Title: Faith

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Category: Angst/Romance
Spoilers: Jack's a General; Sam's a Colonel and engaged; one minor reference to Affinity. General spoilers up to season eight.
Content Warnings: None

Rating: Suitable for all.
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He'll find me.

He always finds me.

The mantra that had gotten her through her ordeal with the super soldier at the alpha site was repeating in her mind.

That time she had only just begun to disbelieve it when he had appeared from nowhere. He had found her.

He saved her.

And he would do it again.

He hadn't let her down yet.

She shut down the part of her brain that reasoned that a Brigadier General would not be able to drop everything and go off-world to rescue for an errant Lieutenant Colonel.

She clung to the belief that he wouldfind her through the beatings that continued until pain lost all meaning.

Through the interrogations that went on until the questions made no sense.

Through the darkness of her cell and the harsh brightness of the interrogation chamber.

He will find me.

When all other certainties fled she clung to that one.

She had no way of knowing how long she had been held there. No way of knowing when help would come.

But she knew that it would.

He will find me.

She knew that Daniel and Teal'c had made it back to the gate. She had watched them go through as she went down under fire from the locals.

She knew that within seconds of the wormhole disengaging he would know what had happened to her.

He has to find me.

At first, she had been shocked to discover that she believed that he would be the one to find her, rather than Daniel or Teal'c.

But the certainty had always been there. It would be him that found her. It had to be.

There might be others with him, but it would be him that had found her. That had saved her. Again.

It was something they had always done.

She worked logically, continuously, to find a way to bring him home.

He searched tirelessly, relentlessly, until she was safe.

They had played this game so long they knew the rules by heart, but it didn't mean it hurt her any less when he took care to distance himself once she was home safe.

He would be there while she slept in the infirmary, watching over her, as if to reassure himself that she was safe. That she was home.

Sometimes he was still there when she awoke. He never stayed very long, just long enough to let her know she was safe. A smile, probably a lame joke, and he was gone.

He has to find me.

But he had been distant lately. She knew why.

A small, black velvet box contained all the reason he needed to distance himself.

True, it had begun before she showed him the ring Pete gave her, but since then he had taken a step back, as if to say, enough.

Lying in her cell with nothing but her faith in him for company, she began to wonder if she hadn't been making a terrible mistake.

What if he didn't care enough to come and get her anymore?

Of course, he still cared. The same way he cared about all the SG teams. The same way he cared about Daniel and Teal'c. Not 'more than he was supposed to'.

Not anymore.

She knew he would come for Daniel and Teal'c.

But Daniel and Teal'c hadn't hurt him, had they?

She had.

She didn't think it would work if he didn't come.

He would send another team. Daniel and Teal'c, maybe. But he wouldn't come himself.

He has to come.

It was their charm. In her most superstitious of moments, she really believed it.

It had to be him that came to get her. Or it wouldn't work.

The search and rescue team would be too late.

They'd all be killed.

She had hurt him too much.

He isn't coming.

Her captors came for her again, taking her to the too-bright interrogation chamber. She paid no attention as they strapped her to the table. She could feel hot tears streaming down her face, and knew her captors would think they had won.

They were pleased. They had finally broken the alien woman. She had proven to be much tougher than they expected. She had held out against them for far longer than they would have thought possible.

As they approached her with the interrogation tools she broke her silence of the past weeks, her voice coming out in a whisper, "Please, Jack."

Her captors looked from one to the other in surprise. In the weeks that she had been here, the alien woman had made no sound. Not a scream, not a whimper. She had looked at them as though she knew something they didn't about their futures, a look no prisoner had a right to wear.

Now the woman in front of them was broken, as though she had finally realised where she was and what was happening.

Please, Jack.

They threw her back in her cell. Their hopes at getting something out of her now she was talking dashed.

She just kept repeating the same thing. Over and over. Please, Jack.

They had no idea who she was talking about.

They had observed the alien woman and her companions for some time before they ambushed them.

The woman was called both Sam and ColonelCarter.

One of the men was Daniel and DanielJackson.

The other had only one name: Teal'c.

There had been no Jack.

The woman was obviously delirious.

They would have to kill her soon.

She lay on her back on the dirty cell floor, her eyes closed. Tears seeped from under her eyelids.

She had tried to save herself. She had tried to get out of here on her own. It wasn't possible.

There were no handy loose hinges. No electronics she could hotwire. No jailers who were being attacked by their conscience.

It was up to him.

And he wasn't coming.

It wasn't that she had no faith in whoever he would send.

She just knew that it wouldn't work. And if it did, she had lost something precious. Something she needed.

The next time they took her she came back unconscious. They threw her into the cell and didn't notice the next day that she hadn't moved.

Her eyelids twitched fitfully as she dreamt.

She was aware of the stench of cell around her. Of muffled voices going past her cell.

She couldn't wake up. Sleep paralysis had taken over every limb.

A loud noise. An explosion. The clank of metal hitting the hard stone of the cell floor. A hand touching her neck, taking her pulse. Words she couldn't understand. And there it was, muffled, but a voice she recognised. A scent she knew.

Then it was gone, strong arms lifted her, carrying her away from the cell. She moaned in protest. The scent she recognised had gone.

It was back, along with soothing words that, while they meant nothing, made her feel better.

Then there were loud sounds again, she recognised the deafening chatter from somewhere.

She was being jostled; the logical part of her mind that constantly analysed everything told her that whoever was carrying her was running.


A loud flushing sound that she remembered from her life before the cell. For a split second there was icy cold.

More familiar sounds. A loud, irritating noise. Alarm.

A voice. "Wormhole disengaged!" Walter?

She was home.

"I need a med team!" Him. Jack. Sir.

"Uh… Jack?" Daniel. Stuttering. Worried. Why?

"General O'Neill! Briefing room! Now!" Trouble.

Sam lost consciousness.