Hey everyone, I'm whatsthatsound and this is my very first "That's So Raven" fanfiction. I hope that you all enjoy it. It is kind of sad, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. And please read and review. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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The sun was just beginning to set. Rays of dying light shown through the beams of the Golden Gate Bridge, casting a large shadow over the city. Wind blew across her face as she sat Indian style on the hilltop. The blanket beneath her kept her jeans from grass stains and her flawless white sneakers sat beside her, holding one corner of the blanket down. She had been sitting here all day, just taking in the scenery, which was really unusual. Scenery wasn't her, "thing." Raven didn't care though. Today, today was for Chelsea.

She expelled the words as if she were letting out breath held for too long. "I'm sorry Chelsea, I'm so sorry."

Sorry it's so short.