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Always There Part 4

"Sorry, Ron. You're going to have to wait out here until they're done with your friend." Fred led him into a small waiting room, undisturbed except for a few people.

"Thanks." I muttered. Fred clapped my shoulder.

"Don't worry. Your friend will be fine. I promise." He walked back towards the ambulance.

"Now what to do?" I looked around and spotted a seat away from everyone else. "Kim's parents have to know…" I pulled out the Kimmunicator and turned it on. Wade appeared on the small screen.

"Hi Ron. How's Kim?" He sounded worried.

"Fine, I think. They said she'd be ok. Anyway, I need you to patch the Possible's phone line though, okay? They should know about this."

"Okay. Hang on… there. Talk to you later, Ron." Wade's picture disappeared and Mr. Possible's took his place.

"Ron? Where's Kim?"

"Uh, about that…" I stuttered.

"Ronald, is something wrong with Kim?" Mr. Possible sounded worried.

"Kim got… hurt during our last mission. We're at the hospital now." I braced myself for his reaction.

"Kim's hurt? Oh my god, stay there, we'll be right over!" Mr. Possible hung up the phone and I turned off the Kimmunicator. Now what? My parents would be worried too; Kim was like a daughter to them. I decided to call them as well.

They had the same reaction. Both promised to be right over. I sighed and looked towards the door that led to the room where Kim was taken. Was she ok? My thoughts were interrupted by both Mr. and Mrs. Possible bursting through the door.

"Ron! Where's Kim?" Mrs. Possible demanded as soon as she noticed the blonde boy.

"In there…" I pointed to the door, and Mrs. Possible ran through. I noticed that she was wearing her work jacket, so she could get anywhere in the hospital, including where Kim was. Mr. Possible sat down next to me.

"Ronald, tell me everything that happened." He requested quietly. I obeyed without hesitation. When I finished, he just sat there silently. I looked around and noticed that my parents had arrived during my explanation. They hadn't interrupted me, and I could see immense sadness in their eyes.

Mrs. Possible came out of the room. Everyone looked up. I searched her eyes, trying to see if Kim was ok just by looking at them.

"Well?" Mr. Possible asked slowly.

"She's fine, she just needs rest." Mrs. Possible smiled. "Someone can go and see her, but not all at once."

"Ron, you go." Mr. Possible looked at me.

"Me?" I stuttered. "But, why me?"

"You saved her. I know that she wouldn't have made it without you. Plus, you're her best friend. When she wakes up, I think you'll be the one she wants to see the most." He explained. Mrs. Possible nodded, but I could see she was surprised. So was I.

"Ok." I shrugged and walked through the double doors. Behind me I could hear my parents and Mr. Possible filling Mrs. Possible in on everything I had told them. A nurse met me in the hallway.

"Hi. You must be coming to see Kim Possible, right?"

I nodded.

"Ok. Follow me." She led me down a hallway, and then turned a corner.

"How is she?" I asked.

"She's not bad. She'll make it, if that's what you're inquiring. She lost a lot of blood, and she'll be in bed for at least two days, but she'll make it."

I sighed in relief. That was a huge load off my mind!

"Here. Kim's in this room." The nurse stepped out of the way, and I walked in slowly.

There she was. Her red hair was strewn around her, and her face was still pale, though not as much as before. Her lips were dry from blood loss. A tube entered her hand through a vein. I think it was to keep her from dehydrating.

"Kim…" I suddenly regained control of my legs and ran over to her. "Kim, are you ok?"

She didn't answer. Of course not, she was sleeping! I pulled up a chair and gently grasped her hand, the one without the tube. Absentmindedly I began talking to her. I told her about our families, who were anxiously waiting for her to wake up. I told her about Drakken and Shego, and how they were awaiting the police in their own lair. I reminded her of the day we met, and of our strong friendship. I just kept talking.

Darkness all around me. I opened my eyes and looked around. There was just emptiness, nothing more.

