Dark Destiny

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Arian is a planet I made up.

Vader has a vision of his future children and sets out on a mission to find the women who is destined to be his wife.

Darth Vader/ Padme Amidala


Chapter Three: Nightmares

Vader brought the Ameretat out of hyperspace an hour away from the Imperial Blockade and set the autopilot. It had been four hours since he had left Naboo and its wretched Queen behind. Now he was returning to the Executor to gather a few necessities for the trip to planet Arian, a planet in the Outer Rim, almost in wild space. He had practically stumbled upon it on one of his Jedi purging missions. When he had looked for information concerning the planet he found nothing and he didn't remember it being in any of the Jedi databanks either.

Of course he hadn't told anyone of his findings and went exploring the planet himself. He had found that it was inhabited by humanoids with pale skin and silver hair. They had a single silver horn growing from their foreheads and very pointy ears. They spoke both basic and another language that he had never heard spoken before, he had found the whole situation quite interesting.

Arian would meet his requirements perfectly.

Vader sat back in the pilot's chair and let Amidala's face appear in his mind. Her dark brown eyes, long brown hair, the way her pale skin turned scarlet when he stared at her. She was full of innocence, but he could sense the anger and bitterness that's buried with in her young spirit. He wondered how long she had been in Satyre's service. Her scars could heal, but it would take a long time. It had been 15 years since he had been a slave on Tatooine, and the thoughts of that time still sent raging hatred through him. At least his owner hadn't been Satyre… the bitch.

Vader shuddered at the thought of marrying the loathsome whore; anything that had come from Palpatine was sure to be twisted and ugly… but he refused to worry about that now.

Thinking of Amidala, her vibrancy and innocence radiating off her like the suns of Tatooine, he suddenly felt very old for his twenty-five years.

He tugged his cloak around him and pushed away-unwanted thoughts. He breathed, exhaled, and saw his own breath as white mist. This brought his attention to the temperature; he had been so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he hadn't noticed the temperature of the ship. Normally he liked the cold, since his experience on Mustafar, he hated the heat with a passion but he had the girl to think about now. It wouldn't do him any good if she were to become ill. Turning in his chair he brought up the temperature settings, which was currently set at 35 and brought it up to 65. Hearing the almost silent hum of the heat coming on he stood. They were about a half an hour away from the Executer; he would go and wake up Amidala who was sleeping deeply in his cabin.

He exited the cockpit and made his way down the hall, his boots not making a sound on the metal walkway. He stopped in front of the door and heard moaning coming from its only resident. His brow furrowed as he waved for the door to open, it hissed and he walked… or rather marched in, only to find Amidala twisted in the black coverlet and what appeared to be one of his spare cloaks. She was sleeping deeply, but not soundly.

Vader walked to the edge of the bed and stared down at her watching her fitfully dream. Her head burrowed deeper into his pillow, then she turned away from him twisting herself farther in the blankets. She had an expression of torment on her face and her lips moved almost in silent pleas. He leaned down to find himself only mere inches from her face. He listened to her mutterings.

"Mom, please don't leave me! I love you… Mom! Father please, its Padme! Please don't leave me here, I promise I will be good. I'll never complain about anything ever again, I'll be a good girl I promise! Sister, Please! NO!" Amidala let out a choked sob. "Please, My Lady. I didn't mean to! I will never do it again, I didn't know! Please don't hit me! Mom, how could you do this to me…"

He sat on the edge of the bed, his eyes narrowed as he watched her. A tear streaked down her cheek. Curiously, he brought his ungloved hand up to catch it, it landed perfectly on his finger. He looked at it for a moment, before bringing it to his mouth and tasting it. Images appeared in his mind almost immediately. He saw a man and a women standing before him, their eyes hard and faces determined. "Your majesty, we offer to you our daughter to your service so that we may live in peace and leave the planet to search for our lost son." They were lying, they had no son, how could they do this to me? The thought came across his mind, and he knew that he was seeing and thinking everything that Padme saw as her parents left her with no regret or love etched across their features, to the wicked queen. He or rather Padme begged and pleaded with her parents, she cried and sobbed and screamed as the guards of the Palace grabbed her roughly and dragged her kicking and screaming into the palace, her parents leaving her with out so much as a glance in her direction.

