Sonic the Hedgehog: Genesis

Prologue: Edict

A pair of white-gloved hands twisted and capped the last pair of wires in the metal cube, before attaching the cover panel. A hand left for a moment to retrieve an electric screwdriver and a couple screws. With a few quick movements and four loud whirs, the panel was attached firmly, the odd grinning, mustachioed insignia on the front seemed to be happy with its new home.

The figure the hands belonged to lifted their goggles back on their forehead before reattaching their thick, little glasses onto their beady little crimson eyes. Their… well, his long, brown handlebar mustache bobbed proudly as he grinned, looking at his new invention.

"Hohoho!" he chuckled "It is complete! The Egg Dimension Invader is finally complete! If I can't establish my empire on this world, I'll just have to establish it on another one, without any meddling hedge--"

And that's when the alarm went off.

"Arrgh, of all the bad timing…. All security screens, on!"

A whole bunch of windows popped open on several computer screens, showing different areas of his base of operations. In some of them, most of everything was trashed. His eyes continued to roam from one window to the next, he had memorized where each camera was located, and suddenly he saw what he was looking for, as a small figure flew through the corridor it was watching, trashing several security drones, before stopping right before the camera. The figure was an odd one, an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog wearing white gloves and socks and red and white fancy sneakers. He put his hands on his hips for a moment before sticking out his tongue, and then giving a cocky grin before smashing the camera.

"Arrgh, Sonic's here already…. Luckily, I had prepared in advance just in case he arrived," he said with a grin, pressing a button on the control panel of the screens "Have fun with the Egg Splicer, hedgehog."

With that, he shut off the security monitors and turned back to the Egg Dimension Invader.

"Unfortunately, I know it'll probably only hold him for a few minutes, and then he'll be here in just a few more. Egg Dimension Invader! I command you to take me to a universe where I can get the materials to make the ultimate weapon for all of my needs…"

With that, it switched on.

"2,838,383 results found."

"Aaargh! Okay, a universe where I can make a living weapon for all of my needs within those results…"

"3,228 results found."

"Stupid piece of junk…. Okay, where creatures like Sonic doesn't exist or exists, but are labelled threats by the people there, within those results!"

"37 results found."

There was suddenly a rapid beeping from the security panels again.

"He already destroyed the Egg Splicer… Damn it! Open a portal to one of those dimensions at random! I don't care which, as long as it suits my needs!"

"That could be dangerous, Dr. Eggman."

"I don't care! Open the portal, now!" Dr. Eggman yelled, adding a kick to the machine for emphasis.

"Done," the machine said, as a portal suddenly opened, large enough for Eggman and his hovercraft to fit through. He quickly jumped in said hovercraft and activated it "All necessary information about this universe that has to deal with your goal has been uploaded to your hovercraft's computers. Good luck, Doctor."

"Grr, I don't have enough time to start your shut off sequence… when Sonic enters the portal, make sure he's sent somewhere far enough away from me where I can formulate a plan before he reaches me. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Doctor."

With that, his hovercraft vanished into the portal, just as Sonic burst through the door to the room.

"Eggman!" he cried out, but too late "What is this thing, a teleporter?"

"I am the Egg Dimension Invader. I create gates to other universes and worlds."

"What! That Eggman, what is he up to now? Send me to where he went."

"Nothing has changed. You will enter the same place he will. Unfortunately, it'll be some time after he entered, and you might end up in a different place in this same world. It is what he commanded."

Sonic smirked.

"No matter where or when I get there, as long as I get Eggman, it won't matter."

"I will be waiting for your returns… if either of you make it back, anyway."

Sonic didn't say another world, and leapt into the portal.

The EDI closed the portal and went into secure mode. Only by Eggman's command would the portal open again and transport him, and maybe Sonic back with him. On the machine's status screen, read:

"Destination: Evangelion Universe"

To Be Continued

Note from the author: "A Sonic/Evangelion crossover! Are you insane!" You're probably saying with a confused/irritated look on your face. And you know, you're probably right. But I'm gonna do it anyway. You don't have to like it, or read it. But if you choose to stick around, out of curiosity, or out of spite, then good for you. You might just like it. I will try my best to make sure that this is actually good. I'll find a way to pull this concept off… I hope.