This must be my mind. I thought. I'm inside my mental self. I looked around. Wow. My mental self is dark.

"Remember when we met, Kim? It was in Pre-K…"

That sounded a lot like… Ron! I looked up and saw a small light. It was small, but it was there. Ron kept talking, but his voice was distant. I began to walk towards the light. It seemed like my only hope. Every time Ron said something, the light got bigger. I soon walked right through it.

Kim stirred. I stopped talking and looked at her alarmingly. Was she finally going to wake up? She mumbled something. I couldn't understand it, but I saw her lips move.

"Kim?" I asked cautiously, leaning close to hear what she was repeating.

"Ron…." She whispered. "Ron…."

"I'm here, Kim." I squeezed her hand. "I'm always here."

Why was it so hard to open my eyes? Ron was right there, I just had to open my eyes to see that was true. But it was hard…. My eyes feel like lead.

"I'm here, Kim. I'm always here." Ron's voice still sounded distant, but I knew he was right next to me. My hand was being squeezed, as if to wake me. But I'm already awake! I just have to find the strength to open my eyes and everything will be fine…

"Kim… Kim… Kim…." Ron kept repeating. But only because I was saying his name. I just now realized it, but I had been chanting his name since I broke through the light and returned to my physical body. That was it! Ron needed me just like I needed him. We weren't whole without each other, and I know that more then ever now!

I slowly opened my eyes.

"Kim!" I called as her eyelids gently opened, revealing her beautiful green eyes. She smiled at me.

"Ron…" She murmured. I hugged her, holding her tight. I never wanted to let go, and she just smiled, to weak to return the embrace.

"Kim, I was so worried! How do you feel?"

Kim groaned. "Like I dropped on my head during cheerleading practice."

"Well, at least you do feel. That's something. And the nurse said that you'll be fine with some rest." I grinned.

"Nurse?" For the first time Kim looked around. "Why are we in a hospital?"

"You don't remember your fight with Shego?" I asked, discouraged. Kim closed her eyes.

"Yeah…. Only just, though… Shego tripped me and I guess she seized a perfect opportunity to hit me when I'm down." Kim shook her head as if to clear her mind of that thought. "Did they get away?"

"No. I handcuffed them to a wall."

"You did what?" Kim tried to sit up, but found that she was too weak to do even that. She settled for a menacing look instead.

"I attacked Shego, then chained both of them to a wall." I said proudly.

"Ron! Did you get hurt?" Kim inspected me through worried eyes.

"Nope. The police should have already picked them up."

"All right. Fine. You have to tell me everything." Kim ordered.

"Not now. You need rest to get better." I gave her my most serious look. She grinned.

"You look so determined, Ron. What's the rush? Why do I need rest?"

"Shego sliced you. You lost a lot of blood. That's why you're so weak." I motioned towards her stomach. Kim blinked.

"I don't feel hurt—" Kim cut herself off. I could almost see the images flashing through her head as she remembered Shego hitting her, her blood running out of her side.

"You're not hurting because the doctors gave you pain-killer. I imagine you'll start to feel it in a few days." I said gently. Kim looked shocked.

"I can't believe I was hit… I've never been hit before…" She sounded distant. Then she looked at me. "I remember. Shego, the cave, you."

I blinked. What had she remembered about me? The only time she was conscious was in the cave, when I had been cleaning her cut.

"I remember it all. You saved my life, Ron. Without you I wouldn't even be here."

"No, not me. I just helped you when you were down, that's all."

"No, Ron. You battled Shego, captured Drakken, bandaged and cleaned my cut, called the hospital, made sure I was in good hands, talked me back into reality, and reminded me how much you mean to me. Not to mention saved my life. Thank you." Kim smiled.

"You know I'd do anything for you, Kim. Any time, anywhere." I grinned.

"That's why it's so good to have a great friend like you. I know now that you'll always be there when I need you." Kim closed her eyes, exhaustion finally getting to her. "I love you, Ron."

"I love you too, Kim." I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. She smiled and fell asleep.

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