Chapter 3: Identities Revealed!

At the training grounds of the Konoha Forrest, a young boy with casual clothes takes a walk with a small, portable radio clipped to his shirt and an ear piece to his ear. The radio is so lean that it looks invisible.

Boy: you've gotten a member and Orouchimaru has gotten a member.

On the other end: (static) Yes. I am going to go to the Hidden Cloud Village in the Lightning Country and look for so fresh recruits. Lots of civil wars and revolutions going on.

Boy: Yeah...that's true...

The boy talking has silvery hair and glasses. He is the boy who killed the medical team during the final battle between Yondaime and Kyuubi.

On the other end: (static) So, how are things back in Konoha?

Boy: Everyone is mourning your death and calling you a hero. You know, that type of bullshit. Everyone fell for the faux corpse...even the old monkey Sarutobi!

On the other end: (static) hehe...good job Kabuto.

The voice on the other end can be identified as Yondaime, who is also known as Ikari Shinji, Konoha's Yellow Flash, and now, the leader of Akatsuki!

Boy/Kabuto: Enough with these bullshit names Shinji! Call me by my real name!

Shinji: (static) Heh...fine...Zaraki...

Zaraki/Kabuto: Thank you!

Shinji: (static) You know, I've only seen your real form twice.

Zaraki/Kabuto: Yeah, that's because I can't get caught you know! Everyone thinks I'm dead! Even Shodaime and Nidaime, who are in their graves!

Shinji: (static) Can't have Konoha's first, and number 1, traitor, Hitsugaya Zaraki come back to life eh?

Zaraki: Exactly...that's why I'm using this retarded Henge no jitsu to trick people! It takes quite a lot of chakra, but it's good training. After all, that's what my bloodline is for...

Shinji: (static), how old are you really?

Zaraki: I'm a bit sensitive about my age, Ikari Shinji. But, I can tell you that I am a little over 60 years old.

Shinji: (static) Heh, what's there to be sensitive about? Your bloodline allows you to live up to 150 years of age!

Zaraki: I see you are well-informed about my bloodline...but enough of that, I think I may have found my recruit.

Shinji: (static) Already?

Zaraki: Well, as you know, I am currently training in the Ninja Academy and I've heard rumors that the Hidden Leaf Village is about to go to war with the Hidden Cloud!

Shinji: (static) What? But the Hidden Cloud is currently in a state of revolt and the Leaf Village is still licking their wounds aren't they?

Zaraki: True...but, the Lightning Country revolution is about to end. I've heard that it is very one-sided revolution and the current Daiymo is about to resign. War should begin by the end of next should be more informed, Shinji.

Shinji: (static) Yes...I should...anyways, what does that have to do with your recruit?

Zaraki: you know, when wars occur, the ninja academy, as well as the Chuunin and Jounin selection exams, become more lenient and many students tend to pass at very young ages. Also, younger students begin to come to the academy and the advanced classes become bigger and bigger. Anyways, yesterday, a new student entered my class, which is an advanced. It's very rare for a new student to come during the middle of the year...and unheard of that a brand-new student enters an advanced class...but this kid was special. He came from a very powerful bloodline and has great potential...

Shinji: (static) Well...who is it?

Zaraki: None other than 5 year old Uchiha Itachi!

Shinji: (static) 5 years old! In an advanced class?

Zaraki: Yes...this is the second case that someone younger than 6 has been placed in an advanced class...the first case was the genius Hatake Kakashi...

Shinji: (static) Hm...the Sharigan would work well if it was on our side...great job, Zaraki...

Zaraki: Thanks...well...we don't have time to waste on small talk! Go Shinji, continue to get those recruits!

Shinji: (static) Alrite then...

Zaraki: Wait! I have some very important information for you...Legendary San-nin Jiraya has deserted the village to go and search for his ex-comrade, Orouchimaru...don't let Jiraya succed at any cost!

Shinji: (static) Hm...Jiraya...alrite then...

The conversation ends and Hitsugaya Zaraki, also known as the young Yakushi Kabuto, begins to smirk as his plan is working perfectly.