?"

" You'll see," Josh answered.

Eagerly Josh ran to his computer and started it up. He smiled at the different options he was receiving from the net.

" So many choices," Josh grinned.

" Pick something easy," Drake ordered. " I don't have all day to do it."

" Why not?"

" I have a date tonight,"

" Who a cheerleader?"

" No the cheerleader's best friend who isn't a cheerleader,"

Josh went back to the computer and clicked on one of the options. Then he wrote down what they would need.

" We're going to need an airplane, some waterballons, and ketchup," he informed.

" Ketchup?"

" Oh just go get the things,"

Drake shrugged leaving the room. Soon he returned with all of the items.

" I have to stall Meghan you put the balloons in the airplane,"

" How?"

" There is a compartment meant for dropping fake missiles," he instructed.

" Take the missiles out and put the water balloons filled with ketchup in."

" How will I know when to start?" he asked.

" Don't worry, once I come back it will begin,"

Josh left the room to stall Meghan. When Drake was about to put the three waterballons in, he got a phone call. Picking up the phone he heard the voice of his date. Smiling he started using his Drake charm. He had the water balloons in hand. Noticing that he tossed them aside. The three balloons didn't break luckily. Josh reentered the room and picked up the plane. Starting it up he flew it into Meghan's room. Pressing the button for drop, he heard no screaming. Drake hung up the phone and realized he forgot to put the balloons in.

" What could of happened?" he wondered. " I thought this was foolproof."

Drake tapped Josh on the shoulder.

" I read the directions carefully," he frowned. " Maybe I didn't aim right."

" Or maybe the balloons weren't in the plane," Drake answered.

Josh whirled around to see Drake holding the three balloons in his hand.

" What is the point of the airplane if there are no balloons?"

" I don't know,"

" Maybe this will help you realize," Josh said smacking one of the balloons into Drake's face.

" Dude you shouldn't have done that,"

" Oh but I did,"

Drake picked up a balloon and smashed it into Josh's face. Both boys began to wrestle on the floor over the last balloon. A plane came zooming into their room. It hovered above them, but they didn't notice. The drop compartment opened and tons of ketchup poured on them. They both looked at each other and then the airplane.

" Meghan!" they shouted.

The door opened and Drake walked through. He wore a smile on his face. He just was coming back from his date.

" How was it?" Josh asked.

" Great,"

" That's good,"

" Has Meghan done anything?"

" She has been quiet for a long time," Josh replied.

" Good, well I'll be off to bed," Drake yawned.

Both boys went to their beds and instantly fell asleep. After an hour Drake rose from his bed still sleeping. He opened the door and headed down the stairs. Meghan's door opened and she looked out. Happily she followed Drake downstairs.

" Drake," she called.

There was no response. Drake entered the kitchen and opened a cabinet where he hid his candy stash. Sitting down Drake began to eat candy after candy. Meghan laughed to her self. What could she do to make this interesting? After Drake ate the whole bag of candy he went back upstairs. Meghan was close behind as she entered Drake's room. Drake stopped in front of his guitar. Picking it up he began to play and sing. After thirty minutes he put his guitar back down.

" Drake, attack Josh," she whispered in his ear.

Drake nodded. Moving his feet he made his way to Josh's bed. Then Drake began whacking Josh with a bat. Meghan secretly left the room.

" What! What!" Josh screamed in his sleep.

Opening his eyes he saw Drake whacking him.

" Drake! Drake!" Josh yelled.

Josh took the bat from Drake and whacked him with it. Drake woke up.

" Hey what am I doing here?" he asked. " And why do you have a bat?"

" You were sleep walking," Josh said.

" Oh I guess I should go to bed then," he responded.

Climbing into his bed he fell asleep.

The next morning Drake yelled making Josh jump.

" Where did my candy stash go?" he screamed.

Meghan laughed evilly.

" Was it you Meghan?"

" No it was you," she corrected him. " Last night you ate the whole bag."

