Before the sisters could continue their conversation Inuyasha had returned with the firewood. He noticed the immediate awkwardness.

"What's up?"

"Oh, nothing." Sango quickly spoke up.

He didn't believe her but said nothing instead he went to work on starting the fire. Kikyou decided that at some point she would talk to him. Things were beginning to feel very weird now. The air needed to be cleared silence filled the campsite that night as Sango slept it was just Inuyasha and Kikyou awake. She sat staring into the fire while Inuyasha sat tapping his foot.

"Inuyasha." She spoke.


"I…" she started. "We should talk."

He had a pretty good feeling about what she wanted to talk about. He however did not feel ready to have this conversation with her.

"Um Kikyou can we not talk right now I just…"

"Okay." She understood immediately. "We won't have to."

She fell asleep soon enough while Inuyasha just watched guard. He knew it would be only a matter of time before Kikyou would be reunited with Sesshomaru. He didn't want to lose her completely but how could he compete with her fiancé.

"She loves him I cant do anything about that."

The very least he could hope for was to be able to remain friends with her in his life somehow or another. He'd have to settle for it. He wasn't completely sure if he could though. He really cared about her a lot more than friendship.

"Damn maybe if we would have met at a different place and time huh Kikyou."

Morning soon arrived with Sango waking up first to see Inuyasha sitting up on a nearby rock. She couldn't help but notice the far off expression in his amber eyes. She stood up and walked over to him placing her hand on to her shoulder.

"Hey are you okay?"

"Yeah," he nodded although she really did not believe him.

"Do you want to talk?"

He folded his arms then turned his head letting her know that he probably did not want to talk.

"Okay then I understand I can leave you alone if you want since you rather not talk."

Sango started to walk off Inuyasha blinked curiously.

"Hey Sango where are you going?"

"I'm just going to find a nearby stream or something."

"Are you going alone?" he questioned while jumping up. "You can't go alone."

"Inuyasha I'll be fine okay." She gave a smile.

"I can't just let you go out there alone. Kikyou wouldn't want her kid sister out there like that. I'll go with you."

"Very well Kikyou should be up soon though so I guess we'll be heading out."

"Yeah." He nodded.

Sango quickly wrote a note to Kikyou explaining where she and Inuyasha had gone off to just in case she woke up while they were gone. Inuyasha followed behind Sango to keep an eye on her. Once at the stream she bent down to take some of the water.

"You really care about her don't you?" She asked knowingly.

"Huh," Inuyasha turned red slightly. "Uh…"

"It's okay." She turned around to give him a warm smile. "She cares about you too."

Inuyasha blinked. "Really?"

"Yeah you've been really great to her she needed someone too you know with Sesshomaru being gone."

Inuyasha nodded then sat down besides her. He realized that he'd never really asked about him.

"What is he like?"

"Sesshomaru? Well he's very much a mystery to me I've never really held too many conversations with him, but he's very well mannered, calm, very tall, and most women have always found him very attractive. He kind of has this aristocratic type flair too. Actually the two of you have some similar physical traits.

"Yeah Kikyou thought I was him when we first met." Inuyasha remembered.

"Yeah it's the hair and the eyes but he's much taller than you. It would be funny if somehow maybe you guys were related."

She seemed amuse at the thought while Inuyasha rolled his eyes in disgust.

"Feh, stupid woman."

"Hey." She looked offended. "You'd think the same too if you met him. Well you'll meet him soon enough I suppose. We should probably get going."


As she was getting up to move something hit her arm causing the younger woman to cry out.


"What happened?"

"Something bit me."

He looked to see a small trail of blood he grabbed her arm.

"Are you okay? Do you feel any pain, are you lightheaded or anything?"

"No not really."

"Okay that's good hold still okay." He then lowered his mouth to the wound and proceeded to suck the blood dry which took Sango by surprise.

"Inuyasha." She whispered.

He soon let go. "You'll be okay I just did that in case there happened to be any poison?"

'What about you?"

"Heh," he laughed. "I'll be fine. I'm sure you've already noticed but I'm not exactly your average guy; there aren't too many walking around with silver hair and gold eyes."

She nodded agreeing with him completely.

"So maybe there could be some truth to your theory about Sesshomaru and I, it's possible. I've never known my family."

She looked suddenly sad for him.


"Yep, I've been alone all my life. It's good I guess I learned how to survive."

She didn't feel that anyone should ever have to be alone she suddenly hugged him.

"I'm sorry."

He was taken by surprise from the hug.

"Hey, hey its okay don't feel bad."

"You wont be alone okay you have Kikyou and myself."

"Yeah it feels good to hear that thanks, let go now okay."


The two walked back in silence Sango couldn't help but to feel badly for Inuyasha. It was clear that he truly cared about Kikyou and she knew Kikyou cared for him too but Sesshomaru had been the man she loved. Both Sango and Kikyou knew that. She was sure Inuyasha knew it too.

"Inuyasha I'm sorry." She thought.

At the campsite Kikyou was indeed awake she smiled warmly upon seeing her traveling companions.

