-Back With Kagome- (keep in mind she is still in a coma )

'Inuyasha I am lost in this darkness. Help me find a way out.' she pleaded to herself.

Kagome suddenly saw herself walking around in a forest. She turned around to see the well. Looking to her right she saw a large tree.

'What is going on here? How did I get here?' She said looking around until she spotted the large tree. 'The tree of ages?'

She began making her way to the tree to find nothing. She had hoped to find Inuyasha there or something. Then all of a sudden she heard a voice. It was very distant and she couldn't figure out who it was or what they were saying to her. She decided to go look for the source of the voice so she could see what they were saying and maybe they could help her out by telling her where her friends might be.

Inuyasha sat alone in his tree. He felt weak. He left Kagome in her time of need all because he couldn't stand to see her like that. It broke his heart to see a woman that was always so lively and strong hooked up to a bunch of machines that were to keep her alive. She looked so fragile like she would break. He couldn't stand it so he did the only thing he could…he ran away.

'That's not true you could have been there by her side waiting for her to wake up' his inner voice piped up. 'She would have done the same for you and you know it.'

"I know! Shut up!" He yelled into the darkness mad that his inner voice made a good point.

"I should go back and see how she's doing though." He thought out loud.

'Exactly! Now get moving!'

His decision made he made his way over to the well set on seeing Kagome and staying by her side this time. He would be strong for her. Even if it killed him to see her like she was.

-Back With Kagome-

Kagome was now lost. The voice that she had been following suddenly stopped awhile ago and now she didn't know where to go. She kept on wondering what happened to the voice and who it was. It sounded like the voice of a man because of how deep it was but it was so soft and distorted that she couldn't make out what they were saying or who it was. She was getting scared. She was in the middle of a forest and had no idea where she was or how to get out.

"Come back to me. I need you." The voice all of a sudden boomed through the trees.

"How? Who are you? Help me!" Kagome cried helplessly.

"Follow my voice out of the darkness. Come back to me please."

"I don't know how!" Kagome screamed back. It was hard to tell where the voice was

coming from. It seemed to bounce back and forth in the trees making it hard to pin point.

"I Love you and I need you back…Kagome." This time it only came from one direction. She ran in an attempt to catch up with the fading voice. She was sure now who the voice was…Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha hold on! I'm coming!" She yelled breathless because she was running.

A bright light erupted in the center of the forest. She ran to it because the voice was coming from the middle of it. She didn't hesitate as she threw herself in to it with open arms. She wanted to get back to Inuyasha and if she had to go threw some hoops to do so she would. She did love him after all.

-Not In Kagome's Head Anymore-

A man sat in a chair next to a young girl hooked up to a bunch of machines.

"It's been 500 years. Come back to me. I need you. Follow my voice out of the darkness. Come back to me please. I Love you and I need you back…Kagome." He whispered lovingly into her ear. He continued to hold her hand tightly like it was his life line and sat there in silence content to just stare at her. This time he was willing to wait for her.

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