Water And Oil

Lois' POV

I woke up one morning, just looking outside. The sun was strong and the birds were chiming. It was so beautiful. I of course never admire that kind of stuff in front of people, but sometimes it's kind of hard not to.

Have you ever had that feeling like you're admired? It's weird just blurting out that kind of stuff I know, but for some strange reason I just feel as though someone is watching me. But that just might be Krypto…stupid dog…oh what am I kiddin' I love it. Sure he drools and makes me sneeze when I'm 2 feet away from him, but I guess I've just got a soft spot for him.

Like I have for someone else…

I'll give you a few clues. He makes me really annoyed, it's like he gets thrill out of it, but I annoy him too. He makes me feel welcome and…what's the word…at home? Yeah, at home. I never had that before. I travelled so much when I was younger with the general (my dad). I hated it so much, I wish I had my sister's life Lucy. But when she came here claiming she wanted to visit me, when really she wanted money, I think I changed my opinion on my life. It was hard being the one who has to look after her…

Anyway I've totally gone off the subject of meaning. The guy I like…but I only like him a tiny bit…he's the only guy who's ever made me…laugh, I don't laugh a lot.

Yep, it's none other than Lex Luthor…only joking but I got you fooled. It's…it's hard for me to say who I like. But I will…you cannot laugh and tell me you knew all along, 'coz if you do you're gonna have some bruises!

It is…Clark Kent…




Hmm, you didn't laugh, I'm going to take it that you're not going to say I told you so…good.

So yeah I like him, he's just so…with it. Okay sure he is from Smallville and he always disappears when you turn around. I don't know why I like him; it's such a weird feeling. I'm not going to tell anyone though, apart from you. But you can't tell Chloe, I'm not quite sure if her crush has ended yet. She was in love with Clark, but h chose Lana over her. He knows Chloe likes him, so why does he pretend that she doesn't. Can't he at least tell her it's not going to happen instead of letting her hang around waiting? She still thinks that he is going to realise they are meant to be. Maybe they are but for now, there just not. He's to into Lana.

Now I have nothing against Lana. I think she's a goody goody little baby girl, who needs at least 5 men to look after her! Okay so I'm not that keen on her. I mean she is making Clark wait for her to see if Jason and she aren't meant to be. Lana's using him as a safety net and is making out she still likes Clark. So that is making Clark hang around for Lana who is making Chloe hang around for Clark, right? Wrong? What do you mean wrong? Oh so you think I'm making that up? Okay so I kind of am. I guess I don't like Lana because…well because I like Clark. Hey, what do you mean I told you so! I told you not to say that!

My feelings for Clark are very small okay! I mean after everything that has happened. Lana killing someone, Jason killing someone, Lex helping Lana, Clark…well I don't know what happened to Clark, but now everything is back to normal.

Well things can't be back to normal I mean come on we're in Smallville!

But Smallville doesn't just bring disasters…it brings something else…more special…some people call it love…some people call it mind killers. In my view love is some sort of weakness. It is like a soft spot…and you don't want them, especially when the one you love is in trouble. It's best not to stay attached to someone. And I know because I've been through it all. That is why I am going to catch a train to L.A. That's right in a week, I'm out of here. Smallville has only made me weak for people. I'm constantly worrying about Chloe and if she'll get blown up again, and I'm worried about Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent and they aren't even family…but I'm worried about Clark. Yes I know it's because I like him, you don't have to keep reminding me! I have to leave so don't moan at me. Hey, I wasn't asking for you're opinion was I!

Now, I'm going back to bed. I have to go to this thing with Clark and Chloe tonight. It's a party at Amanda Clares' house. Oh the joy. I hate no drinking parties! There no fun. Hey…listen don't you dare tell me to stop drinking! I gave up smoking didn't I? And that was hard, so drinking I the only thing I have! So till next time…


Clark's POV

So it's 8.00am and Lois isn't up. That means the showers free. Should I run? I mean what if she sneaks up behind me and kicks my ass? She'll take the shower and use all the HOT WATER UP! God, how did I live for this long with her?

I was walking to the shower and I sighed in relief when the bathroom door was open. I was about to walk in when Lois ran in front of me and closed the door in my face. She opened it and popped her head through.

"Hey smallville, I'm just gonna get a quick shower today so don't worry." She closed the door again. I couldn't even get out a word. Urrr! She's going to have all the hot water and I am gonna be left cold! Yep, story of my life. Lois with all the hot water…running on her body….her soaking in it…oh my god! I did not just say that! What? No I didn't! I didn't! Ok you're right, I did! Oh my god…why did I say that! Huh? Oh don't be stupid I do NOT fancy Lois Lane! Lois…Lois…Okay why am I day dreaming? Okay I have had enough of you! I do not fancy Lois, she's so annoying and…annoying and okay smart and annoying and…beautiful and wonderf…ok stop saying I like her…it is okay for someone to like someone else. What…oh no, I am NOT asking her out! I do not fancy her. You know what I am ignoring you!

Back to me…I was waiting outside the bathroom waiting for Lois to finish in the bathroom…still. It had been half an hour!

"Lois come on, not even I take this long to shower!" I moaned as I leant on the door. The shower stopped and the door opened. Lois was there…obviously…with just a towel on…mmm…!

"You can't talk, when ever I have to wait for you, you also take at least half and hour!" shouted Lois. She came out of the bathroom, still with the towel on. "You know for a farm boy, you take you're time!"

"Well I do chores in the morning…unlike some people I know! So I have to have a shower or else I'll stink." I explained to her.