"There you two are did you find the stream?"

"Yes." Sango answered. "We'll be ready to go whenever you are."

"Sure lets go I'm ready."

"There's a town not too far ahead."

Inuyasha mentioned. "We can look around for answers there."

"Yes someone has to have seen Sesshomaru at the very least lets go."

Sesshomaru sat up in a chair looking out of the window. It looked to be a beautiful day he longed to be spending this day with Kikyou. He still had yet to receive a single answer to any of his letters. It was very discouraging for him.

"Have you found another." He couldn't help but wonder.

"Sesshomaru I made some breakfast will you eat?"

He had a feeling that if he didn't she would only pester him until he did.

"Very well."

'You need to keep up your strength okay."

He said nothing but managed to eat some of the food she had prepared.

"Where did you learn to cook like this?" he was curious.

"Well when you live alone most of your life you have to learn certain things."

"Hm," he nodded.

"Sesshomaru I…" she stopped. "Nothing, never mind."

"What?" he disliked being kept in the dark and wanted her to finish her thoughts.

"I was just wondering about what you were going to do when you see Kikyou again."

The silver-haired male wanted nothing more than to just hold her in his arms and never let go. He wanted to plan their wedding so that they could be married. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Only he wasn't sure on what he would face when he did manage to return to Kikyou.

"I shall cross that bridge when I get there."

Rin ended up shaking her head slightly.

"Why did you do that?"

"I just don't understand why you would still want to be with her. She's never answered a single one of your letters all she has done is hurt you."

Sesshomaru flinched. "Silence."

"It's true." The young girl nodded. "How could you want to be with a woman who hurt you as much as she has?"

"You have so much to say about something you don't know anything about. Kikyou and I have been through everything together you can't possibly love a person in the way that she and I have loved each other and just forget them so easily. A young girl like you couldn't possibly understand."

Rin listened closely to his words which did make sense. She truly didn't know anything about love since she had no experience in the matter. She only knew that Sesshomaru had been in pain and from where she was sitting Kikyou looked to be the reason for his pain.

"You're right I don't know love like you do and if it's anything like you feel right now then maybe I shouldn't, especially if it's going to cause this much pain."

"Eventually you will learn of it and then perhaps you can understand a little of how I feel."

She now had fresh tears in her eyes.

"Sesshomaru I can't help but feel sorry for you."

"Funny it is I who feels sorry for you."

They stared at one another for a few moments before Rin decided that she needed to clear her head for some time.

"I'll be back okay."

He could tell that he had hurt her feels but he chose to say nothing and offered her no words of apology. She wasn't really expecting one either. She said no more then left the house leaving the silver-haired male alone once more.

"Perhaps I shouldn't have been as harsh but she truly does not understand."

After some time had passed Sesshomaru was once again on his feet.

"I should try to move more again I'm getting nowhere by sitting around."

Kikyou, Inuyasha, and Sango arrived at the town. It seemed to be a small not so busy sort of town.

"Hey I'll check us into an inn okay." Inuyasha suggested. "We don't have to sleep outside again."

"Sure Inuyasha thank you."

"You two start asking around about Sesshomaru and I'll catch up."

The three of them then split up Kikyou took out a photo of Sesshomaru it couldn't be too difficult to learn if anyone had seen him. There weren't many silver-haired, golden eyed men walking around. The sisters walked around asking as many people as they could with no success.

"Hey Kikyou?'


"Have you noticed that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru do have certain similarities to one another?"

"Yes the eyes and the hair they could even be related somehow."

"Yeah that's what I was thinking too sis. I'm sure you also noticed that he cares about you a lot."

The raven-haired woman paused but wasn't completely surprised that Sango would mention that.

"Yes." She nodded. "I know that he does. I'm very grateful to have met him. I was lonely and I needed someone."

"Yeah, but sis you love Sesshomaru don't you, so now what about Inuyasha?"

She didn't have time to say anything because Inuyasha was now heading towards them.

"Okay I got you guys a room and me one too. Here are the keys so, did you have any luck?"

"No, not yet unfortunately."

"Well it will be lunch time soon we can stop to eat in a bit and then keep asking."

Kikyou looked down at her photo.

"What if we don't find him? What if some terrible misfortune has befallen him." She felt some tears start to come down her eyes.

"Sesshomaru will be okay Kikyou he is very strong."

Inuyasha then hugged her.

"Yeah do don't cry it'll be alright."

"Thank you both now is not the time for me to lose myself."

As they were now heading to a place to eat they noticed a young girl about 16.

"Hey why don't we ask her?"

"Excuse me?" Sango asked her first.


"We're sorry to bother you young girl but I was wondering if maybe you could help us?"

The young girl smiled warmly.

"Sure I'll be glad to help if I can."

Kikyou then showed her the photo and her eyes widened in recognition.

"Sesshomaru." She thought.

"His name is Sesshomaru and he is currently missing from the war. I'm looking for him now, would you have happened to seen him?"

Rin grew silent.

