Full Moon wo Sagashite ©Tanemura Arina

Just so we make this clear, I was never really good at writing romances…

Edited 6/11/06 (took me long enough, sorry)

"Meroko Yui… sweet" Izumi smiled, not really able to come up with much better.

The pair were lying side-by side on a grassy plain, staring up into a sky filled with endless stars and a bright moon, pulsing with its lonely ivory glow. They had just indulged themselves in a childish game of finding words that described each other, beginning with the last letter of the previously chosen word. They didn't really care if this seemed a bit stupid; they were enjoying their time so close together. The star and moon seemed to agree also.

"Izumi Rio… Taunting." Meroko laughed. She wasn't too good at the game either, but neither of the two seemed to mind.

"Really, Me-chan, it's flattering," Izumi said sarcastically as he rolled onto his side, staring at his happy little bunny girl.

"Well, it's true is some ways."

"Me-chan… gentle…" Izumi sighed, flopping back in a supine position once again.

"Oh, you give me the hard ones," Meroko joked, giving him a small push. Izumi just smirked. "Um… gentle… E… elaborate," she finally decided, a fitting word for her complex Izumi. She slipped her hand into his.

"Elegant," Izumi said simply, tracing a small heart in the air.



"Yearned for."

At this Izumi tilted his head to stare at her again, Meroko did the same, there eyes now locked onto each other's as a surge of emotions and silent understanding seemed to channel through them.

"I thought we were doing words," Izumi pointed out softly, still not taking his eyes off of her sparkling pink ones. Meroko smiled sweetly.

"Well, it's true, isn't it?" she shrugged as Izumi sighed, shaking his head.

"Really, Me-chan, it's flattering," he repeated, but this time it was sincere. He offered his word. "Delightful."



The game paused again as Meroko flashed a frown towards Izumi, who only laughed. No matter what situation it was, he could always laugh and shake things off, something Meroko just adored about him. That along with those eyes which she now stared so ever deeply into.

"Troublesome, eh?" Meroko pouted. "Well you can be a real eccentric crank."

Izumi just smirked once again as they laid there, still staring at one another with the moon and stars hanging over them. The billions of twinkling stars all seemed to be smiling or giggling along with the moon as they stared upon the two who seemed to be in pure bliss just around one another.

"What, can't think of anything?" Meroko asked as Izumi softly stroked her cheek.

"Well…" he began, pretending to think. "There is one…"

With a swift movement, Izumi swung himself on top of the shocked Meroko, both of their hands laced together as a smug smile crept up Izumi's face.

"H-Hey!" Meroko protested without much heart, only madly blushing at the situation.

"The word ended in 'K'… Kiss me," he said, more of a statement than a question, tilting his head as Meroko continued to blush, but didn't even try to struggle.

High above them, the stars and moon could only smile as they gazed upon the pink-headed bunny and the brown and yellow clad boy as they shared an enchanted moment, lips locked onto one another. It was moments like these that were etched into one's memories for all of eternity…

Wow… I never thought I was THAT bad… boredom does kill all…