Chapter 1

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Months had gone by after the battle with Cell. Reoccurring dreams kept him up all night. His mother was worried, she knew that he had gone through this before the affects after were worse. He knew why but he dared not to say anything for he thought he would get blamed.

"Gohan please come out of your room and eat"

"I can't eat mom I haven't finished my homework yet."

"Don't worry about it right now, now come and eat"

The door opens and out comes Gohan he looks sickly and sad.

"Gohan, Bulma called she wants to know if you would like to go over there and watch Trunks, she has to go on a business trip with her parents and she doesn't trust Vegeta," said Chi-chi.


The rest of the dinner was quiet, Gohan pushed his food around his plate after eating about two bites. He got up and went into his room.

Chi-chi was so worried for him but she didn't know what to do, she tried everything and nothing worked.

Knock, knock

"Hello, how is Gohan?"

"Same, well…maybe worse, he barely leaves his room, he is quiet and barely eats I am so worried for him."

The two just looked at the floor thinking about the past and how Gohan was before.

In Gohans Room

Gohan went back to his school work but his mind was thinking of something else. SUICIDE!

If I hang myself I might be stopped by my mom and there is more work involved, but if I drug myself then no one can stop me plus there is little work.

A Nightmare

NO, NO let me go , ahhhhh…you have hurt to many people I can not let this continue…

Present Time

"Gohan, Gohan wake up, Gohan, can you hear me wake up…please wake up!"


"Oh thank God you woke up, you scared me you were screaming so loud I don't know what I would do if I lost you."

"I am fine mom, really I am fine I was just having a nightmare thinking maybe I won't kill myself…yet…mom needs me for now.

"Gohan, you know I am always here for you, right?"

"Yeah I know"

The two just sat there for what seemed like forever. Finally Gohan got up and walked out of the room. Chi-chi just sat there almost in a daze, then she walked out of the room and tried to go back to sleep. Gohan walked outside for a few minutes to look at the crescent moon. He then walked over to a tree and fell asleep.

The Next Afternoon

Gohan a woke around 11:00am, for he felt the rain on his skin and also the voice of his mother calling for him to come in. He slowly walked and as he did he looked at the rain and it reminded him the emptiness and pain he felt inside.

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