"Wow he's such a handsome man but no I haven't."

"I see." Kikyou let out a defeated sigh. "Thank you anyway."

"Sure you're welcome."

Rin then left with Inuyasha staring after her something was definitely up with that girl. He had a good feeling she was lying and his instincts had never failed him before.

"Something is definitely up."

"We can stop for lunch if you guys are hungry." Kikyou suggested.

"I actually am a little hungry." Sango admitted.

"Alright." Kikyou smiled for her sister. "Let's eat then we can ask around some more later."

Lunch went by very quietly Inuyasha had been busy wrestling with his suspicions of that young girl.

"Hey Kikyou, Sango I think she was lying to you."


"Inuyasha are you sure?"

"Not 100 percent or anything but yeah I really believe she was lying. If we see her again we should keep an eye on her. She might know something."

"Okay but I wonder why she would even lie."

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders.

"Who knows people do a lot of crazy things in life."

Kikyou began to think more on what Inuyasha had said why that young girl would lie to them. What was her purpose? It seemed pointless really.

"Well let's just have lunch then after we've eaten we can decide what's next."


Rin watched quietly as the three traveling companions left.

"Was that woman Kikyou? She must be looking for Sesshomaru."

She didn't know what to do right now with this new found information. She should probably tell Kikyou that she knew exactly where Sesshomaru was but for some reason she simply couldn't bring herself to. She had grown rather attached to the silver-haired male and wanted to help him heal. Sure she didn't know all of the details but she felt like Kikyou had done nothing but hurt him.

'Sesshomaru deserves so much more. She's only caused his pain."

From there Rin headed back to her home to find Sesshomaru slowly but surely making his way towards her.

"Sesshomaru what's going on?"

"I'm making progress. I'm moving much better it is my will and love for Kikyou that keeps me going."

She was immediate reminded of what happened earlier.

"Yeah," she agreed. "You're walking."

"Soon I hope to be able to head back home."

"You did great but don't overdue it okay you should sit down and we will have lunch alright."

Sesshomaru simply nodded then together they entered the house to sit down to a meal together. He couldn't help but notice her silence.

"What's wrong Rin?"

"N-Nothing." She lied. "I'm just thinking. Sesshomaru can I ask you a question."

He nodded.

"Have you thought about what you will do if Kikyou doesn't want you anymore?"

He was instantly reminded of his nightmare. He closed his eyes for a moment.

"Although I do find it hard to believe she would just cast me aside. I don't dispute the possibility that there have been other offers. I just simply want the chance to talk to her and see where we stand."

"I see." Rin whispered. "I'm sorry I just can't help but to think what will happen once you go. I'll be alone here again."

The scent of her tears hit him right away.

"I…" he started.

"It's okay you don't have to say anything. It was nice not being alone here for awhile even if you were mean to me sometimes."

She laughed sadly.

Sesshomaru was now seeing Rin in a different light. She was just really a lonely young girl. She needed a family that's what she needed.

"You've been alone for a very long time."

"yeah." She nodded. 'My parents died when I was smaller. I've been alone for a long time. So it was nice having someone to take care of and spend time with."

"I'm sorry." And he honestly meant that apology.

"I know thank you, well I'm going to clean up around here you try to rest and get better."

After lunch Kikyou, Inuyasha, and Sango went right back to asking around about Sesshomaru there had been no luck so far. Kikyou sighed sadly.

"I need to be alone for awhile."

"Sure." They both nodded in understanding they would give her some space.

"Hey I think I'll go and maybe check around outside of town." Inuyasha suggested.

"What," Sango spoke. "By yourself."

"Yeah I can cover more ground alone I'll be back."

He started to run off but Sango called out to him.

"Inuyasha wait what if you get hurt."

He paused then tuned back to look at her. It sounded as if she had some genuine concern for him.

"I'll be fine Sango don't worry."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah." He gave a smile and nod. "I'm tougher than I look you know."

"Alright well just be careful."

"I will I'll be back soon I promise."

She nodded then watched as he ran off.

"I hope that you'll be okay."

She knew Kikyou wished to be alone now but at the same time like this a girl needed her sister. The dark-haired young woman found her sister sitting underneath a tree reading some of his letters.

"You brought them?"

"Oh Sango, yes I did I brought them in order to feel closer to him. I feel so terrible the he wrote so many letters in which I didn't respond."

Sango sat down then placed her hand to her shoulder.

"Don't blame yourself father didn't want you to know if anything it's his fault."

"Father never did approve of my relationship with Sesshomaru."

"He wanted to control our lives Kikyou it's a good thing that we are free of him now."

Kikyou agreed with Sango they were completely free of their father now and could choose how to live their lives.

"I wonder what I will do when Sesshomaru returns and you two get married."

"Sango you are my sister first and foremost I will never abandon you."

"I know I didn't think that you would. I wonder though about Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha?" Kikyou repeated.

"Kikyou." Sango turned around to look at her. "He cares about you, you know."

"I know and I don't want to hurt him."

'I have a feeling someone will get hurt either way."

