"Come on, Sam, just one more big push and the first Tauri born on Homer will be born." Daniel coaxed Sam on as she screamed in agony at the pain of the birth. Jack was by her side in the hut like structure, holding her hand as she brought their child into the world. Teal'c stood guard over the door, keeping all of the natives and other SGC members out of the room after Jack had ordered them all to go back to work.

Moments later a cry, very different from the ones that Samantha Carter-O'Neill had been emitting, broke forth.

"It's a girl," Daniel said as he wrapped the newborn in swaddling clothes. He handed her to Sam as the crowd outside the room erupted in cheers.

Sam looked from her baby girl up to her husband and gave him a passion filled kiss not unlike the one that he had received on the day he proposed. "I love you, Jack," she whispered.

Jack smiled, "I love you, too, Sam. Thank you so much for making me a father again."

The couple gazed lovingly down at their daughter who was eagerly making sure that everyone knew that her lungs were healthy.

Daniel smiled at them, "Teal'c, I think it's alright if you let a few people in here, and come here yourself."

"Very well, Daniel Jackson."

With Teal'c came Saira, the leader of the tribe of natives they had encountered; Adel, her husband; and Dema, their eldest daughter.

Dema, a girl of fourteen and very attached to Sam, ran up to them and looked at the baby in Samantha's arms. "What are you going to name her?" she asked in a very musical and curious voice.

Jack grinned, "Actually, we decided that we don't want to name her."

"Will she go through life without a name, then?"

Sam grinned like a Cheshire cat, "Nope, Daniel and Teal'c get to name her. Teal'c gets the first name and Daniel the middle name."

Teal'c bowed his head gracefully, "I am honored that you would have me name your child. I believe the most fitting name for the child of two Stargate travelers is 'Sitara'. It means 'star'."

Tears came unexpectedly to Sam's eyes, "It's beautiful, Teal'c."

Daniel furrowed his brow, "How am I suppose to find an appropriate middle name to go in between Sitara and O'Neill?"

"If anyone can do it, Space monkey," Jack started, "It's you."

Daniel's brow furrowed further, "I think her name is Sitara Phoebe O'Neill." Now it was his turn to grin, "Kind of different, 'Star Bright O'Neill'."

"Phoebe means bright?" Sam asked curiously.

"Bright and pure."

"Okay," Sam said. She smiled down at her new little baby, "Hello Sitara. You're loved, cared for and protected. You're going to do great things."

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