Hi, this is my first Fanfic and so far I'm very proud of it. The first chapters are kind of boring but please read it. Tell my what you think after reading it. Don't make it so ruff.

Chapter 1 "News"

"Have you seen the news lately?" asked Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans.

"No," said the other 4 titans.

"Seems that there's a "ghost boy" that turns human or a boy that turns into a ghost, something like that, well my point is to get an interview with him. Maybe he would like to join the team," he said.

"Why do you suddenly want a new titan?" asked Raven.

"I'm guessing you haven't seen his powers," Robin replied.

"Like I said before, no." she answered.

"Yea, we get to have a new friend!" called out Starfire in a high-pitched voice.