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She could feel the knife slicing through her arm. Blood poured out while her bone was being pulled-

Rogue woke with a start. "I hate that dream," she thought. It really wasn't fair. It wasn't even her dream. It was another one of Logan's. Lucky her. Rogue always seemed to have nightmares lately. Whether she watched her parents die in a plane crash, or her father was locking her away in an institution, she could find no peace in sleep. At least Rogue could say that her reality was better something. It wasn't that she had a completely horrible life; it was just troubled at times. With a mom that used her, a power more like a curse, and the lack of intimacy with anyone, she tended to be resentful at times.

Lying awake in bed she pondered this. It had been a pretty miserable day. On three different occasions she walked into a room to see Jean and Scott jump apart guiltily. The fact that they were together didn't bother her as much as them jumping apart. She didn't appreciate being treated like a china doll that couldn't handle seeing what she couldn't have. For God's sakes, it wasn't as though she didn't know they held hands and kissed. How dim did they assume her? "Hey, if we jump apart now, maybe she'll have no idea." I know they were trying to "keep her best interests at heart" but she did not need their pity. She got her power almost three years ago, it wasn't like she wasn't used to it. Physical affection did not suddenly cease the day Cody dropped like a stone. She understood that she would die a virgin, that she would never get a real kiss. She understood that she would never have a family of her own and never get to get too close to whatever family her house mates had. It wasn't a concept easily forgotten.

Yet Jean and Scott continued their actions and they weren't alone. Kitty and Kurt were careful not to mention stuff they did with Lance and Amanda respectfully in much detail. Annoying, but not as bad as the younger recruits whom where in the habit of simply ceasing a conversation if she entered the same room. How subtle. It was her own fault really; she could have stopped their behaviors at anytime by talking to them. In fact she could have stopped it straight from the beginning, when she over heard them planning out this objective on her wait to the kitchen for a late night snack.

"I'm vorried about Rogue," said the concerned voice of Kurt. His voice froze her outside of the kitchen door.

"Yeah, me too. She is so withdrawn now. Well, more than she used to be. Do you guys think the final battle with Apocalypse really upset her?"

"No Kitty, I think her powers are getting to her," said the all-knowing Jean.

"Like taking her over again? If they are we have to tell the prof-"

"No," interrupted Scott, "as in, the fact that she can't touch is catching up with her. I found out she has health this year and they are on the CPR unit. Not to mention the daily lives of everyone around her, Jean and I included. Relationships? Dating? It must be torture for her."

"Which is why Scott and I decided to take it easy around here. Since we are in college we can just be close there. We are trying not to rub our.um…abilities in her face. In fact, we advice you to do the same."

"You mean, not get too…touchy feely around the mansion?" Kurt asked.

"That and maybe you would do well not to mention to much of it either. Do what you can to avoid the subject."

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Don't worry guys, Kurt and I will pass the message along to the other students"

"Good idea, just tell them to be subtle. We don't want Rogue to think we are doing this for her. She would get rather upset at that I expect."

"Yeah, my sister doesn't really like help. We keep it on the DL, no worries."

"Good. Wow guys, it is getting late, we should get to bed. We have a training room session at six and we don't want to be late."

"Like, speak for yourself, Scott."


The voices faded away as Rogue quickly and quietly made her way back to her room. She should have said something. She should have explained to them that she wasn't fragile, that she could handle herself. However in all honesty, she was just too tired. She would have probably lost her temper and that would have made things worse. It just didn't seem worth it. So instead she slipped back into her bed and let the horrors of restless sleep claim her.

The next day was a Friday. So, Rogue had a math test that she didn't study for, a speech to give (in French), and a training session with the entire team. "Yippee," she thought. She bombed the math test second period. "Who needs trig anyways?" and by fifth period she had a detention after school. It would be easy to say she didn't deserve it and was targeted just because she was a mutant, but it really wasn't true. However she definitely didn't regret her actions. After lunch she had come back to her locker to find it blocked, by a couple of people. A couple of people that were necking. On her locker. She played nice at first, "Excuse meh, could ya please move?"

The girl gave her a look of disgust while the boys said, "go to hell you skunk-head mutie."

Rogue took a deep breath before saying in a sickeningly calm voice, "Move, you brain-dead losers before I make you move."

"Make us," they replied before going back to the task at hand.

"As you wish she said," and pulled out her soda for lunch (only a little bit consumed) and poured all over the couple, mainly on the girl (who was in a designer white shirt).

Her scream was worth the detention and reprimand. In fact, it would have been worth ten. That didn't mean however, that Rogue was particularly please about having to spend an extra hour at school. It wasn't exactly her favorite place.

Needless to say that when she started walking home at four, she wasn't in a great mood. It only worsened when a large, hairy mutant stepped out from some nearby trees.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? One little piggy, walking all alone. What shall I do with it?"

