That's When I Love You – Chapter 1

Disclaimer: The characters and the song don't belong to me, no matter how hard I wish for them…

Author's Notes: Just a little something that I thought up while listening to the 'How To Deal' soundtrack. I remember reading a fic that was similar to this (with doing a chapter about each song lyrics) but I can't remember the title and I feel like a horrible person. :P Just wanted to let you all know that the idea isn't originally mine, I just liked it and thought that this song would work for it.

'When you have to look away
When you don't have much to say
That's when I love you
I love you, just that way'

Mac sighed as she gathered up her files for the staff meeting. She had gotten to work late today, and knew that Harm was going to give her hell about it. He had left her apartment five minutes before her, and just barely missed the traffic jam that she got caught in. 'Great timing my ass.' She thought to herself, hurrying down the hall to the conference room.

She slipped into the room quietly, hoping that the General wasn't there yet. Her co-workers smiled at her, most of them trying to suppress laughter at the thought of their Marine being late. Her gaze settled on Harm as she slipped into the seat next to him. She glared. He stopped smiling suddenly, and sobered up. She then resisted the urge to kiss him breathless as he turned his 'puppy dog eyes' on her that he knew she couldn't refuse.

She smiled and nodded, and he leaned back in his chair, relieved that for the time being, he was forgiven. At least he thought so.

Mac smirked to herself, shuffling around her files to make it look like she was busy. 'Oh this was going to be fun' she thought to herself.

The General walked in, and they all stood as per usual. He motioned for them to be seated again and started the meeting. Discreetly, Mac moved her hand over to Harm's thigh and began running her hand up and down. He jumped just a little bit, and quickly looked around to see if anyone had noticed. He then shot her a look that clearly said 'Stop that!'

She was never really good at reading him.

Her hand crept up a little more, drawing little designs on the fabric. He shifted slightly, trying to get out of her range, but failed. She fought back the giggles that were lurking on the tip of her tongue. He was looking around at everyone but her, trying to pay attention.

"Commander Rabb, what about your cases this week?"

Both of the officers were taken by surprise as they heard Harm's name. Mac hand kept up her caress of his thigh as he struggled to reply to the General. "They're going fine Sir." He finally managed to get out.

The General shot him a strange look, but quickly dismissed it with a shake of his head, reminding himself that he now worked in an insane asylum.

Harm looked over at Mac who had finally stopped and was currently leaning back in her chair comfortably. She smirked as he glared at her from his seat. 'Nice way to start out the morning.' She thought to herself.

Author's Notes: Was it Harm's fault that he wasn't caught in the traffic jam? …No, but it was fun to write! Hope you guys enjoyed and I'll try to get the next chapter out soon! Please review and tell me what you thought!