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Thinking back onto the times we used to share

Laughing at the memories

I wish that we could be together again

But, why?

Why didn't you tell me you were a dream, only to fade when I needed you most?

Why did you embrace me like that, making me feel so loved, so wanted, only to leave?

Why didn't you say, "I love you" before you left me, to go to the Farplane, where I cannot hear your voice?

Or, was it simply, that you couldn't?

Couldn't what, speak the immortal words, "I love you"?

It's three easy words! It's easy to say!

But, wait.

I now have some questions… for me.

Why didn't I ask what was wrong, instead of wishing that you would tell me?

Why did I let you embrace me, put your lips over mine in the Spring?

Was it because I needed it, the feeling of being loved, or because… I needed you?

And that I loved you?

And still do.

But, hold on!

Then, why did I wait to say, "I love you," until you were almost gone?

Was, I afraid also?

Well, here it is: I love you. I love you!

But, it doesn't matter, you aren't here to listen.

Now, I'm simply wishing to see your face smile at me again.

I'm waiting for your whistle.

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