"Yes." Kikyou agreed. "Where is he?"

"He said he would so some searching around town he said he would be back soon."

"I need to talk to him."

"Yeah it will be fore the best."

"Sango?" Kikyou began.


"Thank you very much for coming with me. I appreciate your support."

"Of course Kikyou." Sango smiled. "What are sisters for?"

Kikyou then hugged her. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Meanwhile the guilt had been weighing heavily on Rin's mind. She paced back and forth nervously.

"I can't keep on lying to him its no good of me if I do that."

She found Sesshomaru sitting on the outside on the porch.

"Sesshomaru can we talk."

"What troubles you?"

"I kind of have something important to tell you. I shouldn't have tried to hide it."

The silver-haired male raised an eyebrow to her.

"What is it?"

"I feel bad about this I'm sorry. I hope that you won't hate me after this."

"Rin although at times you did annoy me you saved my life. I can't forget that so whatever you need to say please do."

She nodded.

"I saw her, I saw Kikyou." She was anther girl and a guy with silver hair. They were looking for you."

In an instant Sesshomaru was on his feet suddenly finding strength he hadn't felt in a long time.

"Are you certain?"

"Yes they had a picture of you."

"Where is she?"

"In town."

"Rin take me there right now."

"Are you strong enough to even travel?"

"Do not worry about that right now just take me to town?"

She knew there would be no stopping him once he learned that Kikyou had been looking for him. She had to respect his wishes and decided that she would help him to town.

"Alright let's go."

'Why did you wait so long to tell me? You know how important she is to me."

"I know Sesshomaru I'm sorry I suppose that I was just being selfish."

She did not need to speak any more words. He got the general idea the pair said nothing as they continued on their way into town.

"I'm worried he's been gone for awhile." Kikyou said.

"Yeah." Sango agreed. "He said that he would be back soon. I hope that he's okay should we go out and look for him."

Kikyou was certain that Inuyasha could handle himself but nonetheless she did feel concerned. He was a very good friend and she cared very much about him.

"Perhaps we should I don't want him to be hurt or anything."

"Neither do I." Sango agreed. "He's a little rough around the edges but I think he's a nice guy."

"Yes." Kikyou agreed. "Inuyasha has been a wonderful friend to me. I'll always be grateful to him."

"Yeah." Sango nodded. She wanted to say more like the fact that Inuyasha wanted more than friendship with her but she knew that Kikyou had to be already aware of that.

"Well then shall we go look for him?"


They could not get very far though because in the distance a flash of silver had been hurdling towards them.

"Inuyasha," Kikyou whispered.

"Kikyou, Sango." He shouted while waving as he ran up to them.

"Inuyasha you're back."

"Yea I'm sorry that I took so long I did find something though."

"What did you find?"

Inuyasha went into his pocket and took the golden pocket watch he had found not too far away from town. Kikyou's eyes widened in recognition.

"Does it look familiar Kikyou?"

"Yes, it's Sesshomaru's." She recognized the engraving on the back it was definitely his.

"Well you'd better hold on to it. I'm sorry that I didn't actually find him but at least we know he's got to be close."

"Yeah." Sango agreed. "That's good right Kikyou he must be near."

"Maybe that's why that girl acted like she didn't know anything."

"So you think she might know where he is."

"It's definitely a possibility she was acting weird but before we go try to look for her I actually wanted to speak to you Kikyou alone if that's okay."

Sango looked up then nodded.

"Oh sure I'll be over here take your time."

Once Sango left Inuyasha and Kikyou alone to talk he felt very nervous right now. He had tried to prepare himself for this conversation but in his mind he hadn't prepared him for the reality.

"I…" he started.

"Inuyasha I'm glad that you want to talk. I think it's about time that we did."

"Yeah," he nodded. "I just was nervous."

"It's alright I understand should I go first." Kikyou offered.

"No it's okay I'll go. Kikyou we've spent a lot of time together and I feel like we did get close over that time."

"We did," she confirmed. "You've become very important to me."

"Yeah same here. I…Kikyou you're a great person and I just really want you to be happy."

"Inuyasha I want the same for you, you deserve it."

"You do too Kikyou." He put his hand to her shoulder. "For awhile there I wanted you to be happy with me but I know that cant. You love him I get that I can accept that."

"Inuyasha it wasn't ever my intention to hurt you. I'd never want that."

'I know it's okay we can't help who we love you know so I'm saying I'm going to do whatever it takes to help you find Sesshomaru so you two can be happy. I promise you."

"Inuyasha." She whispered. "Thank you for being so understanding."

"Sure." He suddenly hugged her which took her by surprise. "You're welcome we'll find him."

"I hope we will." She hugged him back closing the space between them. It felt nice.

"Kikyou I…"

Before Inuyasha could continue footsteps were heard.

"Kikyou," she heard her name.

The voice hit her ears and her eyes widened slightly. She then turned around to see Sesshomaru standing there with the help of the girl from before.

"S…." Kikyou began.

"Sesshomaru," Sango ended up saying. "You're okay."

