Here's a short-ish AU RotS ending that I whipped up. I was all angst-ed out, and this was the result. It is finished, and will be posted in a total of two parts.

Warning: This story will contain SLASH. Don't like, don't read.

Title: Black and White

Author: Dolly

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Obi-Wan/Anakin

Timeframe: AU ROTS ending

Spoilers: for ROTS, of course.

Summary: The Sith deal in absolutes, but that may sometimes backfire . . .

Notes: I'm sure there will be just oodles of ROTS fics out there shortly, but there's few enough still that I feel I can write this. I've taken some liberties with the dialogue from the movie, since I don't remember it all and I don't see the need for a tedious recap.

Part I

"I can't kill him."

Yoda regarded Obi-Wan sadly, clearly not wanting to say what had to be said. "Defeat Sidious, you could not. His apprentice, you must destroy."

Obi-Wan looked at the old Master with an anguished expression. "Master . . ." he choked out, only to be silenced by a small hand.

"Change the situation, your feelings cannot. Gone is the boy that you raised. Consumed, he has been, by the dark side. Destroy the Sith we must." Yoda said resolutely.

Destroy the Sith, yes. But not Anakin. "I won't kill him. Please, do not ask this of me." he pleaded, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. He loved Anakin more than he had ever loved anyone. Dark or not, he knew that he couldn't kill his beloved partner, even if he tried to. So he wouldn't.

Having reached his decision, Obi-Wan turned to leave. It was hard for him to defy Master Yoda, but it would be harder to do what the small Master asked of him. "I am going to go after Sidious." Obi-Wan said calmly, his back turned. "I leave Anakin to you." A single tear traced down his cheek, and he wiped it away furiously as he headed for his speeder. He knew without a doubt that Yoda would defeat his former friend and Padawan.


Yoda looked after the retreating form of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and was stuck by a sudden sense of uneasiness. Something in the Force had just shifted . . . but for good or ill, he could not tell.

Giving a soft sigh, he hobbled off to begin his search for what had once been Anakin Skywalker.


"Anakin, you're breaking my heart!" came the sobbing voice of Senator Padmé Amidala.

Hidden just inside said Senator's ship, Yoda listened as the heated exchange progressed, his ears flattened against his head in disbelief and resignation. He knew that Obi-Wan had suspected a relationship between the two, but this was beyond what he could have ever imagined. A brief flicker of regret crossed his face as he recalled the times that Obi-Wan had asked for his help with Anakin, but he released his doubts into the Force. He had other matters to attend to. The voices outside grew louder and more agitated, and Yoda swiftly stepped out to intervene as he felt a rumble of dark energy.

Anakin was using the Force to choke Senator Amidala, his own wife. "Stop this now, young Skywalker" Yoda commanded, hand resting on his lightsaber. "Let the dark side control you, you must not."

Anakin released his choke hold on Amidala and used the Force to fling her away like a rag doll. Without sparing a glance towards her still form, he directed his ominous gaze at Yoda. "I don't fear the dark side." he said icily. "It is the Jedi that have betrayed me, not the Force."

"Betrayed yourself, you have, and all that you love." Yoda said matter-of-factly. "Dangerous you have become, and stopped you must be. Surrender, will you?" Yoda knew that Anakin would not, but for Obi-Wan's sake, he asked.

The two Jedi regarded each other for a brief moment, and a slow, feral grin twisted Anakin's features. "Surrender, I will not." Anakin said mockingly, and with one swift motion he drew his 'saber and made a flying leap towards Yoda.

Yoda had his green blade drawn even quicker to meet Anakin's, and the two parried and slashed at each other heroically as Yoda flipped and leaped around the larger man. Into the facility and over the lava pits they went, until they eventually found themselves separated by a cycling force shield.

Yoda took the opportunity to catch his breath, and settled down on the floor to strengthen himself with the Force. In contrast, Anakin moved about like a caged beast, vibrating with barely contained fury.

"I will defeat you." he growled, looking down at the small Master with contempt. "My new Master has taught me to be stronger than any Jedi could be."

Yoda regarded the angry young man sadly. "What of your old Master, hmm? Want this, would he?"

"Obi-Wan would never betray me." Anakin said fiercely. "He will stand by me."

"Unlikely, that is." Yoda said calmly. "Face Sidious, he does now. Defeat you he could, but chose instead to face a stronger enemy. Kill Obi-Wan, your new dark Master will."

To Yoda's surprise, his worlds seemed to have some small effect on Anakin. A flicker of concern crossed Anakin's face, which was quickly smoothed back into an angry mask. "You lie. Palpatine would never betray me like that. He knows that I love Obi-Wan."

"So certain of this, you are?" Yoda queried, his ears twitching in surprise at the strong reaction. Anakin didn't reply, and simply glared back at him. The anger was still there, but Yoda could see that he had struck a sensitive spot. "But matter, it does not. Die Obi-Wan will at the hands of the Sith." he pressed on.

The orange light by the force shield lit up, indicating that their time was almost up. Yoda set aside his small hope that Anakin might be saved, knowing that it could kill him. He brought his lightsaber up and prepared for the inevitable continuation and end of their battle, and watched as Anakin did the same with grim determination.

In the instant that the force shield disappeared, Yoda's blade was ignited in preparation for battle. Anakin's was not. Slowly, Anakin circled around behind Yoda, eyeing him appraisingly. Perhaps finding what he was looking for, the young man abruptly turned his back on Yoda. "We are finished here." he said coldly as he walked back the way that they had came.

Yoda's eyes widened in shock. Could Anakin be going to do what Yoda hoped he was going to do? He couldn't be sure, but it was worth taking the risk of not killing him now. Deactivating his 'saber, Yoda waited a moment before starting after Anakin.


The chamber was quiet, save for swishes of motion and the humming of lightsabers. Blue clashed with red, and the Force crackled around the two men as they fought. Finding Chancellor Palpatine – or rather, Darth Sidious – had been easy for Obi-Wan, since the Sith seemed confident that the Jedi were not a threat to him. And as their dual progressed, Obi-Wan feared that he may be right, at least in his case.

The Force lightning that Obi-Wan had been holding off with his 'saber suddenly stopped, throwing him off balance. Sidious's features twisted in a horrific parody of a smile, and before Obi-Wan could even think he was struck with white-hot, agonizing pain. His 'saber dropped from his hand, and at that moment he knew that the dual was as good as over. The lightening abruptly let up, and Obi-Wan staggered to his feet and reached to call his 'saber to him from where it lay on the floor. Or where it had lain. Sidious watched his feeble efforts with a look of malicious glee as he activated Obi-Wan's blue blade next to his own red one.

"Foolish Jedi." Sidious cackled. "You are defeated."

And so he was. Unarmed and weakened, Obi-Wan knew that he was no match for this Sith Lord. But at least he would die knowing that he had done all that he could, and that Yoda would take care of Anakin as he could not. Obi-Wan released his fear into the Force and prepared to die . . . but it was not the blade of a lightsaber that brought darkness upon him.