Chap 1- A typical unfortunate beginning the mysterious owl and letter

"Kit Snicket?" Klaus burst out, as soon as he, Violet, and Sunny, had stepped foot onto the taxi, which here means, "got in to the taxi", and closed the doors, so that they could talk without being overheard. It had been a while since the Baudelaires had any privacy.

"As in Jacques Snicket?" the Violet added, as if she didn't know.

But Kit Snicket didn't answer.

"Volunfire?" asked Sunny quizzically, which probably meant, "Are you a volunteer?"

But Kit Snicket still didn't answer them.

Suddenly the car came to halt, and the kids were thrown backwards. Kit, as if nothing happened, opened the window, and called out to a snowy owl in the distance. "Over here, Veruga," Kit cried. She let the owl fly in through the window and onto her shoulder as if owls flew into taxis all the time. She gave it a piece of bread from her pocket, and snatched a fancy envelope from it's beak.

The kids looked at her in confusion as she handed them the envelope, and she gave them a small smile.

"Here is where I leave you Baudelaires. Good luck on your journey, it's time for you to go now.

The Baudelaires just sat there in shock. "Where are we, and where are we supposed to go?" cried Violet, originally thinking that their newfound friend was going to stay by their side and guide them the rest of the way.

Kit gave them that small smile again as she repeated, "Good luck,"and motioned the children out the door.

The Baudelaires reluctantly stepped out onto the grassy hill outside the car, and their mouths dropped as they watched Kit's taxi drive off into the foggy horizon, until it was no more than a speck of yellow in a gray pool of smoke.

"Dabu, dabu!" shrieked Sunny, which probably meant, "What do we do, what do we do?", as she grasped onto Klaus' pants leg for support.

"I admit, I don't have the faintest idea what to do, nor where we are. Violet?" Klaus asked, now turning to his other sister who was deeply immersed in green lettering on the front of the envelope.

It read:

Miss Violet, Miss Sunny, and Mr. Klaus Baudelaire.

The Grassy hill

Fourkinda Road


Klaus turned around to the long, dusty road behind them, and read the green, rectangular sign right above the fork in the road. It read plainly in white lettering, "Welcome to Midelonowair!"

The siblings stared at each other wide eyed. What on earth was this letter from Kit all about, and who in the world knew where the Baudelaires were at moment. Was somebody watching them at this very minute? All three of them, thinking the same thing, turned around to make sure no one was watching them.

The Baudelaires looked at each other and nodded. Together, they ripped open the envelope, working together just as they had done so many times on their journey to escape the evil clutches of Count Olaf, an terrible man who was after the children's fortune, passed down to them when their parents died. They hoped that this journey would be different though, that this time, they'd put Olaf in jail for good, and they could finally end this series of events.