Sesshomaru said nothing he could only stare at Kikyou and the man she was with.

"Get your hands off of her."

"Sesshomaru." Kikyou spoke his whole name.

"Hey look calm down man it's not like that."

"Yet you still embrace her."

Sesshomaru tried to run forward but the familiar pain in his legs returned and he slumped down on the ground.

"Sesshomaru," both Rin and Kikyou called out.

The raven-haired female ran over to her fiancé he looked the same a little thinner and definitely weak but here he was alive.

"Sesshomaru I' am very grateful to see you, are you alright?"

He looked up into her mahogany orbs.

"Why do you embrace him? Who is he?"

Sesshomaru looked up at the other silver haired male.

"He's a…."

"He is nothing more than a pathetic look a like copy."

Inuyasha frowned. "Hey you jerk I do have a name."

Sesshomaru was on his feet again.

"You will explain to me right now why you were touching her."

"Sesshomaru please calm down you are injured."

"That is irrelevant. Who is this man?"

Inuyasha clenched his teeth and gripped his fist.

"My name is Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha.' He repeated. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't tear you apart."

"Feh, as if, you wouldn't even be able to lay a scratch on me in your current state."

Sesshomaru was about to lung forward and Inuyasha was as well but both Kikyou and Sango were now holding them both back.

"Sesshomaru, no."

"Inuyasha calm down okay he's hurt you can't fight him." Sango warned him.

"Yeah I know."

Sesshomaru wanted nothing more than to bring this man harm but he knew he wouldn't be able to.

"This is not the reunion that I had in mind."

"Neither did I, Sesshomaru we should talk. Let's go somewhere so we can talk alright."

All he could see was Inuyasha with his arms around her. He could see nothing else.

"Kikyou who is he to you?"

"Sesshomaru he is just my friend. He helped me a great deal in your absence. There isn't anything going on between us."

"Yeah," Inuyasha nodded. "It's exactly what she said we're just friends but now that I can see with my own eyes I cant help but wonder if you were right Sango."

She nodded.

"I told you that there were some similarities between you two, the hair and eyes. Sesshomaru did you know of a distant family member or a brother?"

Sesshomaru thought for a moment.

"There were rumors that my father did indeed father another child. I can't rule out the possibility of there being a relation since the physical attributes are so close."

Kikyou gently placed her hand on to his shoulder but he didn't flinch.

"It would be wonderful to find out if you have family Sesshomaru but right now you need to sit and then we need to talk alone," She looked towards Rin.

"I apologize for pretending I didn't know him when you asked. I brought him to you know though so you guys can be alone to talk."

Sesshomaru then surprised everyone by walking away.

"Sesshomaru where are you going?"

"I need to be alone. I don't wish to talk to you right now I have many things on my mind I need to think on."

The silver-haired male then walked off in the direction of the lake.

"What a weird guy he is. He's finally reunited with her and he just leaves."

"Well Inuyasha you were hugging her. I know it was a friendly hug but it didn't look that way to him."

"Yeah I guess not."

"I need to go after him." Kikyou decided.

Rin stopped her though.

"You should give him some time Sesshomaru is hurting now although he won't show it."

"Hey why did you lie to us?" Sango asked.

"Yes what purpose did it serve earlier?"

"I've been taking care of him since I found him injured. I guess I became attached and wanted to be selfish."

"I am grateful to you for saving his life but to want to keep him away from me when I…."

"If you really loved him Kikyou why didn't you answer any of his letters? All he thought of was you and you never returned a single one of his letters."

"Hey Kid." Inuyasha spoke. "You don't even know the whole story it's complicated."

"Thank you for everything you've done it wasn't my intention to ever cause his pain so it is up to me to fix this and make it right." Kikyou said no more then went off in search of Sesshomaru she only hoped it wasn't too late. She did want to be with him. Her future was with him. She found him sitting down by the lake against a nearby tree.

"Kikyou," he sensed her right away. "I want to be alone for now."

"Sesshomaru I know what you said but I simply can't do that. I need for you to hear me out."

"Fine, sit."

She sat down besides him leaving some distance between them.

"I' am sorry." She started. "I am sorry for this war. I am sorry for our being separated and losing so much time. I'm sorry for the pain you felt."

"We have been apart for quite some time haven't we?"

"Yes, too long. Sesshomaru there wasn't a moment that went by where I didn't think of you."

He then turned to look at her with an intense gaze.

"Then why did you not return a single one of my letters."

It had been the million dollar question that naturally he wanted to know the answer to.

"Sesshomaru I love you."

"Do you really? The way that you were holding him it seemed like much more than friendship."

Kikyou suddenly hugged him.

"Inuyasha has become a very good friend to me. He helped me but what I feel for him does not equal what I feel for you Sesshomaru. I want to spend the rest of my life with you as your wife. I know that you're hurt."

"You have absolutely no idea the emotional and physical pain I've felt without you. You did not reply to my letters naturally I would think the worst."

"It was my father."

Sesshomaru froze but pulled her away slightly so they were now looking at one another.


