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Mew Ichigo quickly ran back to her house with Kish still in her arms. She quickly looked around. "Masha, go check if my parents are still there," Ichigo commanded. Masha popped out and nodded. Masha carefully looked around the house and found no sign of her parents. Mew Ichigo got her keys and unlocked the front door. "Thanks Masha," Mew Ichigo said and patted Masha's head.

Mew Ichigo ran up to her room and laid Kish on her bed. She changed back to her regular self and watched as Kish was unconscious and still in pain. Tears ran down her eyes and she kept thinking, 'Kish… why did you do that… why did you have to come back… look what I've done to you…' Ichigo carefully wiped her tears off still watching him. She let out a big sigh and put a chair next to the bed. She decided to get out of the room.

Several Hours Later-

Kish woke up in shock. Kish let out a big sigh and said to himself, "What a nightmare. I thought I was dead." Kish winced in pain and let out a small groan. "Hmm? What's this?" he questioned himself. He found himself covered in band-aids and wrapped in that thing. (Lol, I don't know what they're called, but it's the thing where you wrap yourself up in it, well it looks like Kish's arm/wrist bands) He looked around. "Huh? Where am- … I'm in Ichigo's Room!" He was happy again. He started to remember what Ichigo did to him before he passed out. "Ichigo…" He looked down and became depressed again.

"Hmm? You called?" Ichigo opened the door and had a tray with a bowl of soup in her arms. Kish became surprised (in a happy way). "Ichigo! I missed you. How come I'm in your room?" Kish said in a very happy way. Ichigo sighed and looked down. "I'm sorry for what I did to you. I was just really stressed. I didn't mean for it to go so far. So, I brought you here, so I could fix you. A-and I made you soup." Ichigo gave it to him. She was guilty, wrong, and sad at what she did. Kish laughed lightly. "But Ichigo, I'm not sick," he joked. Ichigo looked up at him and giggled. She knew Kish wanted her to smile. "I know, but soup was the quickest thing I could cook." Kish looked confused. "Don't you just add water and cook it?" (Let's pretend he's familiar to that food, ok?) Ichigo shook her head. "I wouldn't do that! It just seems wrong. When you actually make it, it shows how much a person cares in their cooking, and to impress the one they made it for!" Ichigo gasped and covered her mouth, blushing red. "I-I-I didn't m-mean it-." Kish cut her off. "Oh, kitten!" He was so happy/giddy. "I can't believe you'd make something like that for me!" Ichigo just blushed red in embarrassment.

Kish took a sip of the soup and smiled. 'Oh, Ichigo, she made this for me. Maybe this will be my chance to get her.' Kish kept thinking to himself. Ichigo had to change the subject. "Kish, um… how are your wounds doing?" Kish replied with a, "Oh, it feels better. Thanks for fixing me, kitten." Ichigo blushed slightly. She sat down on the chair and started to watch him. She kept thinking 'this is all my fault… so many wounds…' Kish continued eating the soup. He started thinking again. 'Ichigo is so nice to me. I hope she's always like this. Is she falling in love with me?' He let out a happy, big sigh.

Then, Kish gave Ichigo an evil, yet loving smile to her and set the soup on the table. Ichigo was a little confused and scared. "K-Kish? … W-what are you doing!" Kish didn't say anything. He got out of bed and pushed Ichigo onto the floor, and pinned her down. (-sighs- usual Kish. -.- , lol) Kish winced in pain a little, but didn't really care about his wounds anymore. He just wanted to have Ichigo. "K-Kish! S-stop it!" Ichigo struggled to escape, but couldn't. Kish started to move himself towards Ichigo. He was so close to kissing her, but didn't get the chance to, because his wounds were too painful that he had to back away. He winced in pain trying to get up.

Ichigo sat up and tried to get him back to bed. "See Kish, I told you to stop it. Now your wounds aren't going to heal faster if you keep doing things like this." Kish got back up and went to her bed. Kish had to agree with her, even though he didn't like it. "I… I'm sorry, Ichigo. I-I'll … stay in bed." Ichigo smiled that Kish would stay and heal. Ichigo told him, "Ok, but just incase…" She quickly gave him a kiss and smiled. "There, you wanted a kiss, so there's your kiss. But, you have to stay in bed." Kish happily agreed.

Suddenly Masha came in her room. "Masaya alert! Masaya alert!" Ichigo came in shock. "W-what! Now! Kish is in here!" Ichigo heard her doorbell ring. She quickly went to her window and saw Masaya ringing her doorbell. Kish became angry. 'He's messing up my time with my kitten!' Ichigo had to think fast. "Kish, uh … don't make any sounds!" Ichigo panicked. She quickly went out of her room, making sure it's closed, and answered the door.

"Momomiya-san!" Masaya cheerfully greeted her. "O-oh! Aoyama-kun! W-what are you doing here?" Ichigo pretended she didn't know he came. "I wanted to spend some time with you. Is that alright?" Since the whole house was quiet, Kish could hear their conversation even though she closed the door. "What does he want with my kitten!" Kish was quietly talking to himself, making sure they don't hear him. He crossed his arms and layed down, still listening. Ichigo had to make up an excuse. "U-uh, I'm busy right now, Aoyama-kun. Could you come back later?" Masaya looked down in disappointment for a while, then happily looked back at Ichigo. "Alright, I'll see you soon then," and Masaya gave Ichigo a kiss. Ichigo blushed and left him with a, "Ok, bye." Masaya left and started walking away. Ichigo closed the door and sighed in relief.

She went back to her room. Kish smiled at her. (He doesn't know they kissed). Ichigo sat back down. "Hmm? Why are you smiling Kish?" Kish kept smiling at her. "You made up an excuse so we can be alone together!" Kish was all giddy. Ichigo blushed red, trying to deny it. "N-no! I just said that because he might find out you're here." Kish didn't care, he knew Ichigo didn't want to admit it. He kept on smiling at her, finally realizing that Ichigo is falling in love with him. He lay back down and went to sleep. Ichigo blushed. "I can't believe Kish actually looks cute when he sleeps. W-what am I saying! Am I really falling in love with Kish! N-no! I have to stay loyal to Aoyama-kun…" Ichigo sighed still confused about her feelings.

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