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Summary: Syaoran and Sakura; they seem like such a cute couple. They're also perfect in everything they do from brainpower to athletic competitions. Everyone thought they'd be together. The problem? They hate each other's guts! But is it really hate or just self denial? Their friends try to butt into their love lives to get them together. Chaos erupts! What will happen in the end?

notes: Sakura and Syaoran as well as the others are... in their junior years. If not, senior! I don't even know. I didn't decide on it yet. But most likely junior (in hs).

Crazy First Love

Chapter 1 - Beginning (working title)

Another day in Tomoeda. School had begun and students were making their way to school. Some happy, some sad, some just plain angry or they just don't care. But one particular student is running late...

"AHHH! I'm going to be late!" a scream echoed through the Kinomoto residence. Scrambling out of bed, a young lady runs towards the bathroom and comes out within minutes. She slides down the banister and into the kitchen, quickly grabbing a piece of toast. What she didn't notice was her father and brother staring.

"Good morning, kaijuu," the black haired young man said. The girl pouted. "Shut up! No time for insults!"

"Sakura, you forgot your skates over here..." the honey colored hair man said.

"Thanks dad. Unlike some certain people," she said, rolling her eyes to her brother, Touya.

"What? You never said or asked for anything to me," Touya said innocently.


She put on her pads and skates and quickly glided out the door. Ah damn, I'm going to be late! And it's the first day! she thought to herself.

The school had finally come into her view. Yes! Maybe I'll make it! She then bumped into someone in front of her, knocking her backwards as well as sending the other person flat on their face. "OW!" she said, rubbing her rear. "Hey, watch where you're going!" she said, fuming.

"Ugh... damn. Hey, what do you mean me?" the guy said, getting up and then turning to her. They both stared at each other for a split second before realizing who's who.

"YOU!" they both said at the same time.

"Don't blame me for making you fall. You bumped into ME!" the guy said.

"Shut up Li! I don't need to hear that from you! Especially not in the morning!" she snapped, scrambling to get up with her skates. "Now move it or lose it! I'm going to be late!"

Without waiting for a reply, she quickly glided past him. Ugh... Li Syaoran. Why was he ever even born?

Inside homeroom

The door slid open revealing Sakura breathing fast. Her friend sat near the window then turned her head to see her. "Sakura? You're on time!" the raven-haired girl said.

Sakura sighed relief as she dropped to her seat next to them. "Thank god. I thought I was going to be late because of that Li!" she said.

"Oh... you bumped into him on the way here? What a coincedence," the girl said teasingly.


"I'm just kidding, relax!" she said laughing. "So where is he anyway? Wasn't he with you?"

"Oh course not. I can't stand be near him."

Then the door slid open again. It was Syaoran with a smirk on his face. He shut the door and walked over to his friends.

"Oh... what happened to you? You look like you fell or something," a blue-haired boy said.

"Can it, Eriol. As a matter of fact, yes, I did fall," he said, throwing a glare at Sakura's direction.

"Aha... you ran into her? How nice," he said teasingly.

He threw him a death glare. The door, once again, slid open and in walked the teacher.

"Hmm... welcome back to school. I am Takashi, your homeroom teacher. I'm expecting you all to behave yourselves... now, on to attendance...,"

Sakura sighed and put her head down, staring out the window. Another long, exhausting new school day. How exciting... She takes out her schedule and stares at the student list. Damn, Li is in all of my classes. Why me?

Syaoran had also been staring at his own class schedule. What the--? She's in ALL of my classes? What is God trying to do to me?

They both then glared at each other across the room and then turned away. Both Tomoyo and Eriol had noticed, thinking the same thoughts.

"Looks like it's that time of year again..." Tomoyo said with a grin.

"Yes... thinking we should start?" Eriol said.

"Yep! Looks like this year is going to be real fun!"

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