Okay. So. I'm well-aware that it has been a number of years since I last updated this story, but I've recently found new inspiration for it. I'm not sure what it was, perhaps it was all the lovely reviews, or perhaps it's my heartache in not seeing Drake and Amber's storyline ever resolve, but I'm making an effort to try and continue this now. If you're a new fan, welcome, if you're an old fan, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. As a note, old fans should generally just go ahead and reread everything, if not just the last little bit of chapter three as I am a completely different person now and I'm planning on taking the story in a bit of a different direction now. ANYWAY. Thanks for finding this/coming back. I love you all so so so much.

Oh, for those who asked, and for any future questions, any song in this fic that does not belong to Drake Bell is from my own personal song catalog. I've always meant to record "Invisible" as it's particularly special to me and was written from personal experience before it became Amber's, but I've just never gotta around to it.

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Drake had managed to make it home last night just before curfew, but was surprised to discover that no one had even been awake waiting for him. He could have stayed out even later if he wanted to, but what would have been the point? It wasn't as though Amber wanted anything to do with him, and her bandmates seemed to like him even less. Regardless, he ended up staying up late on his computer listening to her band on the internet. If her confession hadn't made it obvious that she'd written about him, the songs definitely did. From angry rock songs to heart-wrenching ballads, Drake was finally starting to get a clear picture of just who Amber was, and though his interest in girls seemed to change with the date, he found himself falling deeper into a web of Amber. How had he managed to spend nearly four years ignoring this girl?

He'd stayed up so late that it was well into the afternoon before he woke up, an alarm blaring loudly in his ears, informing him that it was now four in the afternoon and he should probably get up. Though he tried to curl back up into his bed, something nagged at the back of his head, telling him he needed to get up. As he finally rolled over to check his phone, he was horrified by the number of missed calls and text messages he'd gotten from his band mates, wondering where he was. He'd completely forgotten that he was supposed to have band practice this afternoon and since he'd stayed up so late, he'd managed to heavy sleep through every single attempt to reach him. A dull horror overtook his stomach as he quickly called all his bandmates back, apologizing, begging for forgiveness and attempting to reschedule for that night. Luckily for him, his bandmates accepted, planning to get together at nine.


After showering, and all that, he went downstairs to find Josh and Nikki sitting together on the couch, discussing their project. As soon as Josh saw him, he jumped up and ran to Drake, clasping his hands together. "Drake! Thank goodness!"

Drake looked to his brother with a curious eye. "What's up? How's the project going?"

His brother rolled his eyes. "Don't ask. It's just awful. Everytime I explain how the Transmogrifier works, she just giggles and asks 'Where's Drake?'"

Drake crossed his arms in interest. "Oh, a transmogrifier? That's sounds pretty complex, how does it work?"

The other boy's eyes lit up. "Oh! Well, it's really simple, you see. I take something ordinary, like a sock, you see, and I put it through the machine. It gets hit with tiny little lasers which break it down and-"

"Hehe, where's Drake?" he interrupted, not really caring what a Transmogrifier was.

"Ooooh you! Look, can you please entertain Nikki while I get ready for my date with Mindy?"

Drake grimaced a bit. "I don't know. I don't know what we'd even talk about."

"Talk about?" Josh gave him an incredulous look. "Since when do you worry about talking to girls? Just go make out with her face or something and keep her busy." With that, the boy disappeared, leaving Drake to Nikki.

He walked over to her with a forced smile, sitting on the chair next to the couch. "Hey Nikki, how's it going?"

"Drake!" she said with a flirty smile. "Just who I wanted to see. I heard you actually wanted to be paired up with me for this assignment." She stuck her lips out in a pout, adding in a baby voice, "Such a shame we're so far apart."

Drake nodded along slowly, hardly able to believe that just yesterday this was the girl he was head over heels for. What had he seen in her? "Yeah, well, you win some, you lose some. My partner is actually pretty cool, so I'm glad I got her."

Nikki's face turned up in disgust. "That Amber girl? She's kind of a loser, don't you think? You're much better than hanging out with someone like that." She stood up, walking towards Drake to sit in his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. "You should be spending your time with me. People are going to start making fun of you if you spend too much time with her."

