He took her hands in his own as he continued. "I'm sorry I feel nothing for you, I really don't, even though I want to. I guess I let my reflexes take over and I don't realized what I'm doing. I'm sorry. This may be really hard to understand this, I know I had a little trouble, but…" He paused as he tried to find a better way to put this. Finding nothing, he continued on. "I'm gay." He hugged her close as tears of pain and laughter escaped to her cheeks. She couldn't help but laugh for it was nothing she had expected.

"I forgive you," she choked.

"What!" he asked trying to be sure he heard right.

"I said I forgive you. Kyle, you're the first guy I've trusted, let alone loved, in a long time. And I think it'd be better anyways to stay friends," Celena smiled. She kissed his lips one last time before saying good-bye.