Prank Wars

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Chap8 Recovery

When Josh was about to spill the truth he heard Drake on the other line. Confusion swept him as he tried to figure out what was going on. After mom and dad said good-bye Josh rushed upstairs.

" Hello,"

" Hey Josh,"

" Meghan did you trick mom and dad?"

" Yes you were about to spill your guts," she explained.

" That's lying," Josh explained.

" I know what it is," she snorted. " Now leave my room."

Josh entered his room and sat down. He wondered how Drake was doing.

" Is Drake awake?" a voice asked. " Hey that rhymes. Is Drake awake? Is Drake awake? Is Drake awake? It is like a song."

" Trevor," Josh growled.
" Yes,"

" Get out!"

" OK!" he yelled back. " Do you have twenty dollars I can borrow? I need to tip the taxi driver."

" You took a taxi here?"

" Yes, so do you have a twenty or what?"

" Out!" Josh hollered pushing Trevor out.

" Bud wont be happy," Trevor remarked on the other side of the door.

They stood outside the hospital hope rising in their hearts maybe this was the day.

" Before we go in," Josh stated. " I want you to know that whatever happens we will still be a family."

" I know," Meghan smiled.

Slowly they entered the hospital room. Once inside they headed to the receptionist. She then directed them in the direction Drake's room was. Both siblings stood outside the room eyes closed praying for the best.

" Drake?" Josh called out as he opened the door.

There was no response. Drake was motionless. They let out a sigh.

" Guess, this is it," Josh frowned.

Meghan began to tear up. Quickly she wiped away her pain with her sleeve. The phone rang shattering the silence of the room.

" Hello?" Josh asked picking up the phone.

His heart stopped.

" Mom, yes uh… we're okay," Josh responded.

Meghan's eyes widened. Hadn't their parents called only a few hours ago? Why were they calling again? Something must have happened.

" No, really everything is fine," he promised. " What…uh… no one is picking up the phone at home…well…we're out. Yeah. No longer at home."

That wasn't a complete lie. Then again it wasn't the entire truth. They were in the hospital in the room of their in a coma brother Drake.

" Drake's cell phone…he didn't pick up when you called?" Josh looked at Meghan begging for help.

Her eyes were widening by the second. She was in too much shock.

" Well uh…we…"

There was a knock at the door. Soon a woman dressed in a nursing uniform entered. She smiled when she saw them.

" Oh, visitors," she grinned. " I am Nurse Nancy. I will just check up on Drake's vitals signs. And then I will be on my way."

Josh hoped his parents didn't hear that little intro. But sadly they heard ever-single word.

" What? Where are we? Uh…no…at the…nowhere in particular."

The nurse took a look at him.

" You want to speak with Drake? Sure hold on."

Josh put his hand over the phone. He look toward Meghan.

" What do we do now, Meghan?" he glared. " You are the only sneaky one in this family. Who can't get away with anything."
"I don't know," she panicked. " I…"

" Great, we've lied this far and now what?"

She frowned.

" Mom we are really…" Josh began.

" Josh!" Meghan hollered.

" What?" he asked.

" Look."

Meghan was pointing at Drake. The brunette's eyes were fluttering a bit. A smile crept upon his face. Did Drake just smile?

" He just smiled," Josh laughed. " That means he is okay."

"Random muscle movement is normal in coma patients," she sighed sadly. " It could just be that."
" No," Josh frowned. " Drake is okay. I know it."

Josh got closer to see the miracle. Again the eyes fluttered and there was a twitch of Drake's lips. But there was no other movement afterwards. He lowered his head in sadness.

" Meghan, you know what we have to do."

Meghan nodded sadly.

" Mom, we haven't be quite truthful these past days…"

Turns out their parents were closer to home then they thought. So in the next two days they were back in Drake's room as a family.

" I can't believe this," she cried. " Our son…he's…"

Their dad glared at them both.

" And you both were going to keep this from us?"

" Sorry dad," he frowned. " We had no right."

" And Meghan, I can't believe…" her mother began. " That from what I've heard. You are the cause of this? You pushed him down the stairs?"

She gulped tears forming.

" Meghan, all this time we were…we were taking your side," she sniffled. " All this time."

This was what they wanted all along. Meghan to be reprimanded for her awful deeds, but Josh wasn't happy at all. Their brother Drake was in a coma and to top it all off, Meghan was being reduced to nothing, but tears.

" I…am…so… sorry," she choked out. " I…"

" Please mom," Josh frowned. " Don't blame it all on her. We were provoking her. See we were pranking each other back and forth and guess it got out of hand."

" You guess?" his dad glared directing his attention to a motionless Drake.

They fell silent. Meghan's tears wee the only sound heard until the doctor entered.

" What's the news?" the father asked rising.

" Your son's vital signs are stable," he smiled. " Meaning there's…"
" Hope?" the mom added.

