And now for a really long Author's note, which you don't have to read if you don't want to!

This story has two new chapters because I portioned out chapters 5 and 6 into smaller chunks.

On with the author's note!

I'd like to thank you, my readers, including those who didn't review me (cry!), and I'd especially like to thank Jakub for emailing me with that extensive essay- it makes me happy to know someone cared enough to go that in-depth about my fic. (squee!) Also, I'd like to make note that- even though I didn't say at the beginning of this fic:

I do not own the Slayers characters or universe in any way, shape, or form. So if you're reading this and thinking I'm getting cash off it, you're seriously wrong and I'm just a poor college student, so don't sue me please.

Now that that's out of the way...

So, here we are, at the end of my fanfic in only 8 days, quite a bit different from my usual: which is a year between chapters, but honestly, I was writing the bloody thing more for the Kopii/Sylphiel romance, which I think is really cute- blame 'A Flower Whose Name I Don't Know Yet' for that obsession. They're cute together, and have plenty in common- even after you get past the whole... he blew up Sairaag bit. Phibrizzo did it too! O.o;;

In all, I'm happy with this fic. The plot actually turned out the way I wanted it to, instead of my giving hints of a cool plot, and then not doing it- as happened in one of my other finished fanfics: 'Mage Elite' (which I'm considering rewriting, but I dunno how long THAT will take). The only thing I think I could have done better was more on Lina's side of the fic, but Mom was breathing down my neck for me to finish the damn thing, so I sorta rushed. I'd intended for Lina's side to explain more about the Mirror and what Xelloss's motivations were, but that didn't end up happening.

In short, the Mazoku race can, and does, inhabit David's world, but the Mirror barrier is a delicate thing that requires balance so that only those with enough power- such as Xelloss, and probably even Filia if she wanted- can get across fairly easily while the lower level monsters and such are not allowed. As for the lower level monsters and such, they spend most of their time in the Astral plane anyway, so are not weighed in on the scale. The Gods and the Monsters are not reflected across, only the mortals, thus giving a 2-part lock to the seal Cephied put the Shabranigdu pieces under. Now that Rezo on Lina's side has released Shabranigdu, the Rezo on David's side can open his eyes. However, since the Rezo on Lina's side is dead, the Rezo on David's side's days are numbered, as are Eruk's and anyone else who hadn't died in the water-born disease that killed off a bunch of people in David's world. This makes Rasmus's blowing up Sairaag just a balancing out of the scales once again, though it was terrible it was necessary. No, Eruk was not mayor during the time that happened, he was the one voted in after and the one who got the water treatment plant updated and fixed.

After Rasmus destroyed half of Sairaag in his world and died, Phibrizzo came and unbalanced the scales again by having Flagoon on one side, but not the other, which is why Rasmus and David met in the first place. Flagoon had already caught its other Soul-half and Cephied saw the opportunity to get things back into order when Rasmus got swept along with the Holy Tree. Xelloss's motive for kicking Rasmus back over to Lina's world was because, though Ras wasn't unbalancing things all that much, it was enough to make turbulence, and it was just too good of an opportunity to make misery to pass up on.

So, there's my explanation. A bit longer than I thought it'd be...

As for sequels, that's not likely to occur with this fic- not likely, but it could, if I clean up the document I titled 'Divergent theories 2' of all the smut and stuff. Heh, considering that my parents read my fanfics too, I tend not to post anything online that I'd be embarrassed about having my mom talk to me about.

Anyway! Here's a short bit about what they're doing now:

Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, and Amelia went to go see Ashford and eat their Dragon Cuisine- there was much havoc and Dragon Slaving along the way. Lina offered for Rasmus to come with them, having decided to take at least a little pity on him, but he declined. Sylphiel was offered a share as well, but she declined too, claiming she had to plant Flagoon.

After having Dragon Cuisine (finally) Lina and Gourry went off to go do other stuff. You know the drill- fire balling bandits and Dragon Slaving kings and Gourry: the usual gropeage and chaos. Amelia and Zelgadis unfortunately had to split off, Amelia getting a letter from her father requesting her to return home. Zelgadis saw her off courteously, but returned to Sairaag to continue hunting through Rezo's old stuff. They're keeping in touch, however.

Rasmus and Sylphiel stayed in Sairaag, Sylphiel becoming the High Priestess of Flagoon, spending most of her days caring for the new Holy Tree- new body, same soul. The rest of her time is used training new Shrine Maidens and working at the Holy Flagoon Hospital Rasmus kindly gave her the funds and labor to have built.

As for where Rasmus got those funds and labor, he presented himself to the now Dean-less university, informed them of who and what he was, and they promptly voted him in as Dean. He spends his days running the school, making sure the students stay out of trouble in town, and helping with the Copy and Chimera research side of the school, as well as identifying magical items dug up out in the ruins. Between him and Sylphiel, things are a bit cool, but he's working on her... slowly.

On David's side, thankfully no one got a good look at who was fighting Garadaar, but the event spawned hundreds of little 'magic' cults that had mixed results; some actually discovered magic, some didn't. Those that did were not formally taught, and so it was only a matter of time before they managed to kill themselves off with stupidity.

David went back to his programming job and finished the space lab project, went to Rezo's family reunion to learn two important things- the first of which being that Rezo's eyes were finally working, and the second was that he had cancer and the doctors could really only guess that it would be a matter of a few months, maybe a year, before he died of it. Rezo blamed his experiments with genetics for his condition, and confessed to David about the clone issue and agreed that he'd publish the results of his last dozen projects, including his foray into the now hotly debated topic of cloning as well as external human gestation machines he'd been using to make the clones of David.

Though most had failed due to problems with the design, one had lived and the flaws inherent in his DNA were due to blurry genes. The one that survived finally got to meet his original, which overjoyed him and David accepted Mayes, his clone, as another little brother. Afterwards, David attended Amelia's birthday party and proposed to Sylphiel. She accepted and they were married the following year. On a side project, David had begun studying the relationship between programming, science, and magic, trying to come up with some factual point in the past that showed the split between the Technology and Magic sides of the Mirror, while covertly helping Sylphiel in the hospital.

Lina and Gourry went on with their lives, Lina going halfsies with Zelgadis on David's new road-yacht, and the whole subject was dropped afterwards. Gourry went on to break the single series homerun record with 86.

Zelgadis, after attending the reunion, went back on tour for the year and finished with a world record of albums sold. He talked David into recording their song on an official single CD and shared the bounty of cash that flowed in from that as well. After attending Amelia's birthday, he officially announced his involvement with the princess, much to the mixed joy and consternation of his fans.

Sairaag itself recovered from the incident rather quickly- scientists from around the world coming to study the corpse of the Demonbeast as well as tourists, who flocked to take a look at the monstrosity. The concert hall was rebuilt, even bigger and better than ever.