For those few of you that remember this, I hope you'll read this and not be mad at me for staying away from this for so long

For those few of you that remember this, I hope you'll read this and not be mad at me for staying away from this for so long. For those of you that haven't read this before here's a recap:

In this AU, Undertaker buried Stone Cold Steve Austin alive, seemingly killing him n the process. Austin's body went missing shortly thereafter. A few months after Vince McMahon suffers a massive stroke as a result of Shane and Undertaker joining forces to form the Corporate Ministry (for the purposes of this fic, Vince was never the 'Higher Power') Over a year after his 'death' Austin turns up alive, brainwashed by the Undertaker into being a minion of Undertaker and Shane McMahon's Corporate Ministry. His 'resurrection' coincides with the arrival of a mysterious new player named David Darkknight, a man that shares an as yet undisclosed past with Undertaker, Paul, and 'Taker's estranged brother Kane and an ax to grind with 'Taker.

Meanwhile Stephanie McMahon, having decided to fight her brother's Ministry with an army of her own in her father's steed is trying to make sense of everything. Little does she know she'll soon gain unexpected allies...

In this part, the Ministry celebrates, David and his girlfriend Lita (yes, THAT Lita), reach their destination and two new players enter the game.

Previous parts can be found here. This part implies a sexual relationship between two men. If that is not your cup of tea, feel free to delete this part. Bigoted flames as a result of this implied slash will not be tolerated.

TITLE: Buried Alive Chapter Six/?
AUTHOR: Juliet3:16
EMAIL: , ,
CONTENT: Major character death, adult language, IMPLIED SLASH
SUMMARY: An alternate ending to the Buried Alive match at ROCK BOTTOM 1998
spins several WWF superstars in new directions. This chapter takes place a
year after the prologue, though flashbacks are a huge part of this chapter. Note: This takes place when the WWE was still the World Wrestling Federation.
DISCLAIMER: The men and women of the WWF are not mine (though I'm working on
Austin), so please kindly do not sue me.
DISTRIBUTION: The Kick Ass Ladies of the WWF, anywhere else please email to
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Buried Alive

Chapter Six.

Different Perspectives

While the WWF lockerroom and the wrestling world as a while reeled from Undertaker's revelation, the Ministry reveled in it.

"Oh Man, that was beautiful," Shane McMahon said coming into the Undertaker's outer chamber.

"Almost as much fun as the old man's stroke," 'Taker gloated.

"Now if only my dear, sweet sister would up and have one, we'd be able to run this place with no interference," Shane snorted with a disgusted expression thrown the Undertaker's way.

Undertaker looked and noticed Shane's look. "Aw, you're not still mad about me almost marrying your sister are you?"

"What do you think?"

Undertaker stood up, raising himself to his full height and towered over Shane McMahon.

"Then I'd suggest we continue this 'discussion'" Undertaker began; touching Shane's jaw lightly, "in private chambers," he finished with a feral smile.

Shane returned the smile with a lust in his eyes similar to Undertaker's.

They moved into Undertaker's inner sanctum and shut the doors behind them.


David and Lita drove half the night to get to their destination. Knowing they would almost have to be in Miami for RAW the next evening, they knew they would be tired the next couple of days. Not that either of them would have gotten much sleep after what Undertaker pulled with Austin anyhow.

They pulled up to the house of the man that they were supposed to meet at around 3 in the morning. David was about to pound on the door when it flung open, revealing one of their allies.

"Hey, I saw you pull up," WWF commissioner Shawn Michaels explained as he let the couple into his San Antonio home. "I figured you'd head straight here after the PPV, but I thought you'd take a bit longer than that."

"Yeah, well, got lucky no traffic cops caught us," David said, then catching Shawn's eye, he added: "Plus I've got a smart girl."

Shawn nodded, shutting the door as David and Lita fully entered the home.

"Yeah, Becky's the same way."

"When is she due?" David inquired about Michael's pregnant wife. Partly out of genuine interest and partly out of wanting to put off the inevitable question for as long as possible.

"Probably sooner than I think," Shawn answered with a small smile, "it's a boy and we're going to name him Cameron."

"Well, hopefully he'll have a better time of in than we're having at the moment," David said with a sigh, collapsing into a chair.


"You sure it's Austin?" Michaels asked, and then sighed, "Of course you're sure. The look on your face when 'Taker revealed him tonight was proof enough of that."

"Yeah, but will anyone else be convinced? I mean, they could just assume that it's an actor or someone he's hired." Lita said, pondering with her women's title in her lap.

"I don't know Lita girl. Deadman's done some pretty fantastic stuff over the years, so anything's possible. Mick Foley called me though, and he's pretty convinced that it's Steve," Shawn said sitting on the living room couch next to Lita. "But raising the dead is going to be hard for a lot of people to wrap their heads around."

"Especially when 'Taker probably faked Austin's death in the first place. Best way to brainwash Austin without anybody finding out what he planned to do to the guy," David said, rubbing his tired face with his hands. "Shit, this is all my fault."

How can you say that?" Lita asked.

"How can I not?! David fired back. "I know Markus' M.O. more than anyone. I should've seen what he had planned coming a mile away."

"But you didn't." Lita said, coming to kneel in front of him. "You can't predict everything that everybody does all the time. That's one of the prices of being human. No matter how long you live," she finished with a smirk.

"Yeah, well he may not have known, but it appears somebody else did," a new voice cut in.

"Was wondering when you would show up, Alfie," David remarked wryly, referring to the hairstyle the blond haired man was presently sporting.

The man snorted. "At least I got here. As of yesterday I'm officially free and clear. Damn Bischoff." Chris Jericho muttered, making it of he felt for his now former boss. But the truth of it was... if Bischoff actually cared about Jericho going to the World Wrestling Federation, the blonde's contract could have been extended for a lot longer than beyond December. Suddenly David remembered what Jericho had said when he first walked into the room.

What did you mean by 'somebody else knows?'" David asked. "Somebody call and say anything?"

Michaels shook his head, going towards the TV in the room.

"Nothing like that. It's not really anybody saying anything outright. More like a combination of body language and somebody not realizing a camera was in the room during 'Taker's Big Surprise. Actually two somebodies."

Michaels went to the VCR in the living room where he had taped that night's PPV. He hit the play button and the PPV started from where he had cued it up earlier. There in full color David could see two wrestlers there that had not had a match that night but had been there nonetheless.

Edge and Christian.

As David watched, Christian seemed somewhat confused by what was going on. Edge on the other hand...

Edge seemed highly agitated and upset. Even if the sound had not been on, the tall blonde's body language would have been indicative enough of that. Especially when he made it emphatic to his younger brother that they were leaving.

David wasn't sure what was up with that whole scene but David knew one thing for sure.

Edge knew something about what 'Taker had done tonight and it was time to find out what it was.

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