He nodded. " But this also means there's a chance of an unsuccessful recovery. This is how a coma works…the victim of this is of course unresponsive to anything."

They all nodded.

" Basically what I am trying to say is," he frowned. " There is a decision to be made. I won't have you make it now, because it is pretty early. But later on you will have to think about whether or not to keep the life support on or off."

Josh registered this. " Wait? You mean pull the plug? No, we can't Drake's in there. He's in there."

" We know," he sighed. " I faced this many times before. Many families. I've seen miracles and tragedies. And sometimes it is best for the patient if…"
" The plug is pulled," the mom interrupted.

He nodded. " Again, it's early. So don't let it worry your head too much."

With that the doctor exited the room. Their mother headed over to Drake's bed.

" Give us a sign son, any sign," she sighed. " We really need one."

Josh couldn't believe the time lapse. It had been two weeks since that last visit. This meant one of two things. First the obvious and second the month was coming to an end. A whole month had passed and no recovery from Drake.

" Pass the syrup," Josh asked.

Meghan made no movements.

" Come on, Meghan," Josh frowned.

She sulked refusing to comply. Josh finally just stretched his arm to receive the bottle.

" They're thinking about it," Meghan sighed.

" About what?" Josh asked after chewing.

" Pulling the plug."

" What?"

" I know, we have to go," Meghan begged. "Drake needs us. We have to get him to wake up. Or…we won't have another chance."

He agreed. They jumped into the car and headed over to the hospital.

"Drake, please wake up," Meghan begged. " You have to. It's your last chance. Drake please. They are going to pull the plug. And then we will lose you forever."

" Don't say it like that," Josh warned.

" Like what?" Meghan snarled. " It's true."

He sighed. His head perked up instantly at the sound of a mumble.

" Did you hear that?" Josh questioned.


A smile grew on Josh's face. " Drake was trying to say something."

They got closer to his bed and each took a hold of his hand.

" Drake if you can hear us squeeze our hands."

There was a light squeeze.

" Okay," Josh smiled. " Drake we need you back. It's been rough."

Meghan nodded crying.


They looked at each other. " Drake?"

His eyes fluttered. And then there was a smile.

" Oh no,Josh," Meghan cried. " Maybe this was what the nurse was…"

" Meghan, hush," he frowned. " Negativity won't help him."

She kept her mouth shut.

" Uh…"

" Drake? It's us Meghan and Josh."

The smile grew.

" We came to visit."

The fluttering of his eyes increased.

" And we miss you."

" I…"

Drake's face was contorted in pain.

" He's trying to say something."

" I…"

They listened.

" I missed…you…" he said pain evident in his voice. " Too."

" Oh my gosh," Josh screamed. " Oh my gosh."

He whipped out his cell phone. " Mom, Dad!"

Meghan all the while screamed in the background.

" He told you he missed you?"

" Yes."

" Honey, that could just be…"

" No mom," Josh frowned. " Coma patients speaking full sentences. No, Drake is trying hard to come back."

Their parents smiled. " Josh and Meghan. It's been a month…and well we've decided that…we don't want him to suffer anymore and…"


" Josh it's the best and…"

" No. Just give him time. He's coming around."

" But when!" their mom shouted. " When Josh? It's been a month. It's been a month."

Meghan began to cry again.

" A month, Josh," their mother cried. " A month."

There was an inaudible mumble.

" Don't…"

They were all looking at Drake.

" Drake?" his mom cried.

And then his eyes lids fluttered more.

" Honey,"

Two pair of eyes opened.

" Mom? Dad?" he smiled weakly.

Cheering broke throughout the room. Drake smiled.

" Thanks for not giving up," he grinned.

" Oh Drake," Meghan whined. " Oh Drake I'm so sorry."

" Meghan, it's okay…really…"

" No," her voice got high pitched. " I…almost…and you…could have…oh my gosh."

Drake stuck out his arms to her. She smiled and accepted the hug. The doctor walked in smiling.

" Another miracle," he smiled. " Good."

Drake strummed away on his guitar.

" Man it's been crazy," he laughed.

" Yeah," Josh sighed.

It had been a three weeks since Drake recovered. He of course was going through some physical therapy.

" Falling down the stairs, being in a coma," he smiled. " Waking up and then physical therapy…man."

Josh agreed. " How long do you think it will before you can really play that guitar again?"

" My therapist says maybe a week," he smiled. " But she was so surprised with how well I recovered with speech and some of my motorskills. She thinks it might be less time before I can play again."

" That's good."

" It's awesome, but for now, I think I'll just strum this one string slowly," he sighed.

" Hey Drake maybe in a couple of weeks you'll be able to play some basketball with me and…Drake?"

Soft snoring filled their room.

" Welcome back brother," he smiled. " Welcome back."

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