Vader blinked…Her own mother and father sold her for their freedom! His anger sparked to life, he remembered his own mother and knew that she would have died before doing that to him. He felt the fear of Satyre that rested with in her, the anger and the bitterness at her parents and the confusion she felt when she was around him. Gritting his teeth, he moved away from her.

He grabbed her shoulder and shook her enough to wake her, "Wha… where am I?" Amidala looked around the room and didn't recognize anything until she saw Vader setting on the bed with his hand on her shoulder. Her eyes widened, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep! Honest, I was just tired… and you said that..."

She trailed off as she saw him hold up a hand for her to stop, "I am not angry at you, Amidala. I came to wake you because we are a few minutes away from the blockade and I know what I said, so there's no need to remind me. Now," she watched as he stood gracefully and held out his ungloved hand towards her. She reached up and took it, her bare hand touching his and she shivered at the skin-to-skin contact, her body tingling.

Vader watched as she reached up and took his hand and he too felt something shoot through his body, but he held back the shivering. Her skin was smooth, and despite the cold, it was warm to the touch. He ached with wanting to touch more of her, but he would have to wait. Pulling her to her feet, he reached up and straightened the cloak that she was wearing. "There are some things you need to know before we board the Executor." He reached up and pulled the cowl low so that her features were well hidden, "You are not to speak or acknowledge any aboard the ship. If you are spoken to ignore them; they cannot harm you if you are under my protection."

"Why would they harm me anyway? I don't understand, My Lord." Amidala stared at his chest as he fixed the cloak to his liking.

"There are those that I don't trust Amidala, I will tell you in time, I would just hate to have to kill one of my men and stir up trouble, I am extremely jealous. " Vader almost smirked when he saw her eyes widen slightly and blush, but he kept he face blank and his tone bland. "Keep your hands inside the sleeves at all times as you have feminine hands." He showed her what he meant, "Also do not keep you head down, walk with your chin up… walk with arrogance."

She looked up at him at this, " Arrogance? Why am I having to do these things besides your jealous streak?" She looked almost appalled, though why, he didn't know why.

Vader narrowed his eyes at her questions and she looked back down, "Ah, that is what I'm talking about. Do not fear me Amidala, I will never harm you unless it is necessary, and let us hope that that may never occur. Just do as I say and you should survive this short visit on board the destroyer."

"Yes, My Lord." Amidala said in a stronger voice. 'Short visit? I don't understand… why is he taking me here if only for a short visit. What is going to happen to me?'

"There, much better. I will not have a weak woman as my wife." Vader could almost laugh at the look of utter shock on her face as he walked out of the cabin.

He was back in the cockpit as he saw the Executor looming ahead and the click of the com as the Executor made contact. He began the docking sequence.

Amidala was still standing where he had left her; her shock had finally vanished. He wouldn't have a weak woman for his wife, eh? So he wanted her to grow a backbone and stop groveling as she had done for the last four years in the Queens service? That's easier said then done. But she could do it, what was so hard about it, as long as she didn't piss him off or disobey him, what was there to fear?

Clasping her hands inside the long sleeves she made her way out of the cabin. Her footsteps echoed as she made her way down the hall and into the cockpit. Looking around, she noted that it wasn't very spacious, enough for two people, but no more. She watched his hands grip the controls with the ease of a seasoned pilot, graceful. Of course she expected no less from him, he was Lord Vader…

A jolt of excitement ran through her body and she had to bit her lip to keep from make a sound. In truth, she knew that she should be afraid of him, but she didn't. Instead, she felt nervous and jumpy, but not afraid. Turning around she walked down the hall a little ways, 'I guess I should practice trying to walk with arrogance, but I doubt that I will ever get down the fluid grace of him nor the ease of his arrogance. As she practice, her mind was in a whole different world. 'Wife to Lord Vader… Lady Vader, I would become Lady Vader. People would fear my name the way they fear the Lord himself. I would be some one of importance. I could face my parents and show them that I am better then them. That I am no Slave. I could take vengeance on Satyre for scarring my face. I could… oh what am I thinking. I could never do any of that. Lady Vader?' She snorted, very un-lady like, but then she was never a lady. She wasn't pretty. She was never pretty, she was told many times by the Queen. What could Vader want with her, he couldn't want her for her looks… she reached up towards her cheeks. The Queen had gotten the last laugh, though many of her scars were emotional and hidden physical, she had made sure that she would mark her slave so that everyone would know. Know that she belonged to her and no one else. Belonged to Satyre.

