AN: Okay, so I said I wasn't going to post anything new till I got my other stuff finished... but... o.o;;; I just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in reading this, so here's a teaser chapter!

...First. There was death.

Pain sliced through his chest, ripping him apart inch by inch. Maybe he screamed, he didn't know, couldn't tell if he had or not. His whole body was burning- every nerve sending messages of searing pain to his mind and god he wished- begged for release!

But darkness wouldn't come. A redheaded girl crouched over him, mouth moving out of synch with the words she said "Hell- oh hell! Are you alright!"

"NO! I'm fucking dying!" maybe that's not what he said... he couldn't tell anymore. The world was fading around the edges and people were gathering, talking, staring in shock and murmuring. It was a sea of people, darkness washing around them. Didn't they see it?

Before him appeared what seemed an exact mirror of himself, floating in the waves of darkness that crashed around him. "Why- are you so sad?" he asked of the reflection that stared at the ground.

He was getting cold- the world starting to drift in and out of focus. "Someone! Call an ambulance!"

Lifting his eyes, his other self looked back, eyes widening slightly and began to withdraw... Reaching out, he caught his other self's hand, "Don't- please? Don't leave?"

"You... mean that?" his other self's eyes watered- how strange they were, one yellow, the other green. Their fingers curled tighter together, the look of total desperation in his other self's eyes was heart breaking. How could he ever be that hurt?

Desperately, he clutched at the ground, feeling as if his life were draining from him drop by drop- the girl- the redhead stared down at him. "Tell me- why I lost?" he asked her.

She stared at him in confusion. "Tell me what you see when... you look into the future?" he tried again, some ancient formulae to the words echoing out across time.

At last, she took his hand- wasn't he holding onto his mirror with that one? Yes and no... She looked at him with eyes unclouded by hatred. "I see... a great big beautiful flower," she told him. Her eyes were fearful, her fingers burning hot in his. "Please- hang on, the ambulance is coming. God- I'm so sorry- I didn't see you in time- I really-" her tears slid from her eyes, dripping from her cutely pointed chin- she hardly looked old enough to drive. "Please hold on, mister!"

For a second- the world changed- her words echoing in his ears- "great big beautiful flower!" She wasn't crying then.

Again, the skyscrapers reappeared, he desperately tried to pull in one breath after another, clinging to life- "I- didn't... didn't do it this time!" he begged some uncaring force that ran the universe. "Cephied! Don't take me again!" turning his eyes towards the girl who held his hand, he gripped her harder, "Lina!" he gasped, her eyes widened, "Lina- don't let me die- please! I learned! I did."

She was pulled away, people in white swarmed over him, carefully picking him up, strapping him to a board. He was lifted and carried- the world swam again, a blonde and a man with blue skin, roughly picking him up, hopping down into a ditch- no... grave...

"Don't put me in there!" he screamed, "I'm not dead yet-" he choked. Desperately, he gripped his other self's hand. Yes, the strange-eyed one was still there, looking on in confusion, fear evident in his posture. He moved his other hand to take hold of the one he'd gotten of his other self. "We have to- stay together- together we'll be alright!" he gasped at the hazy figure.

Yellow-Green Eyes stared at him. "Is that how she's so strong?" he asked softly, looking back towards the redhead who was left behind- then blocked off by the doors of the ambulance as they closed. Pain lanced through him and he screamed again, choking on blood that suddenly filled his lungs.

"Hurry- his lung's collapsed!"

A flash of light engulfed them both- out of fear, he gripped his other self's hand tightly, pulling him along as he was dragged under. "Don't leave me!" he begged.

His other self flashed a smile, "Do you really want me around...?"