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Nobody was happier than Berto when a fellow bouncer by the name of Jack came to take over the massive line. Within seconds of Jack's arrival, Berto was inside, doing what he had been thinking about all night.

Berto scanned the crowd, overlooking the bulk of it, trying desperately to identify one person in a sea of many. The lights flickered, creating a strobe effect which increased the difficulty of the situation. Music pounded through the speakers, but Berto didn't pay it any heed. Unsuccessful in his search, he decided to meet up with Kyle instead, and see if the other boy knew anything.

He wove through the sea of bodies, ignoring the girls who pressed up against him, revealing themselves in a fit of ecstasy and hormones. Berto didn't want them, he only wanted one girl, the one he had encountered earlier.

Within a few minutes, Berto spotted Kyle dancing sensually with some random slut. He headed over in that direction, still scanning the crowd. When he reached the pair, Berto noticed that the girl he had formerly labeled "slut" was nothing of the sort, and was instead the girl who had talked to them hours before.

Berto stopped dead in his tracks, trying in vain to repress the feelings that had arisen upon the sight. He was unable to identify the emotions, exactly, but had a faint idea that one of them might be something akin to jealousy. That was the one he couldn't understand.

The girl - whoever she was - had asked both of them to dance, not just Berto. It wasn't like Kyle was infringing on some forbidden territory or anything like that. It was only a girl, and both of them had the same chance of getting her. ... Right?

The song ended soon after, and Kyle and the girl separated. Kyle looked rather content with himself as another girl made her way over to him. The one he had been dancing with turned to Berto.

"Hey," she said seductively, flashing him an equally seductive smile.

"Hey." Berto responded, amazed he was capable of forming coherent words, monosyllabic as they were.

She smiled again, making Berto feel even more foolish for simply standing there.

"So," he said upon regaining complete control of his vocal cords. "Dance?"

"Absolutely," came the response. The girl strode over to where Berto stood and placed her hands around his neck. A slow song came over the speakers, and the two began to dance slowly together.

They stood in silence, neither saying a word to the other, only dancing. Every once in a while, the girl lift her head from its position on Berto's chest and gazed into his dark eyes. He had noticed the first time she did so that she had stunning green eyes, a color that was rather uncommon to see on humans. Nevertheless, her eyes held his in a hypnotic trance, where nothing existed expect the two of them.

Berto decided to simply enjoy the feeling of togetherness while it lasted, the pressure of her body against his, the soft tingling of her fingers trailing along his jaw line every so often. They were in their own little world, and Berto was perfectly content with that.

But, as with all goodness, things must come to an end eventually. The music ended, and they broke apart, lingering for moments after the next song began. Berto gazed fondly at the girl as she began to walk away, reminiscing about their time together. Only after she was a decent distance away did a thought occur to him.

"Wait!" he called, beginning to hurry after her.

She turned, having heard, and waited expectantly.

"Um..." Berto searched for words. "Will I ever see you again?"

The girl smiled and pondered the question for a moment.

"Maybe." was the answer. A mischievous smirk played across her lips.

"At least tell me your name before you go." I can't live not knowing. "Please?"

The girl again pretended to ponder before responding.


With that, she turned and walked away, swallowed up by the sea of people. Berto could do nothing but stare after her forlornly.

"Jasmine..." he repeated softly, "Jasmine."