Ok, this is my first Harry Potter fanfic, and I'm hoping it'll get better as we go along.

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He had never meant to look up.

But when the laughter had floated by his ears, entrancing and magical in its own way, his feet had refused to move. And so, his head investigated.

"Solizzle Fo Shizzle at your service!"

He smirked. There was the littlest Weaseley, grinning lopsidedly as she sat on the steps, barring the Gryffindors from entering their dormitory. Next to her was a lithe, tanned girl with waist length black hair. She had on a lopsided beret and thick sunglasses.

"Come one, come all, to the best Fo Shizzle stand in all of Hogwarts!" The girl exclaimed. Next to her, Ginny laughed. Once more, Draco Malfoy found himself mesmerized by the sound.

"Please, Soleil, it's the only Fo Shizzle anything in Hogwarts, so stop flattering yourself."

Ginny's companion, Soleil Garneau, smiled winningly. "Aw, but come on, Gin, it's a great idea!" She turned to the crowd before her. "Who here loves music? Come on, if your hand doesn't go up, Ginny here is great with hexes!"

Draco couldn't help but scoff as he saw Ginny hold up her wand and arch an eyebrow. Her wand sparked lightly, and every hand went up.

"Good, good." Soleil nodded approvingly. "Now, Ginny and I have managed to jinx a few mood rings…the songs they play will be both Muggle and wizarding songs, but I guarantee you, they're awesome!"

"Who would like to try it out?" Ginny rose from her step and glanced about. Her eyes narrowed. "Ronald Weaseley."

Her brother, who had been ignoring a protesting Hermione and trying to blend into the crowd, let out a small wail.

"Come on, Gin! Can't you pick anyone but me?"

"Ron!" Hermione scolded him. "She can't pick anyone, we're not supposed to sell things unless it's authorized! It says so in the Prefect's Guide, Page 397, paragraph three."

But Ginny had already marched down, and shoved something unceremoniously on Ron's finger. He blanched, but when nothing bit, looked down.

On his finger was a small, virtually weightless ring. Set inside was a beautiful clear stone, and as soon as it touched Ron's skin, the surface began to swirl. A moment later, it turned a bright yellow. Ginny beamed.

"Right. All you have to do now is say play, pause, forward, or go back and that's exactly what it'll do! And you can say lower or higher, and the volume will rise or fall! Say play!"

Ron, still quite afraid, obeyed. "Play."

Grit your teeth and listen for the gun

Get in the runners block and kneel

And run the human race

That decadent decathlon and

Let the games begin for real

Stop scaring me- it's bedlam in paradise

Stop I can't see- nowhere I can hide

Scared to run, this monstrous

Marathon of fear

The music had emanated from the ring, powerful and clear, as if the band were really there.

"Stop…" Ron whispered.

Ginny let out a breath. "It worked! That, Ronald, is a song called 'Scared to Death', and it's by a Muggle band called Wasp."

"It seems Ronnikens is afraid of Ginny!" teased Harry, who was standing next to him. Ginny rolled her eyes, and nodded to Soleil, who held up her arms.

"Well, everybody? Who wants one? It's three Knuts for one!"

Soleil and Ginny were soon swamped and taking orders for dozens at a time. ("I've got to get one for me mum and family!" Seamus Finnegan cried) In a half hour, they sold out all their stock and Hermione had herded everyone into the Gryffindor common room.

"I hope you're happy now." She said, lips pursed. "I could write you up for that!" But Ginny pulled something from her robes, and waved it in front of the witch's face.

"I saved one for you, 'Mione! If you don't take it…who knows, Ron might just find out about that picture of him under your pillows…!"

Hermione threw her hands up in the air, but Ginny swore she saw a slight grin as the now Head Girl headed up the staircase, ring clutched tightly in hand.

"Well well, Weaseley, it seems illegal operations are now your thing. Trying to raise some money for your poor as dirt family?"

Soleil grinned. She was the type of person who would give anyone a chance, and Draco Malfoy was certainly no exception.

"Hello, Mr. Malfoy! Wanting to buy one of our rings?"

Draco emerged from the pillars he had been slumped against as the massive sale had ensued. He sneered at the young girls, neither of which flinched.

"Why would I want to buy Weaseley's things? Or that of her Mudblood friends?" He was referring to Soleil's mixed lineage; a Muggle father and a witch mother.

Soleil's grin faded, but Ginny's turned to a sneer matching Malfoy's. "Oh shut up, you prat! At least we have the brains to come up with something useful and earn ourselves some money, while you live of Daddy dearest!"

"Shut up." Draco snarled, and Ginny mock-gasped.

"Ooh, have I hit a nerve? Does it maybe have something to do with the fact that said Daddy dearest is on the loose, and has thrown his family's reputation down the drain by associating in mass murders? Or maybe it has something to do with when Voldemort went down, and Daddy dearest publicly declared he wanted to bring the Dark Lord back? Hmm?"

Ginny suddenly found herself pressed against the wall, as Draco held his wand just beneath her chin. Hi leaned in, and whispered in her ear.

"You don't know me, Weaseley, no matter how badly you pretend to. I hate my father, but I still don't appreciate what you were just saying." Something flew off his wand. "Careful now, we wouldn't want an accident!"

Draco was thoroughly stunned when Ginny smirked at him, and for a moment, he questioned her sanity.

"I bet you I know you, Malfoy. Be here tomorrow, same time, and I will give you a special ring. This one has songs specially suited to your pathetic needs." She pushed him away roughly, ignoring the jab his wand gave her, and stomped back over to Soleil, who had not been worried in the slightest.

"Be there, or be sorry, Malfoy!" Ginny waved cheerfully to him and linked arms with Soleil. The two of them walked up the staircase, leaving behind a very confused Draco Malfoy.

"I can't believe you, Gin!" Soleil whispered. "I mean, I knew you wouldn't let him touch you, but why would you give him a ring? And a special one?"

Ginny shrugged as they continued to the common room. "I dunno. Out of pity, maybe." They stopped in front of the Fat Lady's portrait, and Ginny smacked herself on the head.

"Oh, Gods, I forgot to get the new password!" Soleil smiled.

"Well, it's something I thought you would remember rather easily." Turning to the portrait, she called out, "Canary Creams!"

The portrait swung open, but Ginny and Soleil only just stumbled through it, they were laughing so hard.

"Ah, remember Malfoy as a bird?" Soleil giggled. Ginny nodded.

"He needs to lighten up a bit. Listen, you go to sleep, ok? I've got to make the prat's ring."

Soleil rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Gin. What are you going to use for it, though? I've run out of the recordings for all wizarding music!"

"Perfect." Ginny picked up her wand and a ring, along with several rolls of lyrics. "This means ferret-face will have to be subjected to a nit of Muggle music for a while."

"'Night, Gin!"

"'Night, Solizzle." Soleil's giggles were the last thing she heard before she set to work.

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