"He hid all of your letters so I could never reply to them. Sesshomaru do you think so little of me that I would hurt you that way. I wouldn't do that especially when I said yes to your proposal. I love you that is all you need to know. You are my heart."

He then hugged her back tightly.

"I love you too Kikyou I always have your father never did want us to be together."

"No." she agreed. "He didn't so it's not so hard to believe he would do such a thing as this."

Sesshomaru nodded.

"The question is what do we do now?"

"I think that if you're willing we need to find our way back to one another. We love each other and the time apart did nothing to change that. I believe that together we can make it work."

"yes." He nodded. "I want that I want our life together."

Kikyou then showed him her finger.

"You're ring?"

"I never took it off not for a single moment. I plan to be your wife Sesshomaru."

He then suddenly kissed her on the lips and it felt amazing after such a long time to feel his lips on hers. When they broke away for air she whispered.

"Sesshomaru I want to only be with you not any other."

"I feel the same I only want you I will have no other."

"It is settled then." She stood up then reached for his hand. "Come one we need to clear some things up with both Inuyasha and Rin."

"Yes." He agreed. "We should clear up any confusion."

The re united couple walked hand in hand back to where Sango, Inuyasha, and Rin were waiting. Sango smiled when she saw them holding hands.

"I knew that you guys could make it work, congratulations."

"Yes thank you Sango. Inuyasha can we talk its important."

"Sure." He agreed.

Sesshomaru then turned to Rin. "Rin may we have a moment?"

"Oh, sure."

Sango then decided to sit and wait for them to finish talking privacy would be needed her. Once alone Sesshomaru surprised Rin by giving her a hug.

'You have done a lot for me and I will forever be grateful. I am sorry that it couldn't have been as you wished."

"Yeah," she whispered. "It's okay though we really can't help who we love and it's obvious to me how you feel about Kikyou and how she feels for you."


Rin then let the silver-haired male go then gave him a warm smile.

"I really only want you to be happy."

"I want the same for you Rin why don't you come back with us instead of going home to be alone again."

It sounded like a nice offer but she could not agree to it. It simply wouldn't be right.

"Thank you Sesshomaru but I don't think I will take that offer. I need to grow up some more and get some life experience but please take care of yourself and don't be a stranger okay."

"Same to you, goodbye and thank you."

"Kikyou I'm glad everything turned out okay for you."

'Well it should be. Sesshomaru and I decided that we want to make our relationship work."

"That's good I'm sure things will be okay."

"Inuyasha thank you for everything you've done for me. Your friendship helped me in many ways."

"Yeah, don't mention it Kikyou. I'm happy that we met."

"So am I Inuyasha you will find happiness I'm sure you will."

"Feh yeah thanks. I'll be okay though don't worry I wont do anything foolish. I have a question for you though?"

"What is it?"

"You've just been reunited with Sesshomaru after so long so." He laughed. "What are you doing sitting here with me?"

She smiled back.

"Thank you."

"Yeah," he nodded. "Well get going okay."

'Alright I will see you soon."


As Kikyou was heading to find Sesshomaru she spotted her sister pacing nervously.

"Hey Kik, what happened?"

"He's fine he said that he's okay but I still think he could use a friendly face you know."

"Yeah," Sango nodded and understood exactly where Kikyou was going with it. The brown-eyed female slowly made her way to where the silver haired male was sitting.

"Hey." She smiled.

"Oh hi Sango what's going on?"

"I thought that maybe you could use some company."

"Sure, alright."

They sat quietly for awhile with Sango nervously touching her hands in her lap.

"Um…" they both whispered.

"Oh I'm sorry did you want to say something?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yeah, I…"

She looked away for a moment with a slight blush on her cheeks which faded with time.

"Inuyasha I just want you to know that it's really going to be okay. I know things didn't probably go the way you were hoping with Kikyou but well, you aren't alone okay. If you need anyone to talk to I'm here to listen."

The silver haired male looked at her. He gave a small smile.

"Hey thanks Sango I might take you up on that."

Kikyou and Sesshomaru were watching the pair from the distance.

"Are you certain about trying to match the two of them together?"

Kikyou smiled. "I think she has feelings for him and he is a nice man deep down. I don't see why they shouldn't have the chance to at least see if there is anything there. I'd like for them to be happy."

Sesshomaru reached for her hand. "Like us?"

"We we're very happy Sesshomaru I know we can be again."

"I want you far away from that bastard father of yours."

"Don't worry Sango and I moved into Keade's old house. She had passed away and left it to me."

Sesshomaru hugged her. "She was a nice old woman. I'm sorry."

"Yeah." Kikyou nodded. "She was a wonderful person and a valued friend. I do miss her very much but I won't forget her. She would want for me to live my life and be happy. I choose to live my life with you Sesshomaru by your side for the rest of our days."

He gently pulled her lips to his for a kiss. "I have missed you. The thought of you loving someone else was truly agonizing."

She nodded. "I know. I'm sorry but I think we will be okay now. We're together again and nothing will tear us apart I wont let it."

