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Senior Drake Parker walked into the high school and surveyed the scenery AKA the girls. With a confident nod to a few of them and a sly grin, he reaffirmed to himself that he was the epitome of cool. He was the one all the girls wanted.

"Hey Drake!" called a voice behind him. With a glance back, he found it to be his not-so-cool stepbrother, Josh.

"Oh, Hey, Josh. What's up?"

"Did you hear?" Josh asked, obviously distressed.

Drake stared at him. "Hear…what?"

"Science, big project."

"And what's so bad about that, except for the fact that I won't do it until…ten minutes before class?"

"It's three weeks long AND in partners."

Drake threw his arm around Josh. "Even better! You do the work and I'll…supervise!"

"You don't understand. She's picking our partners and I seriously doubt she's going to let us pair up."

Drake's face fell for a second, then suddenly grew into a grin. "This is great!"

Josh blinked. "How can this be great? No one else is going to do your work."

Drake directed Josh's gaze to the lockers where a tall, thin, beautiful blonde girl wearing tight clothes was pulling books out of her locker. "Nikki McCormick," Drake sighed. "I just know I'm going to get paired with Nikki McCormick."

Josh grinned a bit, then his face contorted into disgust. "But what if you get paired with someone like…Amber Koch?"

Drake grimaced. Amber Koch was a not tall, not thin, not beautiful, brown-haired girl. Her clothes were not tight. She wore jeans that were too big and black T-shirts or button-up shirts. She never seemed to have any friends and had just been written off, as common high school law went, as uncool.

Drake shook his head. "No, no, no. Good things happen to good people."

Josh shrugged. "Well, it's time to get to class and find out." He walked into the science classroom.

Drake took another smirking glance to Nikki and followed Josh.

Soon the tardy bell rang and everyone had filed in.

"I'm sure most of you have heard," the teacher started, "we're having a three-week long partnered project. It's actually pretty basic. You and your partner get together, think of an experiment, formulate a hypothesis, test it, record the results, make a visual aid, and give a report over it in class, three weeks from Monday. Any questions?"

A girl in the front raised her hand and asked, "Is it true that you're picking our partners for us?"

The teacher nodded. "Yes, I chose your partners by randomly drawing names out of a hat. I did this to make sure," she looked towards Drake and Josh, "that the balance of work is, in fact, balanced. Now! Partners and then I'll give you your handouts. First, Josh Nichols and…" Josh winced, a bit frightened by whoever his partner may be. "Nikki McCormick."

Drake turned to Josh and hit him. "I can't believe you!"

"It's not my fault," Josh insisted, grabbing his arm where he had been hit.

"Next, Drake Parker and Amber Koch."

"What!" the two exclaimed together.

Drake sat back in his seat, sulking.

Amber looked back at Drake, then to the front, resting her head on the table in irritation.

As the teacher went on with the partners, Drake leaned over to Josh. "Listen, you have to trade partners with me. I mean, Nikki McCormick," he stressed, obviously expecting Josh to see the direness of the situation.

"Mr. Parker!" the teacher said. "What are you talking about that is so important?"

Drake stood up. "Well, all it really is, Josh and I were wondering if we could trade partners."

The teacher stared at him for a second, and said, "Well, I suppose if you had a really good reason, and all the people wanted to then- No! If I let people switch, eventually everyone would have chosen their own partner, defeating the purpose." She shook her head. "Mr. Parker, see me after class. As for right now, I want everyone to get in their pairs and discuss when and where you'll be meeting, because other than today and the day you give your presentations, you won't be given any class time for it. So get in your pairs. Now."

With that, everyone got up and move to a spot with their partner to discuss. Drake, however, just stared straight forward, a disappointed look on his face.

Amber turned around to face Drake. "Yeah, I know you don't like me any more than I like you, but I'm not going to get a bad grade on this, so get over yourself and come here!"

Drake rolled his eyes, got up, and walked over to Amber. "What do you mean 'you don't like me any more than I like you'?"

She shook her head. "I heard you in the hallway. I know you wanted to be paired with Nikki. I saw your face when Josh mentioned me. I know I'm not cool by your standards, and I know I never will be."

Drake stared at her. "Amber…I…I'm sor-"

"Don't. If you start thinking of me as a human, I'll start feeling bad and have to see you as one."


"Frankly, Drake," she started, "I see you as a self-serving, womanizing, arrogant jerk."

Drake stared again. "I…what?"

She sighed, exasperated with having to explain her opinion. "You just go for the beautiful girls, get what you want out of them, and move on. Now when do you want to meet?"

Drake's mouth was hanging open. "Uh, I don't care. You have anything that clutters up your schedule?"

"I work 3-5 everyday after school, and from 8-3 on Saturdays," she said.

"Oh, you work?" Drake asked, sitting up. "I worked for a little while. Got to be assistant manager of the movie theatre, but I quit. Too much trouble. Where do you work?"

Amber smirked. "Oh, just at Flash's."

Drake's eyes flew open wide and he put his hands on Amber's shoulders, shaking her. "You work at Flash's! The guitar store! Where you have to take a 40-page test over guitar and music knowledge AND get at least a 90 just to be hired as a stock boy! I applied there! I got a 12!"

Amber removed his hands from her shoulders. "I made a 98. I'm a showroom floor specialist."

Drake stared. "I don't…wow."

Amber rolled her eyes. "Anyways, after work, Monday through Thursday, and Saturday, I've got practice for an hour and a half at my house."

"Practice for what?" Drake asked, now completely absorbed in her life.

"My band and I play at The Rage every Friday night, which reminds me, I'm not available Fridays after 10."

"You…have a band."

"Yes, I do."

"With actual steady, paying gigs."

"Yeah, except we're going to have to take a break for a little while, to record our CD," Amber sighed.

"Oh, recording a demo?"

"Well, no, we got a record deal about a month ago."

Drake stared…again. "Your band has a record deal?"

"Yeah," Amber said, looking down. She hated to sound like she was bragging, especially to this guy. "But it's not a major label. It's called Gravitation, a side project of my favorite band-"

"Zero Gravity." Drake finished for her. "They're your favorite band?" Drake put a hand to his chest. "They're my favorite band too. As a matter of fact, I got to play on stage with them the last time they were in town."

"Oh, that was you? You were pretty good, I guess," Amber smirked.

"Pretty good, you guess?" Drake asked, feigning hurt. "I was fantastic, the band members said so themselves. Anyways, I've got band practice the same time you do, so since it's Friday, how about you come over to my house after work, and we'll get started?" Drake suggested.

Amber thought about it for a few moments. "Okay, sure," she replied. After getting directions, she looked at the clock. "Bell's gonna ring soon."

As if on cue, the bell rang. Amber and Drake stood up and started heading for the door. "Can I walk you to your locker?" Drake asked.

Amber gave him a look of subtle disbelief. "And ruin your reputation? Why, Mr. Parker, I am shocked."

Drake smiled a little. "It wouldn't ruin my reputation. I mean, I don't have a-" he paused, realizing how stupid he sounded. "I don't mind."

"Drake," the teacher called. "Did you forget I said 'see me after class'?"

Drake sheepishly looked to Amber. "I'll see you later."

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