"Yeah smallville, keep that in mind." I couldn't believe it. Did I really smell? I turned back round and got my shower. Know one got to me as much as that stupid, spoilt brat Lois Lane…Lois…mmm…!

I got dressed and was about to walk to school…peacefully when I heard shouting coming from the house. It was none other than Lois Lane.

"Lois what are you doing?" I asked her.

"Well I thought if we're both walking we might as well walk together, it'd look kinda dumb otherwise." Lois explained.

"Why don't you drive you're car?" I asked her.

"Because I feel like walking today. God smallville if you don't want me to walk with you that badly then please just tell me." said Lois. I wasn't thinking that at all.

"No, I wasn't thinking hat at all." see. "I just wondered is all."

"Well you're wondering is getting on my nerves." Lois said as she looked at me. Okay, I was being nice then, no need to say that to me, right?

"Ya know Lois, it wouldn't hurt for you to be a little bit nice to me."

"Aw, Clark Kent wants me to be nice to him." said Lois as she stopped in her tracks and pulled a puppy face. I stopped and looked at her. She looked so adorable. I smiled at her…genuinely. It just happened ok! She looked at me as to say, 'why are you giving me a natural smile' kind of look.

"Okay, you're smiling at me."

"Oh, well there's a first time for everything." I said as an excuse. Hopefully she'd just forget about it.

"Um…alright." we carried on walking and I kept turning my head slightly to look at her. She saw me and I just gave an embarrassed smile. She probably thinks I'm an idiot….well she already thinks that.

"Are you alright?" she asked me finally.

"Yeah, why you ask?" I knew, I knew, I knew. I shouldn't have asked her that.

"Because you keep looking at me really weird." she stated.

"I…I have no Idea what you're talking about." I lied.

"Well, we're at school now so, don't go getting even weirder smallville."

"Hey, why are you hear anyway?" I asked.

"Because I'm helping Chloe out. What, you want me t' go?" asked Lois kind of pretend angry.

"Well…" no, no, no, no, no, no. "Yeah I mean…" I lied…again!

"Well thank you!" Lois said. She actually sounded hurt though. I felt bad…really I did feel bad. She walked off in a huff. What had I said that for? I am such a…a…urr!


So I went to class and bumped Into Lana look alike. She looks like Lana, but she isn't…collage is so hard.

"Hey Clark." said Mandy, look alike of Lana remember, so I act weird around her.

"Hey Mandy, how-how are you?" I asked.

"Well I've got loads of homework but apart from that, fine."

"Well that's good, I better go." I said. I walked off feeling bad for some reason. It was probably still over Lois…Lois…mmm…! God damn it!

"Hey Clark what are you doing?" asked Chloe. I turned around.

"Oh hey Chloe, I was just thinking about Lois and how I hate her." I said…again lying. Am I good at it? No! I wasn't even asking you…okay I was but you're meant to say yeah.

"You were thinking about Lois? Hum, sounds to me like Clark Kent has a crush on Lois Lane." joked Chloe. What! How come she said that!

"What gives you that idea!" I half shouted. The idea was stupid, right? Was I asking you!

"Well, you always talk about how much she annoys you, always. And you always look at her in a weird way." explained Chloe.

"Chloe, I don't know where you got that from, but you must be deluded." I said. Well it was true. I mean me liking Lois is farfetched. "And I do not look at her in a weird way, what do you mean by that?"

"Well you always give her a smile, and you've never smiled like it before. I just get the feeling it's a genuine smile ya know?"

"No, no I don't know." I said. Did I really smile at her like that? So okay I'll admit it, Lois made me feel more free, she made me feel more, not afraid to be me. She was still annoying and feisty and beautiful and…urrr!

"Look, whatever goes on it that little Clark Kent head of yours is you're problem Clark, but if you need me I'm hear, ok?" said Chloe.

"I know that Chloe, and I'll always be there for you." Chloe smiled and gave me a hug. I could still sense the feelings she once had for me. I had let them go for Lana, and now I realised Chloe is better as a friend, it would always be that way.

"So anyway I was wondering if you've seen Lois?" asked Chloe.

"Oh yeah she was looking for you earlier and went off. We walked to school together." I stated. Oops wrong idea I would never hear the end of this.

"You walked with Lois to school today?" said Chloe with a huge smile on her face. "But couldn't Lois of just drove herself." I blushed a bit.

"Yeah well it was a really nice day today and…and." I stuttered.

"No Clark, no need to make excuses. It sounds to me miss Lois Lane has a crush." I didn't say anything. I mean if Lois ever told me she had a crush on me I wouldn't exactly go eww, I don't know what I' do. But I wouldn't do anything about it. (In my mind though I had a huge smile on my face).

"No…no she doesn't…do you think she does." I said with a little smile, trying not to show my big one.

"I think so, it certainly sounds like it. But I also think you like her. But I also think Chad Micheal Murrey likes me and I've never met him." Chloe joked. I smiled. "Well I best be going. Knowing Lois she'll have gotten bored and be reading all my emails." We both laughed.

"Well that's my Lois for ya." OH MY GOD DID I JUST SAY THAT, was the first though through my head. Chloe burst out laughing.

"See I told you!" Chloe said laughing.

"Just…I don't…I just…shut up!" I aid. She laughed and turned to go.

What have I done! What…I know what I've done it was a rhetorical question!


So hate it love it? YOU decide! Lol.

Next chapter- Lois and Clark resolve their…issues.