He wrapped his arms around her and they continued to watch Inuyasha with Sango who had still been fidgeting nervously next to him.

"What's wrong?" he wondered.


He blinked curiously women were sure strange he thought. He then put his hand to her shoulder.

"What is it?"

"Inuyasha I know that you had genuine feelings for Kikyou and wanted to be with her. I don't expect you to just easily forget them either but I do want you to know that I care about you."

"You… you do?"

"Yeah." She blushed. "I have for awhile. I've thought about what it might be like to be with you and I like what I've thought of. I wanted to see if maybe at some point you would think about giving us a chance if you want or if you ever feel ready. I mean it's okay if you don't…" she stopped.

Inuyasha then took her hand in his. "You're pretty when you blush." He told her.

"R-Really?" she stuttered.

"Yeah." He nodded. "Sango are you sure you want to get involved with a guy like me. I'm still kind of heartbroken you know." He laughed. "I'm not exactly what most women would consider prince charming."

Sango shook her head. "I don't care you could be my prince charming for all we know. I only wanted to know if it were possible."

"I think you could do better honestly."

"Inuyasha you are unlike anyone I've ever met before. It won't really be easy for me to forget you." She admitted. "I want you in my life."

Her words felt so sincere and he wanted to believe them. He turned to her still holding her hand.

"Well I don't know what I can promise you just yet Sango but I would like to get to know you better, just you and me. If you're willing to give me some time and for us to take things slowly I'd like to see where this could go."

She suddenly hugged him which he returned the hug.

"Of course I don't want to rush things if it's right then it will be but if we aren't right then at least we tried you know."

"Yeah, so I guess we better schedule some sort of date or something." He laughed.

She laughed too. "Yea I guess we should."

"Hey," he whispered then put his hand to her cheek which caused her to blush. "Thank you Sango, you're a pretty special girl."

"Thank you Inuyasha."

Kikyou couldn't help but smile at the sight it was nice to see and she was happy to see they were going to give it a shot. She squeezed Sesshomaru's hand within hers.

"It appears as if something may happen there after all." Sesshomaru spoke.

"Yes," she agreed. "Let's go." Kikyou and Sesshomaru walked over to where Inuyasha and Sango were sitting. "We aren't interrupting are we?"

Both Inuyasha and Sango blushed slightly. "No of course not the more the merrier."

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru were now looking at one another.

"You could possibly be my brother." Sesshomaru started. "So I see no reason to fight with you about anything especially since you were a friend to Kikyou when she needed it."

"Yeah that's all we were I promise she loved you too much Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru nodded. "I know. I offer my apologies Inuyasha I should have never wanted to attack you."

"It's okay I get it I'd be the same way with someone I love." He knew that much for sure. Sesshomaru then offered him his hand in friendship which Inuyasha took. The exchange made both Kikyou and Sango happy and relieved at the same time. There shouldn't be anymore fighting everything looked like it would be okay from here on out.

"I guess you're an okay guy Sesshomaru kind of stiff though, I think you could loosen up a little."

Kikyou turned red while Sango tried to hold her laugh. Sesshomaru looked unmoved.

"I see."

"But as long as Kikyou approves and you love each other then its fine with me, just don't hurt her or I will kick you ass."

"Inuyasha honestly." Sango said.

"What, just saying." He shrugged his shoulders.

"You need not worry about that Inuyasha." Sesshomaru promised.

"Alright then that settles it. So are we going to stay in town for a few days or what?"

"I think we can stay here for a bit longer Sesshomaru needs to rest and I guess we can use a bit of a vacation before heading back home."

"Yeah sounds good to me." Sango agreed. "Besides I think someone has to take me out on a date."

Inuyasha blinked. "Huh, oh" he blushed. "Yeah."

Kikyou smiled warmly. "Remember Inuyasha she is my sister so I will have to hurt you if you don't treat her right." She smiled.

He swallowed. "Hey, don't worry." He laughed nervously. "It's all good. Sango and I are just going to take things slow see where this leads you know. So no one has to get hurt."

Both sisters laughed. "She was only kidding right sis." Sango said.

"Yes of course." Kikyou nodded. "It was only a joke."

"Well then," Sango suddenly grabbed Inuyasha arm. "Its late and I'm pretty hungry how about we go get some dinner. What do you guys say?"

"Sure." Sesshomaru nodded.

"Sounds good I'm starved lets go." Inuyasha agreed.

The four of them then walked together Kikyou looked around with a smile on her face. She had a pretty good feeling that everything would really be okay once and for all.


A young woman with long raven-hair was walking towards her home carrying some groceries when a young man with silver-hair came running towards her.

"Kikyou,' he shouted.

"Oh, hello Inuyasha. What's wrong?"

"Nothing it's been awhile though how are you?"

"I'm fine it is good to see you Inuyasha how are things going? How's my sister doing these days?"

Inuyasha turned red slightly. "She's good. I…I'm really lucky to have her Kikyou you know."

"She loves you very much too you know."

