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Always There

"Ron! Get Drakken! We can't let him activate the Doomsday Cube." Kim yelled to me from across the hall.

"Oh, right! On it KP!" I called back and began to chase the mad scientist with the cube.

"You'll never catch me, Stoppable!" Drakken ran into the control room of his latest lair and chuckled as he locked the door.

"Ron, use the lipstick!" Kim suggested, blocking another attack from Shego.

"Um, right. Lipstick." I grabbed the weapon out of her backpack and activated the laser. Immediately the lock melted. I kicked the door open.

"Stoppable!" Drakken was huddled in a corner, frantically pressing buttons. He turned around as I advanced. "You'll never stop me! This plan is sure to get me victory!"

What is he rambling about? Kim and I've been battling him for a few years now; does he really think I'll believe that he'll actually win for once? Man, he's lameā€¦ I continued to walk up to the blue man. A cry jerked me back to reality.

"That sounded like Kim!" I turned around, only to see Shego carrying an unconscious female under one arm. The teen was dripping blood from one side; her black shirt was already soaked.

"Here. What do you want me to do with her?" Shego tossed her burden onto the floor. Kim fell with a soft thud.

"Oh, you actually got her! This is good, this is very good!" Drakken said happily. He was surprised, I could tell. Shego never beat Kim; they were too evenly matched.

"What did you do!" I cried angrily. I was afraid. Would Kim be all right?

"Oh, I just sliced her when she was down, that's all." Shego said carelessly.

That's all? That's all! My best friend ever was lying on the floor, bleeding, and all she could say was that's all? Ok, end of the line. They had just got my temper running. Time for revenge.

"Here, catch!" I grabbed the Doomsday Cube -which Drakken had dropped in surprise when the odds turned in his favor- and chucked it at Shego with all my strength. She knocked it aside, clearly expecting that. What she didn't expect was me jumping up and kicking her in the head. She fell down from the blow of the hit, and I took that time to pull out a pair of handcuffs that the sheriff had given Kim as a present. Quickly I cuffed her hands to pipe coming out of a wall. Shego was still too dizzy to notice. Then I did the same to Drakken. He didn't even fight me; he just sat there scowling. Lucky for me, I guess.

"Now, stay there until the police come to pick up the trash." I ordered, putting the Doomsday Cube into Kim's backpack. Then I turned to Kim.

Her face was pale and clenched with pain. Her once black shirt was stained with red; I knew that to be blood. She was unconscious. I gently worked my fingers underneath her and lifted her up. Now I had to get out of the lair to somewhere safe. I began running, unaware of the blood spilling onto my shirt as well.

Sniff That's so sad! Sorry if I made any of you mad. I promise I'll update soon if I get enough feedback. Anyway, in case you can't tell, this story is mostly Ron's POV, but there are some parts where Kim is telling how she feels. You'll see those later. Anyway, R & R! Bye!