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Flip. Flip. Flip.

Raven sat in her room, speeding through a book. It was an old book, with pages nearly falling out, but it had sentimental value so she kept it.

Flip. Flip. Flip.

She stopped flipping. There was a photograph in between the pages. Filled with curiosity, Raven picked it up to look at it.

It was a picture of her and two other people: a girl and a boy. She was standing square in the middle with the boy to the left and the girl to the right. Raven scrutinized the girl first.

She wore a white cloak with a pin identical to Raven's. The hood was down, revealing silvery white hair and matching eyes. She was a little shorter than Raven and had to reach up a little further to drape her arm on Raven's shoulder. The cloak slightly parted to show the white skirt over the white leotard. Her eyes shone with pure joy and she was smiling like there was nothing to be sad about. Raven sighed, remembering when the picture had been taken. Then her eyes drifted to the right.

The boy was wearing a black cloak, with the pin once again the same. His pitch black hair was a bit floppy and was slightly spiked. Narrow black eyes glared at the camera. Raven almost laughed, thinking about how it had taken forever to drag him there. He hated cameras. Her hand had been clutching the cloak, so he couldn't escape. Underneath the cloak there were black pants, and a black shirt.

Raven stood up to put the book away.

BEEEP! BEEEP! BEEEP! The alarm wailed.

Startled, Raven dropped the book on the bed. There was a rough knock on the door. "Friend Raven, we must hurry! There is utmost chaos in the city!" Starfire said from the other end of the door.

"I'm coming." Raven grumbled. She looked at the picture with regret before dropping it on the bed. Then she rushed out of the room.

Unknowingly, her cloak had swept the book and picture off the bed. The picture fluttered as it fell, and landed back up. On the back, several words were written in a smooth elegant hand writing.

February 16 1998

Crow, Raven, and Dove.

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