On a dark and cloudy night, a man and a boy stand alone on a bloody battlefield with a countless amount of dead people.

Man: Shinji...our clan, the Ikari Clan, has long harnessed the power of the Kyuubi...

Shinji: Yes, I know father.

Man: Now...the Kyuubi has destroyed our clan in a violent 2 are the only ones remaining.

Shinji: Yes, that is true father.

The man and the boy's faces and bodies are revealed. Both have long blonde hair and wear a white robe with splotches of blood. The man has a long sword in its hilt hanging from his back, while the boy has no weapons. The boy begins to cry as tears roll down his face and hit the ground.

Man: Shinji...don't cry. It is finally over. The torture that our clan endured is finally over...the Kyuubi has finally been released...fate has had its way...

Shinji: But father! Your illness!

Man: My illness is irrelevant. I fought for our clan, the survival of our clan! Our almighty clan! My death was a sacrifice for you, Ikari Shinji, the only remaining survivor of our clan and the heir of the Ikari Clan!

Shinji: (Crying)

Man: Stop crying! Stand up straight and be a man! You are now the leader of the alimighty Ikari clan.

Shinji: (stops crying) Yes father...I understand! I will make you proud.

Man: Hehehe...thats right Shinji. Shinji, you must go to our allies, the Konoha Village. There, you will train to become a ninja and carry on the fighting code of our clan.

Shinji: But I do not know where the Konoha Village is

Man: Don't worry about that. Instructions to the village are in my hands right now.

The man takes out a scroll from his robe and hands to Shinji who takes it with relutance, but an overwhelming sense of pride.

Man: The ninja arts and the way they mold and manipulate their chakra rivals our way of fighting. Be sure to learn well from the masters of Hidden Konoha...They will recognize you right away by your bright blonde hair and your robe. Go now, Ikari Shinji, complete the task of our clan. Remember your heritage and roots!

Shinji: Yes father!

Man: And remember..(cough cough)

The man coughs out blood onto his hand and then washes it off his robe. He then returns to his speech. Shinji looks at the blood with shock while his father looks away.

Shinji: Father...

Man: I'm okay Shinji. (ruffles the boy's hair) Remember must harness the power of the Kyuubi...the will become your legacy!

As the man continues to ruffle the boy's hair, the clouds begin to shift and the sun begins to rise. As the sun rises, the clouds begin to change color into a dark shade of red.