"Go to hell Sabertooth," Rogue spat out as she dropped her bad and got into a fighting stance. She had a funny feeling the giant cat wouldn't' let her call for help.

"No, I don't think so, I've got plans for you my little pet," he replied with a sadistic smile. Then he attacked. Rogue dodged to the side quickly and Sabertooth went straight into the ground. However that that last for about a half a second before he was up again. Again he attacked, and again she dodged. It was how Logan taught her to fight. Not to avoid the enemy, but to know the strengths and weaknesses of both parties. Sabertooth was much stronger and bigger. There would be no use in a direct attack. It would probably tickle. Instead Rogue had to rely on speed, agility, and flexibility. However that led to no end. It was merely a way to keep herself alive. To win this, Rogue had to touch Sabertooth long enough to knock him out. That was no easy feat, being that Sabertooth knew this and avoided her ungloved hands.

"This is pointless x-girl. You know that. You can't avoid me forever. I bet you are already getting tired. You might as well face it, you are done with."

Sabertooth was wrong. Rogue was not getting tired. She had been tired to begin with, she was now getting exhausted. He was horribly accurate in his predictions. There was no way for her to win this. However she wasn't about to give up without a fight. "What do you want Ass-hole?" she asked, "Did someone steal your cat food or something? Perhaps you aren't man enough to take on someone your own size. How pathetic. You have to take on a little girl to win a fight."

He laughed at this, "Aw, is Logan's little brat trying to talk me out a fight. Sorry sweetie, that isn't what I'm after. If it makes you feel any better I'm not looking to kill you. I actually just want to test a new product." He jumped for her and she leaned out the way again, but this time accidentally let her arm fly out. Sabertooth stole the opportunity and pulled her to the ground with it. Rogue couldn't hold back from crying out when the large weight of Sabertooth crushed her.

"Aw, did I hurt the wittle Rogue?" He shifted himself so that his weight held down her body while he held her wrists above her head through her sleeves.

"What product? What do you want? There isn't anything you can do to me if you don't want to kill me. You can't touch me remember?"

"Impatient are we? Fine with me." He took his free hand and reached behind him to pull out a piece of metal. On first glance Rogue saw that it was shaped like an "M". As he brought it closer to her face she saw that the middle of it was a hinge of sorts. It was actually two semi-circles that seemed to be able to form into a full circle like some sort of collar. Whatever it was, it couldn't be good. Rogue found out that her initial thoughts on the device were right. Sabertooth let go of her arms to yank her head up by her hair and snap the metal around her neck. Rogue didn't care what the metal did now, her hands were free and she was going to get away. In a quick motion, she grabbed Sabertooth's face. Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing happened. Well, that was a lie. Something did happen. Sabertooth started laughing.

"What is the matter little x-girl? Powers not working?" Suddenly, Rogue understood. Somehow the collar negated her powers. She was utterly and completely defenseless. Sabertooth could do whatever he wanted to her. The question was what did he want?

"What do you want Sabertooth? What is the point of this?"

"You haven't figured it out girly? I thought you x-men were smart. In all honesty I would rather have the redhead, or perhaps the weather witch based on looks alone. But Wolverine needs to pay."

"Have me? What the hell are you talking about? If want Wolverine so badly, go attack him. What do I have to do with this?"

"Still don't get it girly? A beating doesn't seem to teach doggy-boy much of anything. So I figured, I just take one of his precious little kids. In fact, I'll just take his favorite."

"So you are going to kill me?"

He growled, "You stupid girl. If I killed you, who would go back to Wolverine to tell the tale."

"Fine then. Mutilate me. I don't care. If I don't die, then I will eventually heal. Do your friggin' worst."

"Worst? No girly, I'm going to do you a favor. Come on now, don't you like my collar? Without me, you would die a virgin."

It was the trigger word. Rogue suddenly understood, and she was going to be sick. "NO!" she wailed, "Let me go! Let me-"

She was cut off by Sabertooth roughly placing his hand over her mouth. "Go on bitch, keep fighting. I like that, just keep quiet."

She bit him and he slapped her. Hard. However She continued to scream until he ripped of part of his own shirt and gagged her. She continued to fight for a little while longer, thrashing about as he ripped open her clothes, trying to evade his hand as he reached down to glide it along her body. However by penetration she realized it was no use and just collapsed completely spent. However, no matter what happened, she would not cry. No matter what she would not cry.

"Aw, was I wittle Roguey's first?" he taunted as pulled his own clothes back on. He smiled and kissed her as he reached for her neck. He pushed his tongue in her mouth as he unlocked the collar.

"Have a good day girly," he called out as he walked off, leaving her naked, alone, and broken. She waited a couple more minutes before she was sure he was gone then the tears began to fall. She had promised herself she wouldn't cry, but there was no keeping it. Huddled in a ball, in the cold New York air, she just let everything pour out. One thing was for sure; she would never take her power for granted. It was the best thing she had. It was the only thing she had.

Not the end by a long-shot.

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