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I'm going to give you a basic low down on the original characters that I am going to be using in this story.


J-lea is 17 years old, nearly 18. She has read the book on the Labyrinth and seen the movie. She completely believes in it but would not wish anything to do with it, as she is cautious. J-lea lives in England with her mother, stepfather, and her two-step sisters Elektra and Kiara. J-lea is not fond of Kiara but loves Elektra to bits. She also hates both her stepfather and her mother for reasons that will later become known in the story.

J-lea also has an overactive imagination but easily switches between fact and fiction. Strange things tend to happen around of J-lea and she is known in her neighbour hood for never being 'normal'.


Electra is 16 and currently going through her GCSE's (final exams in secondary school) and is stressed out of her mind. Elektra also believes in the Labyrinth because J-lea used to tell her stories of the Labyrinth when they were younger. Elektra looks up to J-lea and does pretty much everything J-lea tells her even though she can get J-lea to do anything for her.


Kiara at the start of the story is only 15 months old. She cries a lot and is spoilt rotten.

Miranda (their mother)

Miranda is in her early 40's. She likes to be in control and tries to bend her children to be exactly like her. J-lea rebels from this, Elektra follows her mother when she is around but acts like J-lea when Miranda is not around. Miranda dislikes J-lea as her ex husband dumped J-lea on her 17 years ago.

Chapter 1 – A Wish of a Child

To say J-lea was annoyed would be an understatement. First, she had a shit day at college. Her professor decided to make a spectacle of her, as her assignment was only an A when she had scored more that the rest of the class guaranteed. It was an A wasn't it? But nooooooo it still wasn't good enough for that bastard. He had had a grudge on her ever since she had proved him wrong in her first law lesson at the damn college.

And then second, when she got home, she found out that the college had rang home to tell her parents that she was falling behind in her classes when the lowest grade she had scored was a B and that was way above pass marks. Her mother didn't even want to hear what she had to say. She just sent her upstairs with the knowledge that she was grounded and she had to baby-sit Elektra and Kiara tonight. It was a load of bullshit.

J-lea had locked herself in her room and blasted out Linkin Park on her stereo until she was told to turn it down, which she did… marginally.

J-lea sighed as she got up off of her bed and walked over to her window. The night was clear and the moon bathed the pristine garden beneath her. She looked at the stars to see the constellations. She saw Sirius, the Dog Star, and Orion.

The teen turned and ran a hand through her short and gelled spiky hair. She spotted a red book on her bedside table and picked it up.

'The Labyrinth'

It had always been her favourite. She had found it in a library once and read it. She had rented it so many times that she had lost count until she finally bought it herself. The book was well used, as she would read it over and over to herself and Elektra.

"Elektra, J-lea, we are going now. We will be back about 1 o'clock" J-lea heard her mother call up the stairs.

"Okay, have a good time" Elektra shouted back.

"See ya" replied J-lea. She didn't see the point of wishing them a good time. They went out every week. Tonight was no exception. They would go out clubbing, get drunk then stumble in the house. It was like a ritual.

J-lea jumped onto her bed on that her feet were on her pillows and started to read the red book that she was holding above her eyes.

About half an hour later, J-lea was interrupted by the wails of a baby. J-lea rolled her eyes. She couldn't be doing with this.

"Elektra, get her will you?" J-lea shouted.

"Yea, 'kay" replied the 16 year old.

J-lea sighed and went back to reading but the wails became louder making it impossible. She was about to get up and go help when suddenly it stopped.

The wind suddenly whistled past the windows, lighting struck outside and thunder could be heard.

J-lea looked out of her window and she no longer saw the clear sky she had less that an hour before, she saw black clouds, ready to relieve their burden at any minute.

J-lea heard talking from the next room. It was Elektra and someone else, a man.

She walked out of her room and cautiously walked into the nursery. Elektra was there with her back to her and a man stood near the window facing the 16 year old. As she walked in though, the man looked at her through mismatched eyes. His multi length blonde hair fell onto a white shirt that was tucked in to a pair of very tight pants, finished with leather boots.

It was he. Jareth, King of the Goblins. But what…?

J-lea's eyes fell onto the empty cot over the other side of the room.

J-lea put a hand over her eyes for a moment before running it through her hair.

"Go to your room, Elektra. I'll handle this" J-lea ordered as she looked at Jareth.

"J-lea, I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

"Elektra," J-lea cut off her sister, not removing her eyes from the Goblin King "Just listen to me, okay? Go to your room"

"'Kay" replied Elektra, her shoulders slumped. As she went to walk past her sister, J-lea pulled her into a hug.

"It's alright. Everything will be fine, but close the door behind you" J-lea reassured her before pushing her in the direction of her room.

J-lea waited until she heard the click of the door closing before speaking.

"So, I gather she wished Kiara away" J-lea said. The King, who had stayed silent through the sisters exchange smiled and finally spoke.

"Yes, she wished, I did"

"I think I gathered that by the fact that you are here" said J-lea, a hint of sarcasm in her voice. She was trying to be a little bit respectful. She didn't need to piss off the person who was holding her beloved sister.

"Watch your tone" Jareth warned.

"Don't feel singled out I'm sarcastic to everyone" said J-lea, "Now if you don't mind, I'd like to try and get my sister back"

"J-lea, go back to your room, watch your films and read your books. Forget about the baby" said Jareth.

"Sorry, no can do. True, I don't particularly like her, but she's not mine to forget about. And besides, Elektra wished her away so save the speech. I want to get her back, Jareth, show me where she is"

"J-lea, don't defy me" Jareth replied as he held up a crystal. It turned into a snake and he through it at J-lea's neck. J-lea just stretched her neck so it would stay there before carefully lifting it off and holding it in her hands.

"Jareth, don't annoy me" said J-lea as she threw the snake back at him. He caught it before it hit him and it turned back into a crystal, "Your games won't work with me. Now, I want to get my sister back. Where is she?"

"You know where she is," answered the King as he stepped to the side. J-lea, having seen the movie, walked past him and she was no longer on the nursery but on a hill, looking out onto the labyrinth.

"It doesn't look too far," J-lea stated.

"It's further that you think" said Jareth, from his position behind her, his chin nearly resting on her right shoulder. She could feel his warm breath on her neck.

J-lea glanced at him quickly before looking at the Labyrinth again.

"Are you trying to seduce me, King Jareth?" she asked.

"Yes" he conceded, "Is it working?"

J-lea glanced at him before answering.

"Yes", she said before she stepped forward. She didn't need to turn around to know that he was smiling, "So, how long do I have? 13 hours?"

"Yes. You have thirteen hours in which to solve the labyrinth until your baby sister becomes mine forever"

"See you later then" J-lea said, as she glanced over shoulder before walking down the hill.

Jareth watched her for a few minutes before smiling again and transporting himself back to his castle.

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