As Drake thought about her words, he realized she was right. Amber didn't want him anyway and why should he want her? She was social suicide. No one paid attention to her and those that did only did it to make fun of her. She had no real place at Belleview and if he tried to associate with her, he would only bring himself down. He was awesome and powerful and super popular, but even he couldn't raise her from the muck. She'd only bring him down. Allowing himself to give into her, he wrapped his arms around Nikki, being only too pleased when she leaned down to kiss him.

He was only vaguely aware of the doorbell and Josh shouting for him to get it, but he didn't pay attention. It wasn't until Josh ran down the stairs in a bathrobe to answer the door did he clue in to what was happening.

"Oh, hey, Amber!" Josh said enthusiastically, letting the girl come inside.

At the mention of Amber's name, Drake snapped out of his stupor, standing up quickly and throwing Nikki to the ground, but it was too late. By the look in her eyes, Drake could tell she'd seen what was happening.

"Sorry, I'm a little early," Amber said, voice a bit dull. "I can walk around the block a bit if you're still busy."

"No, no," Drake said, trying to defuse the situation the best way he could. "I'm totally free."

Nikki stood up front the ground, rubbing her hip where she'd landed when Drake had dropped her. "Um, excuse me, we were in the middle of something."

Drake shook his head. "No, Nikki, look, that was a mistake, and I'm sorry. I have to work on my project now. Amber, let's head up to my room."

Amber gave him an "if you say so" shrug, and followed him up the stairs, a death glare being trained on her from Nikki's eyes the whole time.


When they got to Drake's room, Amber sat down, pulling out a worn notebook, covered in ink and permanent marker, doodled to bits. "So after I left, I worked on some ideas. I was thinking that in order to make a good controlled experiment, we're going to have to go ahead and make a tiny greenhouse for each of the plants. If we just throw them around random windows, we'll break the control of sunlight and the like, so I think it's best if we just made boxes with an artificial growth lamp. That way we can play the music for them without it bleeding over. As far as the genres, I'm thinking Pop, Electronica, Classical, Rap, and Rock, along with a no-music control plant. Sound good?"

Drake didn't respond. He seemed to be staring intently at her, as if trying to gauge her reaction. "Don't you think we should talk about this?"

She shook her head, doodling on her page. "We are talking. We're trying to figure out our experiment. The one for the grade. I was thinking for the plant, that a flowering plant might be nice, something to really gauge growth, perhaps with bl-"

"No, I mean about what happened downstairs."

She was quiet for a moment, then closed her notebook slowly with a sigh. "No, Drake. I don't think we should talk about that, because it doesn't matter."

"Doesn't it hurt you to see me kissing another girl?" he asked, finger on his chin curiously.

Her mouth opened to speak but no words came out. Finally she regained her thought process. "I don't know what you want me to say, Drake. No? No, it didn't hurt at all. Not one bit. Yes? Yes, it absolutely rends me in two to see you throwing yourself at some other girl after confessing your feelings for me last night." She sighed again, standing up, and began pacing. "I expected this. I told you last night why I wasn't going to let your little change of heart affect my decisions regarding you. You are fickle. I can't name a single girl who's held your attention for longer than a week. How arrogant would it be for me to think I'd be the one to change that?"

"But you are the one to change that," he said, standing up to pace with her. "I'm crazy about you."

"Yes, that's why you now intimately know what Nikki's tonsils taste like."

"Honestly, I don't think she has tonsils. I think she probably had them tak- I mean, that was a mistake! She... she talked me into it. I didn't want to."

Amber laughed bitterly. "Drake, please. Stop this. You're embarrassing yourself. Chasing after the most unpopular girl in school? Just... stop. Can we please focus on our assignment and stop Days of Our Lives-ing up here? Please, let's just be friends, okay? Friends who can talk about music, and bands and stop focusing on this whole 'this too shall pass' romance malarky."

Drake frowned, furrowing his eyebrows. "Fine. Let's focus on the assignment. Let's just be friends." She gave him a smile, opening her notebook back up and began to chatter on animatedly about various blooming plants that would work in the experiment, but Drake barely registered her words. It was going to take a lot longer to win her over than he thought, but he would do it. If it took til graduation or beyond, he would prove to Amber that she wasn't just the flavor of the week to him.

There we go, my first foray back into writing this fic. I hope that it was to everyone's liking and I hope that I didn't let anyone down who's been waiting for this chapter for a long long time. I will do my best to NOT let this just disappear into the dust again, so... thank you again for all the support. I hope I continue to make people happy.