Okay so I have a new idea for a fic just by watching that movie Cold Mountain with Jude Law and Nicole Kidman. It will be nothing like the movie so enjoy.

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Two young lovers were sitting in a wide open field looking up into the night sky. They both had their minds on the events that were about to come. The male has just been recruited and is about to leave for war in a few weeks. All he could think about now was leaving the woman he loves behind. He turns to face her; his golden eyes focused on her. "Kikyou?" he asked.

The woman turns to look at him and golden eyes meet mahogany. "Yes what's wrong?"

"There is something that I must tell you." She sees how serious he is and this starts to worry her. She gets up moving closer to him. "Okay well you know that you can tell me anything right?"

"I'm going away for awhile. But I promise you that I will return."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to war." He got straight to the point. She felt her entire body go numb at those words. This was the last thing that she wanted to hear. She already lost a brother to that damn war. She didn't wish to lose the man that she loved to it too. She stood up turning away from him. "You can't go what happens if…." He stood up as well taking her hands into his own.

"Don't say that you will lose me."

"But I have already lost Ryu. I can't lose you either."

Ryu was her older 21 year old brother. He had his whole entire life ahead of him and now thanks to the war she lost him. She just couldn't stand by and lose another person. "Kikyou I love you I'm not going to let something like this war tear us apart."

"But Sessho…" she started. He cut her off the next thing she knew he was down on one knee. He took out a jewelry box. "Kikyou after this war is over and everything returns to normal. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" he asked her.

"Sesshomaru?" she whispered.

"Will you because I can not imagine my life without you." She nodded softly tears in her eyes. "Of course Sesshomaru I will marry you." He slipped the ring on her finger. Sesshomaru stood up and pulled her towards him. She turned her face to his and their lips met. It wasn't like they had never kissed before. He had been the first man that she had ever kissed. But tonight was special they were engaged now soon she broke away from his kiss. "Sesshomaru promise me that you will return to me."

"You need not worry I will come back and we will get married."

"I believe you." Those had been the last words that they had spoken to one another that day. A few weeks later Sesshomaru had been shipped out to war and she returned to her parents and her sister Sango. Sango had been the only to learn of her engagement because she decided to wait before she told her parents. "Kikyou that's such a beautiful ring."

Sango was 16 so marriage was the farthest thing from her mind. "Thank you Sango."

"Who gave it to you? I bet it was Sesshomaru." Kikyou's face turned bright red and Sango knew that immediately that it had been him. "It was Sesshomaru wasn't it?"

"Yes he proposed to me before he left for war."

"Oh Kikyou must be worried about him. I mean he did leave for the war."

"Yes but I know but he will come back to me."

"Okay goodnight Kikyou."

"Goodnight Sango."

(6 months later)

Six months had passed and there had been no word from Sesshomaru. This made Kikyou worry she had expected a letter by now. When she received nothing she began to think the worse. Her father took notice of this and began to worry that she would never get over him. One night at dinner he brought it up. "Kikyou dear you will have to consider other marriage proposals."

"What father no I'm engaged already."

"Yes I know but you haven't heard from Sesshomaru in months. You can't expect to just sit around and wait for him." He told his daughter. "I love him father and I will wait for him for as long as I have to."

"He could be dead for all you know."

"No he isn't. You just don't want me to marry him. But whether you like or not I am going to marry him." And with that being said she stormed out of the room making her way outside to the backyard. This was the place she would go to clear her mind. Right now she wanted to be alone she was so upset with her father. He had been trying to make her forget about her engagement for the longest time.

"Kikyou?" Sango said.

"Are you okay?"

"I can't believe that he would say those words to me."

"You know that father is just worried about you."

"But to tell me that my fiancé is dead. That was the worst thing that he could ever say."

"I'm sorry Kikyou." Sango felt badly for her sister. "Don't be it isn't your fault."

"Well I'm going up to bed now. Are you coming?"

"I'll be there soon." After a good nights rest Kikyou felt better and decided to go into town. She found herself looking at sheet music in the local music store. Normally she wouldn't buy many things for her self. Yet the sheet music seemed to be calling out for her to buy it. Besides she did play the piano. The local music teacher was an elderly woman but she had an eye out for talented musicians. Well truth be told she only had one eye. She had lost the other in a freak accident when she was younger.

"Kikyou how are you doing today?"

"Miss. Keade hello. Oh I'm alright I was just looking at some sheet music."

"I can see that do you still play the piano child?"

"Yes every now and then my father will not let me quit."

"And he's right for making you continue with it. You are very talented."

"Thank you I'm glad that you think so."