" No way!" he hollered. " It will be forever till I get another bag."

" Guess you need to stop sleep walking then," she suggested.

Josh was walking around in circles.

" Josh you don't have a tail," Drake grinned.

" Ha-ha, since our plan didn't work yesterday," Josh glared. " We have today, which is a Saturday, meaning we have all day."

" I have a date tonight," Drake smiled.

" With who?"

" Cindy, she's a gymnast,"

" What happened to the cheerleader's friend who isn't a cheerleader?"

" She was boring,"

Josh looked back at his plans.

" This is going to be a better trick," Josh promised.

" Better then the airplane thing because it didn't even work," Drake responded.

" That was your fault," he yelled. " Your fault!"

" Fine what is our plan?"

" Not now," he grinned. " I'll tell you in an hour."

" Right,"

Meghan overheard them talking.

" So they have a new plan," she smiled. " Can't wait to see it fall apart."

Meghan walked up stairs and hid in Drake and Josh's room. After hearing the plan she laughed knowing it wouldn't work. She decided to get to work on her own plan.

" You understand Drake?" Josh asked.

" Yes," he nodded. " So I hide a hose in her stuff animal then…

" No I hide the hose," Josh corrected. " You get Meghan out of her room."

" Oh okay," Drake smiled. " Now?"

" No when Meghan graduates of course now!"

Drake headed out the door. Walking into Meghan's room he noticed she was watching TV. Placing him self next to her he waited.

" What do you want?"

" Can't a guy watch TV with his sister?"

" I guess,"

" How about I fix you a sandwich?"

Meghan pondered for a minute. She nodded. Following Drake downstairs she watched him make her a sandwich. Josh snuck into Meghan's room. With scissors he cut open the back of a teddy bear's head. He shoved the hose inside and hid the rest of it under Meghan's bed. It was a tough job getting the hose out of the yard, but Josh was smart he could do it. Hearing footsteps he began to exit the room. When he touched Meghan's doorknob he was instantly trapped in a cage.

" Rats,"

" Drake," Meghan called. " Do you think I could water the plants?"

" Of course," he smiled.

" Turn on the hose for me Drake,"

Drake reached for the hose. He had a feeling he was supposed to do something before that, but he couldn't remember. Upstairs in Meghan's room Josh heard the sound of rushing water looking at the stuff animal he saw water shoot from the mouth of the bear. The huge stream of water shot at Josh. Drake went back inside remembering what he had to do.

" Meghan, you need to go to your room," Drake ordered.

" Why?" she asked.

" Just go,"

Drake opened the door to Meghan's room and was shot with water. Meghan stood to the side so the water wouldn't touch her.

" Drake," Josh shouted.

"What happened to you?" Drake asked.

" A hose is what happened to me," he screamed. " A hose."

The cage lifted off the ground freeing Josh. Finally Josh was free, but wet. Both boys looked at Meghan.

" You're dead!" they yelled.

Meghan ran screaming down the stairs where Walter and Audrey were just coming inside. She ran to her parent's side still screaming.

" Boys! Boys!" she hollered.

" Demon!" Josh pointed at her.

" Yeah, she messed up our prank," Drake spoke.

" Prank?" Audrey raised an eyebrow.

" Oosp," Drake mumbled.

" Nice going Drake," Josh muttered.

" Mom they ruined my room," she cried. " They put a hose in it and turned it on. Now my room is wet."

" Is this true boys?" Walter questioned.

" Yes," they responded.

" You both are grounded for two weeks," Audrey replied.

" You can't ground me I have a life, on the other hand you can ground Josh because he doesn't have a life," Drake pleaded.

" I to have a life,"

" Discussion is over," she frowned. " Up to your room."

The boys trudged up the stairs. Within their room they began to talk.

" That was the last straw," Drake yelled.

" Yeah the war has begun," Josh screamed. " Hear that Meghan."

Meghan laughed at the TV screen.

" I heard you," she grinned. " And I except you challenge. Prepare to lose."

End of chapter one.