Chapter 5

After that confrontation at the hospital Gohan realized everything he was doing wrong. He wasn't living his life, he was going to turn it around while he still had the chance. He went to college, got his masters degree, became a 12th grade science teacher and was having a blast. He has been sober for at least 4 years now. Even though he quit it still did major damage to his body but I will get to that later.

While teaching he met another teacher, Brittany the two got married 3 years later in April. Two years later they had a daughter named Julia. Things had really turned around for Gohan. Chi-chi was happy to have a granddaughter. The three of them lived a peaceful life. Until Gohan had to go see a doctor because Brittany made him go once a year. Everything was going smoothly until the doctors came across something that looked bad. It was cancer in the left lung. Luckily it was detected early so they could still do surgery, but the chances of surviving was only 10.

After they got home Brittany called their families and friends. Right after Gohan told them the news everyone was in a state of shock. Chi-chi started crying and ran over to her little boy. Julia started crying and ran upstairs. Gohan had followed her upstairs and went into her room she cried on his lap. That's when it hit him. Julia was just like him al he kept thinking the rest of the day was " my daughter is going to go through the same thing I went though all because I didn't do anything."

Later that night he made Julia promise that she would not let this ruin her life, she wouldn't make the same mistakes he had and if he could change it he would. She promised then she said.

"You can not leave us though because you promised you would never leave us no matter what"

"You know Julia, my father said the same thing to me when I was your age"

"yeah but grandpa is died"

"That may be true but he still watching and protecting us the same is true for me when I pass I will still watch and protect you"

Julia started crying again in his arms, he felt so bad, the ones he cared so much for he had hurt so badly. She had fallen asleep so he put her under the covers and went downstairs to the living room to comfort Brittany.

'I don't want to lose"

Gohan walked over to her and put his arms around her.

"I will never leave you, please never forget that"

She had fallen asleep in his arms he brought her upstairs in their bedroom. He had fallen asleep hours later.

Gohans Dream

You have fixed your mistake your mistake I will make sure you can see your daughter grow up with a father.

The next week Gohan went back to the doctors, it was a miracle he was fine. When he got home he told everyone the good news, everyone celebrated.

"Oh Gohan if only your father could be hear to hear the great news"

"Mom I think he did, I think he is the one who saved me" " Remember mom he is always watching and protecting us"

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