Inuyasha nodded. It had been three years since the events happened. Kikyou and Sesshomaru had indeed gotten married and were living their life together. Inuyasha and Sango had decided to take things slowly and get to know one another eventually they had married too. Inuyasha was glad he had given it a chance because he was very happy with his new life.

"Yeah I know, so how's Sesshomaru."

"He's fine. I'm actually on my way home now with these groceries would you like to come by and see him?"

"Uh, no well yeah I would but I kind of need to get back to Sango you know. I don't like her being alone."

Kikyou nodded in understanding. "Yeah I don't blame you. I can understand now especially when it's such an important time for you two. I will come by more often that is a promise she could use her sister as well you know."

"Yeah definitely she is your sister."

Inuyasha then walked with Kikyou. "Hey do you want me to help you with your groceries."

"Sure if you don't mind."

The friends then headed to Kikyou's home talking along the way. Kikyou had been happy that everything ended up okay for everyone.

"You know if it weren't for you I would have never even met Sango."

"You guys are truly happy together I'm glad."

"Yeah we are just like you and Sesshomaru I'm happy for you both."

"Thank you, you did help make that possible you know."

"It was nothing I was glad to help."

They were nearing her house to see Sesshomaru sitting outside in the front yard reading his newspaper.

"Sesshomaru hey." Inuyasha waved.

The golden-eyed male looked up. "Hello Inuyasha."

He stood up to gather the groceries.

"Its okay I got it I'm a strong guy." Inuyasha laughed.

"Yes I suppose." Sesshomaru said.

"Heh," Inuyasha grinned. "You're a jerk you know but we're family so I guess its okay."

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha had learned that they were indeed half brothers so technically they were all like one big happy family.

"Kikyou," he kissed her cheek. "You have a guest."

"Do I? Who is it Sesshomaru."

"Oh I better go I don't want to interrupt or anything."

"No Inuyasha you should stay this is an important guest to you too."

The young man blinked confused and Kikyou did as well. Out of the door however walked Sango which caused Kikyou to smile warmly. She hadn't seen her sister in a while even though they lived not that far from one another.

"Sango, how are you it's been so long. Are you alright?"

"Yes I…"

Inuyasha immediately ran to her. "Sango what are you doing out? You should be in bed resting."

Sango turned bright red slightly it was really so cute to have Inuyasha worrying so much about her, then again given her current condition she didn't blame him.


"Was it really wise for you to be out Sango? Did you come alone?'

"Yes. I'm not completely helpless you guys I'm fine I promise."

"Well," Inuyasha started. "We just want to be sure you know. This is a really important time."

"yes." She gripped her husband's hand. "It is."

She gazed down at her very swollen stomach where her and Inuyasha first child was currently growing. He was a nervous wreck he had never had any family and just wanted to be a good father.

"It should be soon right?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Yeah I think I only have about three months more."

"Yeah which is why you should be home resting Sango."

"Inuyasha is right Sango I promise I will come see you more especially now that I am to be an aunt."

"Kik, its okay I don't expect you to drop everything you do have your own life you know."

"Yes." Kikyou walked over to her sister. "Nonetheless you are my sister and I am looking forward to being an aunt." She then hugged Sango tightly.

"Oh…" Sango spoke.

"What, what's wrong?"

"Nothing it kicked."

"Really, may I feel?" Kikyou asked.

"Of course."

Kikyou put her hand to her stomach and felt the strong sharp kicking of her little niece or nephew. "That is beautiful."

"Yeah it really is. Kikyou when do you plan to start huh?"

Kikyou turned red. Sesshomaru remained silent. "Well all in good time Sango."

"Yeah I guess."

Inuyasha looked completely worried. "Okay seriously I want you off your feet woman. I don't care if I have to drag you back to bed you're coming."

She put her hand to his cheek then kissed him. "Yes sir." She nodded. "I love you too Inuyasha it's cute how you worry so much."

"I just don't want to screw up you know."

"You wont, just love the baby like you do me and we'll be just fine. Well Kikyou, Sesshomaru we're going to get going before Inuyasha has a break down but we will see each other again."

Kikyou hugged her sister. "Take it easy Sango don't overdue it."

"I won't bye."

Kikyou waved to Inuyasha and Sango as they were now on their way Sesshomaru came up behind his wife then hugged her tightly.

"That was nice seeing them."

"Yes, she is right though. When will there be a little Sesshomaru running around?"

She laughed slightly. "A little Sesshomaru?"

"Yes I look forward to starting our family together."

"Me too." Kikyou promised. "Good things come to those who wait Sesshomaru you and I know that better than anyone."

"True enough I waited long enough for the chance to be with you it was worth it. I'll never love another."

She kissed him lovingly on the lips. "I love you too forever, I think everything worked out just fine look at Inuyasha and Sango they are married and expecting. You and I were able to find our way back to one another and we're happy again."

"Yes." Sesshomaru nodded hugging her close. "Indeed everything has worked out just fine in then end."

"Yes. It has." She whispered. 'It most certainly has."