Dark Destiny

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Vader has a vision of his future children and sets out on a mission to find the women who is destined to be his wife.

Darth Vader/ Padme Amidala



Darth Vader stood inside his room on the Executer. The stars shone brightly in space as he overlooked the beginning of the construction of the Death Star. It had been three years since the fall of the Jedi Order and the Old Republic, and the Empire was growing in strength and numbers. They had finally begun the construction of the second most powerful weapon in the Universe… or so that was what was said. In one more year he would be strong enough to overthrow the Emperor and take his claim, his right, to rule the Universe.

"Lord Vader, incoming transmission from the Chommel Sector from her Highness."

Vader tilted his head in acknowledgment, "Send it through, Admiral."

"Yes, Lord Vader." The man vanished and in his place a women appeared in long formal wear and her blonde hair in an intricate design.

"My Lord Vader, it is a pleasure to speak to you." The women curtsied deeply, a sly smile upon her lips.

"What is it you require Lady Satyre." There was no change in his neutral expression.

"Just your presence, My Lord. I'm inviting you to my 21st birthday ball. It would be lovely if you could attend. I'm sure my father will be most appreciative to know that his daughter will be well looked after." The smile never leaving her painted lips.

"Very well, your majesty. I will attend your birthday ball. What do you wish for a gift, majesty?" Vader asked, though he felt very irritated with her.

"Just your attendance, My Lord, is all that I wish." Satyre bowed her head.

"Your majesty." Vader gave a nod of thanks even though in his mind he envisioned skewering her with his lightsaber.

With another sly smile and a curtsy the transmission ended and Vader's mind went straight to the Emperor. He just wanted to wipe out the entire Palpatine Family and get it over with. The Queen of Naboo was nothing but a slave-driving whore, and he HATED her.

Padme looked in the mirror and quickly glanced back down as she fixed Queen Satyre's blonde hair in an intricate design. Padme was one of the Queens favorite slaved to order around and beat when she was bored, and the Queen was often bored. Sometimes Padme would reflect on how she had come into the Queens service and her eyes clouded with anger and bitterness. Her own family had offered her as a gift to the Queen when she was fourteen for their freedom and to get in the Queens good graces (not that she had any). She hadn't seen her family since that day, she knew that they had fled the planet with out a thought of the daughter they had bartered for their own freedom.

Padme had suffered their decision since.

She finished up on the Queens hair, who was still chatting with one of her friends animatedly. It was the Queen's birthday and she was throwing a ball that night. Padme wince, she hated those parties. Sighing to herself, she stepped back, her head down and eyes down cast, while she waited for the Queen's approval.

Satyre observed herself in the mirror and liked what she saw, but she looked over at her slave and scowled. A slave shouldn't be that pretty, especially a slave shouldn't outshine their masters at parties. Nodding to herself, she fingered the switch that she kept attached to a gold chain at her waist. She stood in a swish of rich fabric and looked down at Padme… Padme Naberrie. How she hated that name, that face… even her very presence. "You will come to the ball tonight and serve my purposes and wait on me hand and foot. You shall not let your presence be known and if you do you will know pain like you've never known before." Satyre swung the switch at Padme's face and left two thin lines of blood on each cheek, "Let that be a reminder to you, and the next time don't take so long in doing something as simple as fixing my hair. Your are dismissed."

Satyre smirked as she watched the slave curtsy low and mutter a "Thank you, My Queen," and then tried not to run full out to get out of the room. It was amusing to watch and she couldn't wait until she completely broke the spirit of Padme Naberrie.

Once Padme was outside in the corridor she choked back a sob of anger and pain, she would not let the loathsome bitch get to her. Her cheeks stung and blood trickled down her chin as her hands shook with hatred and anger. Taking a deep breath she calmed herself and was about to take a step when she heard the Queen speaking to someone, "My Lord Vader, it is a pleasure to speak to you…"

Padme's lungs stopped working as she heard the cold deadly voice reply, and yet it was not fear that stopped her in her tracks, because behind the cold she heard irritation and an urge to kill. She shuddered, not with fear but with excitement. The voice washed through her and ignited her insides flooding them with heat.

Feeling flustered, Padme ran down the hall and where she would find her room and get ready to become invisible.