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Genie in a bottle

Yami walked up to the apartment door. The one he shared with Bakura. He fumbled with his keys trying to get the right one into the lock. It was probably around nine pm. That was okay though. He knew Bakura was a night owl. The neighbors knew it too, having been woken up on several accounts from Bakura's blaring music.

That night was no different. As he slid the key into the lock he could feel the deep bass of the stereo vibrating through the walls and rattling the door. He couldn't help but smile. He already knew what he was going to open the door to find.

He swung the door open and took in the scene before him. He was right. Bakura had moved aside the coffee table and was standing in the center of the living room, with the lights dimmed. The song had just started and Yami could clearly tell that Bakura was getting into it.

The quick yet rhythmic beats were enough to start Bakura. He could go anywhere with a song that caught his attention. Bakura turned to look at Yami, who nearly melted when he caught the look in Bakura's eyes.

Bakura was covered in a clean sweat. Smelling much like Lotus, his choice in perfumes and incense, which was burning in a simple little oil burner on the end table. His white shirt was unbuttoned and the sleeves were rolled up in a sloppy but sexy way. His feet were half covered by the long silk sleep pants he was sporting, but his movements were still has smooth as they'd ever been.

"Good evening ai." Bakura smiled, moving his arms to follow the tempo just before the first words of the song were sung.

"..Good...evening." Yami breathed in. Bakura ALWAYS took his breath away. He'd questioned his sanity many times, as to why he would have been an enemy to THIS! This dancing god before him. Bakura wasn't great with words...that was certain, even at times he was bad with them. But when he danced he spoke much louder than any words ever could.

The white haired thief hummed along as the words began. Slowly he was moving closer to Yami.

I feel like I've been locked up tight

For a century of lonely nights

Waiting for someone to release me

Yami dropped the bag he was carrying by the door as he closed it, clumsily pushing the lock shut and leaning against the door itself. Bakura was on the prowl. Out to ensnare his 'enemy' again with the power of his elegant body. And damn it all if it wasn't working.

You're licking your lips

And blowing kisses my way

But that don't mean I'm gonna give it away...

Baby Baby baby

Bakura smiled with his eyes half lidded, while swaying his body as he came within feet of the pharaoh.

Bakura smiled to himself. He knew exactly what it took to make Yami hot and bothered. And no one could do it better than he could. He took pride in that fact. And he'd yet to see someone prove him wrong.

Oh oh oh oh oh My body's sayin let's go

Oh oh oh oh oh But my heart is saying no, no...

Bakura leaned against Yami, placing a finger against the other's lips and singing in a soft tenor voice along with the song.

"If you wanna be with me baby there's a price to pay," Bakura moved a knee to place it against the wall beside Yami, while the rest of him fit against his lover. He moved his arms down his body and placed his slender hands on Yami's, "I'm a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way..." He guided Yami's hands up his sides seductively.

A sleek smile spread across Bakura's face as he moved to brush his lips against Yami's, "If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true. You gotta make a big impression I gotta like what you do."

Bakura didn't need to guide his lover anymore. Yami pushed both of them away from the wall. Bakura swayed as he unbuttoned Yami's shirt. At time like this Bakura was very appreciative of the absence of Yami's normal leather attire.

The music's banging and the lights down low

Just one more dance and were good to go

Yami swayed along with Bakura. That'd been one thing Bakura had been successfully pulling Yami into. Now it wasn't too hard to loosen up that stiff body.

Bakura dipped at a low point in the song and slowly moved back up, pulling his hands up Yami's spine, inciting some pretty sensual sensations in him. Months before Yami could have felt his knees buckle. Now, he merely wanted to join Bakura, in this erotic escapade.

Waitin for someone who needs me

Hormones racing at the speed of light

But that don't mean it's gotta be tonight

Baby Baby Baby

The sheer gray shirt that was previously hugging Yami's body, slid down his arms and fell to the floor. Bakura leaned against Yami's warm skin. His curious tongue finding interest in the nape of his lover's neck.

Yami's hands ran through Bakura's silvery white locks. He moved back and pulled the owner of the silky hair to face him. His fell against the other's in a passionate locking kiss.

If you wanna be with me baby there's a price to pay

I'm a genie in a bottle; you gotta rub me the right way.

Hands moved to fist in the other's hair. Both were focused on exploring the other's mouth, with their tongues brushing against each other, raising their hunger for each other. Neither was willing to break a moment like that. Neither could bring them selves to stop.

If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true

Just come and set me free baby and I'll be with you...

The song was forgotten as the two continued even into the next song. Uncaring that the phone began to ring, and ignoring of the yelling neighbors.

"That's one hell of a welcome." Yami was the one to pull back, in need of air as he gasped the words.

"I've only just begun," Bakura's half lidded smile told Yami of the naughty little plans that must have been running through the thief's mind.

"Don't hold back on my account." Yami's smile matched Bakura's.

"Come into the kitchen koi. Rub me the right way, and I'm sure I can make a few of your wishes come true." Bakura said in a husky and sexy tone, with that wicked grin still plastered on his face.

"As you wish," He chuckled, being pulled along into the kitchen by Bakura.


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