(Parody-esque) Epilogue

"The four Las Vegas Crime Lab survivors of the plane crash arrived safely home last week, to a warm welcome and the comfort of home. However, recent reports have declared that one of the survivors, a Conrad Ecklie, has suddenly passed away…"

Sara and Greg shared a quick glance with each other, trying as best they could not to burst out with wide grins. They turned their heads back to Greg's big-screen TV.

"It was reported, that Mr. Ecklie had a case of DVT: Deep Vein Thrombosis, which is a deadly, nearly undetectable clotting in the legs. He passed away mere days after arriving back home…"

Sara remembered that was one of the reasons she had stood up and walked around on their flight. She had feared getting DVT, and Ecklie was now the one who died from it. Revenge was sweet. Not that she had meant for him to die of course. Things just happened to turn out for the better. She certainly wasn't complaining.

"The sheriff of Las Vegas has forked over the money to pay for the poor man's funeral…"

"Too bad nobody's going to go to that, huh?" Greg noted, stretching from his position on the couch.

"Oh, yes, so horrible…" Catherine replied sarcastically, from the armchair towards the left of Greg and Sara seated on the sofa.

"Well people who don't know Ecklie for the horrid person that hewas will probably go," Sara said, reaching over to the end table and taking the already opened bottle of champagne and her glass.

"Did you hear if Grissom is going?" Greg questioned, reaching over for his and Catherine's glasses and holding them near Sara as she poured.

"Professional courtesy," Catherine answered, taking her share of the drink from Greg's hand. He rolled his eyes at that.

"Oh!" Sara suddenly exclaimed as she set the bottle down. "I just remembered—I got an email already, from Lauren and Matt. They're doing fine. They said they're happy with their aunt and uncle, and they want us to visit sometime."

"All the way to Wisconsin?" Catherine asked incredulously.

"Wouldn't be too bad." Greg shrugged, gripping his glass. "Be nice to see those little guys again. Wonder if they know that Ecklie's dead."

Sara grinned despite herself, and to cover it up, she lifted her glass. "May he rot in hell…but not too bad—just so we're not dubbed insane for wishing him a lifetime of misery."

"Amen to that," Catherine and Greg replied, raising their glasses to hers and smiling.

It was my friend April's idea for this quick little epilogue for you all, since sooo many of you wanted Ecklie to die. This wasn't meant to be a very serious chapter, just a little bit of a parody of what so many of you wanted to happen. ;)