A/N: This is really short, however, I expect it needed to be done. I just needed to get into my Darksider's head for a bit, especially after killing Whisper, who, according to his own story in the game, 'is like family'. Enjoy and review.

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Bloodied Hands


"Master Sabre? The Grey Lady will be with you shortly."

He ignored the rough, overuse of his title, and sat down lightly on one of the benches in the Grey Lady's courtyard. His dark Will-Users robes hung loosely around him, but he paid them no mind. All he, Sabre, formerly Landon, son of Scarlet Robe, could do was stare at his hands.

And notice the blood that coated them.

He had bathed several times, but still the blood stayed. Just like the Brooch he held in his pocket, the blood stayed. Just like her final screams that roared in his mind, the blood stayed.

"Don't do it, Farmboy! I wouldn't kill you! We had a deal!"

Deal? What deal? He made no deals. All he heard was her pitiful attempts to save her own skin, her own glory.

Well, she was wrong. He was Sabre! The Champion of the Arena!

...and Whisper's murder.

Don't kid yourself. She would have killed you without a second thought.

This much he knew was true. He had seen Whisper commit acts of great evil—Like the time she joined the bandits, choosing to fight against him, instead of with him. She was always so competitive...Maybe it was best she died at the hands of an old friend instead of someone else—someone who wouldn't have given her such a merciful death.

Sure, he had killed before. Usually only when he had to. He had never killed anyone who didn't deserve to die. The bandit thief who was trying to charge him 1000 gold in order to get into Twinblade's camp was one.

Twinblade himself was another, though Sabre saw that more as an act of mercy rather than anything else. The man had lost everything, it was better to give him the death he sought rather than prolong his suffering.

"I can't kill you, Farmboy, I can'! Others, yes, but you? I can't!"


You don't know that. You've known Whisper nearly your entire life. Would she have killed you?

The Guildmaster's familiar voice echoed in his mind. He ignored him, rather focusing on his bloodied hands.

Where did I go wrong? All I wanted was revenge...Revenge against the ones who have wronged my family...

...how did I take Whisper's life? Isn't she my family, too?

He shivered, though he was not cold.

You have taken your first step to the path of darkness—A path many choose to take, and one few live through.

Are you sure about this? Are you sure this is the path you wish to take?

"Master Sabre, the Grey Lady will see you now."

And as he walked, his bloodied hands followed.

And they continued to be bathe in the bloodshed of others, until all of Albion fell at his hands.