Water And Oil

Lois' POV

So to get right to the point…I'm in a dire mood. Well it's a bit obvious. I guess you can say that I am fed up with a certain person. I try to be nice to this guy…okay sometimes I don't. It's just like I've got this association with this guy and that it's hard to make it more…supplementary. So hopefully you know I'm talking about Clark Kent right? Good because I in truth I like him…well I think I do.

Clark was acting eccentric today, he kept looking at me when we were walking to school and boy was that embarrassing. I mean I offered to walk to school with smallville…ok I told him I was walking with him. I just wanted to walk with him is that so bad! Yeah, yeah, yeah was I asking for you're opinion?

Ya see, I am in a bad mood and when I am I get grumpy, sorry for that. I guess I just like Clark a lot, what is totally weird for me to say since I'm Lois Lane, the girl Clark Kent doesn't hardly like.

So I'm going to get back to my day. I went into Chloe's new little office thing at college. It was a bit bigger than the one at her old school. She still had work all over the place and computers everywhere you turned. God Chloe, how did you become such a good reporter? I guess it runs in the family…okay that was a bit bold of me.

"Hey cuz." I turned around to see my cousin Chloe.

"Hey Clo, I was just coming to see you about that report you needed help on." I said to her. Chloe's face lit up.

"Yeah I was wondering if you could go down to room BA2 in the school. There's been something bizarre going on there. Some of the students said there was blaring in there and load noises." Chloe explained. I raised an eyebrow confused but hey, I'm a reporter, I can deal with this kind of stuff, right?

"Okay cuz I'll go check it out." I turned around and walked out of Chloe's new…office kind of thingy.


The room BA2 was right at the end of the school. Know one was round this area so it was kind of like a ghost school to me. I knocked on the door before entering the room…hey I always use my manners, sometimes. It looked more like a lab than anything. I went up to this green rock I saw. It was sort of glowing.

"Wonder what this is?" I said to myself.

"It's a green meteor rock." said a guy. I turned round to see a man with a white science sort of jacket on.

"Oh, so what are you doing with it?" I asked.

"Well I 'm doing a few experiments on it. I've always wondered the mystery of the meteor rocks." the man explained. I nodded and looked at it.

"Are these the ones that hit smallville?" I asked once again. Hey reporters have to be nosy. He looked at me and grinned.

"Yes, yes they are."

"So are you just experimenting them to see what they are or are you one of those mad scientists?" I joked, but I wasn't in a way. It has happened so many times so it's worth asking don't you think? The guy laughed.

"No I'm not, don't worry it's just a mere experiment on discovering the true nature of the rock." the man said.

"Okay, just before I leave can I ask for you're name. If ya didn't notice I'm a reporter. I chuckled a bit. The guy smiled.

"Well that was obvious from all the questions. Yes my name is Dr King."

"Thanks, I'm Lois, Lois Lane." I told him. It's always respectful. I smiled at him and walked out of the door. He glared at me from behind and shut the door. I couldn't get that guy figured.


I hate to wait in Chloe's office for a while since she was in class. Of course I got bored so I surfed the net for a bit. I looked at the daily planet where I now work, and yes I am saying that proudly. There were pictures of some of the best reporters on the website.

"One day I'm gonna be one of 'em." I said to myself, which I was doing quite a lot.

"I'm sure you will if you put you're back into It." said Clark. I turned around and smiled at him.

"Hey Clark, what are you doing outta class?" I asked him.

"Mine finishes earlier than Chloe's." he told me. "Look Lois I'm sorry for earlier…"

"Stop there Clark, that was a childish little argument what didn't even make any sense. I was in a bad mood and I guess I was taking it out on you, so I am sorry."

"Okay then, now that's off my chest, what have you been doing today then?"

"Well I went and asked a guy a few lame questions about his experiments he's doing, I mean I don't know why Chloe couldn't do it herself but I don't mind she is my cousin. But I shouldn't be here doing college stuff, I've done that. I am a serious reporter and the Daily planet won't give me the opportunity to prove that." I moaned. Clark looked at me for a second then began to talk.

"Don't worry about it Lois, anyone will be stupid not to realise you." Clark alleged. "I mean I don't know how they could forget a load mouth, infuriating person like you, but still."

"Number one, they know I exist Clark they just won't give me a chance to show I'm ready for the big stuff. And number 2, I am not a big mouth and I am not annoying. I am only annoying to you smallville." I said to him.

"And why are you annoying to me?" asked Clark.

"Because I…I…I just am okay!" When he had said that, he had made me really think. I mean, why was I mean to Clark Kent, he hadn't done anything to me? Sure he hurt Chloe, but that didn't really bother me at first. Maybe it was just because I liked him and I didn't want him to see right through me.

"Well that's not really an answer Lois." Clark believed smirking at me.

"Listen, you are annoying to me too. I'm not like those other girls you know. I am more stuck up sure, but I have a free will and I go for something I want." I explained to Clark.

"…Oh don't be too harsh on you're self now, I mean you're not that much of a spoilt brat. And you should be glad you're not like those other girls and that you're…well you." Clark explained to me.

"What was that, Clark Kent being nice to me?" I asked him surprised by what he was saying.

"Maybe you should give it a try sometime." I smiled at him. "You've got a lovely smile ya know." I blushed a bit; I guess it was a bit weird hearing something like that from Clark. He probably saw me blush which made me blush a bit more.

"Well hears the notes on the guy I was talking about, in that room…um yeah…I better go. See ya smallville." I said just wanting to run outside to get some air down my throat. Oh my god…Clark Kent made me Blush!

Clark's POV

Class was really first-rate today. I learned loads of stuff on reporting and our teacher is grand. She tells us everything we need to know about reporting. I just wish I new all the tricks of the trade of reporting. I can't wait to become a reporter. It's gonna be great. But I guess I'm gonna miss everything when I leave home. Mom, dad, Chloe, Lana…Lana…I still miss her. I wonder where she is sometimes. I know where she is but I mean I wonder if she's alright. I won't deny I still have feelings for her, but I have grown out of it more over time. I think it might be that one special go-getting girl I know who is helping me get over her.

"Hey Clark!" shouted my friend Tim.

"Oh hey Tim, how are you? Where have you been?" I asked him.

"I went to England dude and boy is it cold there."

"Ha, ha, so did you have a good time?"

"Yeah it was cool but the girls there are HOT!" he assumed. I smiled at him. That was typical Tim for you. His personality was more of a ladies man, mans man, all about looks guy. But he was entertaining and when ya needed him, he'd be there.

"Well just remember you have a girlfriend." I reminded him.

"Oh yeah, well I dumped her dude. I like another girl."

"What, why? Catherine was such a great girl, you too were in love." I said to him looking dissatisfied in him.

"In love, no way dude! She's got issues, issues she has to sort out." he believed.

"Who's this other girl then?" I said smiling as we walked out of the classroom.

"Her, walking into that room. Lois, Lois Lane."

I saw Lois walk into a room. Oh my god. How come all this covetousness started to hit me in the face? It felt weird. I wasn't jealous was I? Oh please help me God don't let be jealous!

"I might ask her out. I know I'm only in college and she works at the Daily Planet, but it's worth a shot right? I'll see you around dude I got class." Tim said as he turned round and left. And then it finally hit me, I was desirous of Tim liking Lois. And deep down I knew that Tim stood a chance with Lois, and I didn't. Or is that true?


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