Her hands fell loosely to her side, what was she doing here? On the ship of Lord Vader? She a few seconds ago she was getting delusions of grandeur. She, a slave. Why was she really here? Lord Vader wanted to marry her? She highly doubted it. This must be some sick joke he and Satyre came up with. That's it. Satyre always hated her… perhaps her and Lord Vader were lovers.

She gritted her teeth as she felt a stab of jealousy. She had no right to feel jealous, he would never be hers… she was a Slave.

Her hands went to her cheeks and rubbed what had been only thin scratches left by the Queen hours ago, not they were raised scars. She could almost cry. Dropping her hands she collapsed to her knees and stared off into nothingness. Lost.

Vader could not help but be mindful of her feelings. It was like his very being was engulfed with in her. He knew what she wanted, what she feared, what she thirsted for. Knew that she could hate with out thought but love with her whole self… He grimaced and didn't like the thought. Completing the docking sequence he turned in his chair and was about to stand when he saw her practicing in the hall, her head held up, her hands folded, but she was strutting. He could almost laugh. Almost. He could feel her every emotion, see her every thought. He found her little snort… he wasn't sure, but it tugged at something inside of him. He watched as she stopped and her eyes light with fire, then watched as the fire died and her fingers trace the scars on her cheeks. The fire died and doubt entered, then a flicker of hurt, he knew what that was. Her eyes finally misted before they went dead. Her thoughts had whirled chaotically but now he heard nothing.

Standing, he walked over to her and kneeled eye level. Tilting his head he noticed the furrow of her brows, the glaze of her eyes and the small frown on her lips. She never blinked, twitched or moved. It was almost like staring at a statue, except she was breathing. The only sign of life.

He came to a decision, a fairly easy one but a decision nonetheless. He would not allow her to wallow in self-pity. Would not allow her to think poorly of herself. Would not allow her to continue thinking that she was a slave. Besides, he hated the bitch Satyre; he could not abide her thinking that he was in league with her.

Reaching out with his right hand, he traced the outline of her jaw, down her throat to her neck. He circled her neck with his hand slightly tightening his grip. He would not cause her any harm, it was time that she learned that. She must understand that she was HIS and no one else's.

Amidala blinked away the haze and almost yelped at the sight of the brilliant blue eyes that stared into her own with a fire that left her burning. It took her a moment to notice the weight of his hand around her throat. She didn't panic, it didn't hurt her, but felt reassuring in an odd way. His thump was stroking a soothing rhythm against her pulse. She swallowed.

"Amidala, there is one thing you must understand." His voice was the same as always, dead with out emotion, but the fire in his eyes told her differently. Her hand reached up on its on accord and grasped his wrist. She shocked herself but did not remove it. She saw a flicker of amusement, but it was gone in an instant, replaced by the fire. " You are MINE."

He moved his face closer, she could feel his warm breathe on her lips, " And you won't hurt me." She said with an absolute conviction that she surprised herself.

Vader took his hand away from her throat and tapped a finger to her nose, "Unless it is necessary." He saw her lips twitch and new that she wanted to smile but instead she stood leaving him kneeling at her feet.

Amidala twisted her fingers and felt very awkward and she had a feeling that he knew just what they looked like. His eyes flash with a slight glitter before it died, and he stood with her. She busied herself with adjusting her hood before he had a chance to do it himself.

Nodding he turned, "Remember what I told you, and do me a favor, don't strut." He knew she blushed with out even looking, "Just walk with intent. Always stand behind my shoulder, not hiding completely behind me. Do not talk, I will evade all questions, though its doubtful they will pay you any mind, except talk about you after we pass." Looking over his shoulder, he saw her set her self and then he waved his right hand and the door whooshed open.

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