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Chapter 9

As Raven nicely pushed Danny aside she yelled out, "Atherath Metreon Zinthos." A black hand with claws pushed down Plasmeus, unaware of the attack, hard.

"I have to admit, that was pretty good," said Plasmeus.

"I have you now. You're like Danny, aren't you. You can turn human," said Raven.

"Yes I can, but this fight is too important to show you my human side. I invented and bought a high-tec device that makes me a ghost for 15 hours. I tried something like this on Danny only the device turned you human for 9 hours. Nothing you can do to stop me now," explained Plasmeus.

"That's were your wrong," Raven floated up in air and started moving her arms in a circular motion. "Atherath Metreon Zinthos Agramath!" yelled Raven. A black light glowed at Raven's eyes and hands.

"What have I told you, your powers don't affect me," said Plasmeus as he turned intangible. A black cloud appeared over Plasmeus. Raven was getting closer to Plasmeus and said, "I think it's time I see your true self," and with that her glowing hands pushed the ghost out of Vlad.

"I don't know why I haven't thought of this earlier," said Raven sounding kind of stupid as the ghost Plasmeus tried flying back to his human self. The cloud on top of him opened up and Plasmeus was being sucked up, then the cloud disappeared.

"What! How did you… but I," said Vlad very surprised.

"So that how you look. No wonder you wanted to be ghost," said Raven, "Atherath Metreon Zinthos," she said very lazily as a little jail like box around Vlad. Raven then walked back to the human Danny.

"Come on Danny, wake up," said Raven as she put her hands over him. As she did so her hands and Danny glowed blue. Raven had tried this on Beast Boy once when he hurt his leg. After a few seconds Danny opened his cool, blue eyes.

"Danny?" said Raven.

"Raven. Why don't you go help the others and stop worrying about me for a while," said Danny weakly.

"Right," said Raven after she hugged Danny. Raven got up and started curing every one else. Danny got up and was staring at the mess in the tower. Quickly he turned to look at Vlad Plasmeus.

"So I see that you lost your ability to change for now," said Danny as he walked towards him.

"Shut up, Daniel!" said Vlad to Danny angrily.

"He's just mad because I took his ghost away," said Raven.

"Oh, you got beat by a girl, no offence," said Danny to Vlad as he turned ghost.

"Don't be rash," said Vlad as he started to cover his face.

"I'll try," said Danny as he phased though the jail and punched him in the face. Danny phased out the jail and went to go help Raven with the others.

"Man I missed it," said Beast Boy soon after Raven healed him.

"What happened?" Robin asked Danny as he turned back to his human self.

"Well I was fighting Plasmeus and Raven was fighting Slade and I passed out after I saved Raven," said Danny.

"Okay," said Robin lifting an eyebrow.

"Thing is I took Slade down and Plasmeus lost his ghost," said Raven.

"Thank you, friend," said Starfire as she was healed.

"Ah, what happened?" said Cyborg, as he was the last one to be healed. Raven explained it all again.

"I wonder what mom and dad are doing right now," said Danny kind of scared.

"Can't you call them?" said Robin.

" My PDA kinda broke," he said as he showed them the broken pieces. All 6 of them started to clean up and Robin and Starfire went to put both Plasmeus and Slade in jail. This was a special jail were no one could get out unless they could phase though but…


"That's weird Danny was supposed to come back by now," said Jack, Danny's big father.

"Don't worry. I bought 3 tickets already. We're leaving in 2 hours," yelled Maddie, Danny's mother.

"What!" said Jazz.

"Come on, no more chit chat we're leaving now," said Maddie run all over the place.


"So Danny are you leaving or…" said Raven as she and Danny we're walking around the town.

"I'm sorry but I have no other choice," said Danny sadly.

"I would go with you but… well you know," said Raven walking toward a shop called "Hot Topic".

"Why are we here?" asked Danny, " it looks like Sam's closet in here."

"I need t buy some things," said Raven as she went to go talk to one of the employees. "I need my latest order," said Raven in almost a whisper.

"Oh ya… hold on," said the tall guy wearing a black shirt with a white ghost like thing. Danny just followed Raven around the store until her "order" came.

"Here you are Raven," said the guy while handing the package to Raven, "Dude, if its yours you're really going to like it," said the guy to Danny. Danny just looked at him in confusion.

"What is it?" asked Danny after the man was out of earshot.

"Here, why don't you look yourself," said Raven with a smile. Danny surprised, he had never seen her smile before, took the box and opened it. With amazement Danny found a black and white locket shaped as a ghost.

"What's this?" he asked Raven now standing outside the shop.

"It's a locket, what else would it be? It's real gold too. Well aren't you going to open it?" explained Raven. As Danny did so he found a picture.

"We didn't take any pictures though," he told her as he remembered where they had kissed.

"I got it out of my mind. It's a picture from my memory," she explained as they where walking down a street.

"DANNY!" yelled a person on the other side of the street. Danny looked around to find his mother running to hug him.

"Oh how I missed you. Why didn't you come back when you where supposed to? Why didn't you call us? Who is she?" Maddie said very quickly pointing at Raven.

Jack and Jazz just now crossing the street t see Danny.

"Mom, this is Raven and-" started Danny but was cut of by his mom.

"The same Raven from this news paper! Have you been hanging around a ghost?" pointing at Raven again.

"She's not a ghost. She… um…" Danny could really tell his parents that Raven had powers.

"No I have powers. And yes, Danny was hanging out me," said Raven kind of ticked of.

"Ha ha ha. There's no such thing," said Jack now in the crowd. Jazz didn't now if she should believe it for she knew Danny's secret.

"Fine, I'll just show you, Atherath Metreon Zinthos." Said Raven as her eyes started to glow and Danny was flying in mid air.

"Quickly Jack!" yelled Maddie as she got out her guns and stated to shoot Raven. Jazz quickly pushed her mom and dad so they couldn't hurt anyone.

"Please mom and dad listen," said Danny thinking of what he's going to do. Quickly Maddie and Jack put their guns down. Danny now on the floor said, "I've been meaning to tell you guys something for a long time," Raven gasped, "I'm half …g-ghost," said Danny with struggle. Both of them started to laugh. Danny looked at Jazz for she wasn't laughing but frozen in shock that he told them.

"Okay Danny, whatever you say," laughed Jack.

"I hoped you'd be more understanding but…"Danny changed there in front of everyone into a ghost. Maddie and Jack stopped laughing. Raven felt guiltily for it was her fault that they found out. As if reading her mind Danny said, " it's not your fault."

"So your "Inviso-Bill"?" asked Maddie and Jack at the same time.

"Yes, I didn't do any thing wrong if that's what you're thinking," said Danny.

"Jazz? Hello?" Danny saw Jazz as if she didn't have any emotions.

"Oh… I… I already knew," said Jazz a little sadly. No one talked as they walked back to the tower.


"Bye," all the titans said goodbye as Danny was leaving with his parents and sister. Danny was walking out the doors when Raven appeared in front of him and gave him a big kiss. "Bye" she whispered. All the titans gave Danny to remember them. Robin- a motorcycle with a "D" where there would usually be an "R". Starfire- a jar of Zonkaberries. Cyborg- a new and better Fenton thermos, which was blue. Beast Boy- the latest game station. Raven- the ghost locket. Danny gave them a ghost portal so Danny could go to their tower.


Danny at last in his room, put away his stuff but the locket.

"Thanks Raven," said Danny as he opened the locket to find a brilliant picture of them kissing. "I love you" went though his head all day.

The End

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