"Kikyou why don't you purchase that sheet music and accompany me to my home. I would love to hear you play." Kikyou didn't really feel up to playing today. But she couldn't deny Keade's request. Keade had been one of the most respected people in town. Kikyou had always thought of her as if she were a second mother. "Of course Miss. Keade I will play for you."

Once the sheet music had been payed for the two women made their way to Keade's house. She lived halfway across town in a huge house that overlooked the lake. Keade lived alone and she often relied on her students to keep her company. Kikyou wasn't really her student yet she had taken an instant liken to her. "Kikyou if I'm not mistaken you have a birthday coming up don't you?"

"Yes I will be 18 in November"

"I remember when I was 18 when I had met my husband many years ago." Kikyou was surprised to learn that she was married. Since she was a little girl Kikyou had always thought that Keade was alone. She didn't have any relatives or children. "Keade I didn't know that you were married?"

"Yes child but that was many years ago. My husband died 2 years after we were married."

"I'm sorry to hear that Keade."

"Don't worry about it." Keade soon turned her attention to the ring on Kikyou's finger. "So I see that you are engaged. Who is the lucky fellow?"

"His name is Sesshomaru." Keade opened the door to her house. When Kikyou stepped inside the house it was even more beautiful than she had ever dreamed. "Keade your home is much lovelier than I could have ever imagined."

"Thank you dear do you want something to drink? Some tea or lemonade?"

"Lemonade will be fine thank you."

Once Keade was gone Kikyou felt that it was time to do some exploring of her own. So down the hall she went and found herself in a huge room. Right next to the window sat a black piano. It looked brand new and shiny it seemed as if no one had ever touched it. She sat down running her fingers across the beautifully polished piano. She suddenly felt the urge to play. It was if the piano had been calling out for her to answer its call. Just as she had reached the second verse of the star spangled banner. She heard some clapping this distracted her and she stopped playing at once.

"You were excellent dear why did you stop?" Keade asked.

"Oh I didn't mean to its just that you startled me."

"My apologies Kikyou here is your lemonade."

"Thank you Ms. Keade."

"Call me Keade dear you are not a little girl anymore. You don't have to address me so formally." She told her. "Of course I was wondering if I could ask your advice."

"I'll help in anyway that I can." She tried to reassure her. "I was wondering what you thought about my engagement. I know that my father doesn't really approve."

"If you love this man then why should you care about your father's approval? As much as I love your father I' am aware of how stubborn he can be." Kikyou appreciated Keade's advice. She felt that she was probably right. Yet she couldn't help but want her father's approval on her marrying Sesshomaru. "My father feels that I' am wasting my time since he had left for war and everything." Keade looked up a look of pure shock on her face. "He went to war?" she questioned.

"Yes but I know that he will return."

"I'm sorry for you Kikyou it must worry you to no end that he's fighting in that war."

"Yes but as long as we love each other. We will be able to get threw this." Keade nodded in agreement she was always fascinated by the idea of two young people so in love that they could get threw anything. "Good for you Kikyou."

"And I was wondering if you would be my teacher." This surprised Keade. Why would someone as talented as Kikyou want to take piano lessons? This didn't make any sense to her. "But Kikyou you are already talented you don't need my help."

"Well I could always learn something new. Besides with the war and everything else that is going on; I could use a distraction." Now she began to understand why Kikyou had wanted to take the lessons. It wasn't because she needed them. It was only because she had seen it as a way out of her stressful situation with her fiancé. "Of course and it will give us a chance to catch up."

"Thank you very much Keade." She stood up hugging the older woman. "Your welcome dear so how is once a week for you?"

"It's perfect for now though I must go. I have to get home before my father starts to worry about me."

"Naturally well take care and get home safely."

"I will farewell Keade." So she departed from Keade's house and decided to take the shortcut through the woods. Also being alone helped her to clear her mind. So she wouldn't keep on missing Sesshomaru as much. She couldn't help thinking of him every now and then. Especially since she hadn't heard from him since he had left for the war. As she was walking she noticed a field of some of the most beautiful flowers. She had always liked flowers ever since she was a child. So she couldn't resist picking some. Kikyou stopped when she noticed a flash of silver.

"Sesshomaru?" she whispered. She saw the form of a man and immediately thought that that it was Sesshomaru. So she ran to him throwing her arms around him. She locked him into a tight hug. "Sesshomaru you're alive."

"Huh lady are you crazy. I ain't Sesshomaru." She opened her eyes only to see the face of someone else. She let him go. "Oh you aren't him. Please forgive my foolish mistake." He stared at the young woman. She had to be one of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen in his life. She had long raven colored hair and deep mahogany brown eyes.

"No problem name's Inuyasha." He smiled.