From Far Forgotten

Genre: Supernatural/Angst

Summary: Cursed from existance, Fuji finds himself on the dark end of a black spell. What passionate emotions of love and friendship could save him...

Pairing: TezuFuji, some others (hi-mi-tsu)

Disclaimer: yada yada.

A/N: Where'd this come from? An interesting idea, I do say. Wonder if I can do this right...

Rating: PG-13 - R. I think it's not smutty enough to be R... but I guess some scenes are a little ;; ... ) lovely. It's all love, hun.

L'alimentazione di un nome
The power of a name

Un titre pour l'existance
A title for existence

Ein tiefer Anschlu├č trennten
A deep connection severed

By black and pure desires
By black and pure desires

"Fuji Syuusuke, you shall be mine."

Those gracious cobalt orbs were glancing up at him, lips smiling tightly against his bared skin. Tezuka pulled closer the warm body his arms wrapped tenderly around, till his tongue could easily caress that creamy forehead.

"Tezu..." His tongue found it's way into the curls of a fluent earlobe - "...Kunimitsu..." - then along an overactive jaw bone - " won't..." - and a vibrating throat begging to be stilled... " ... oh..." - moans were alright, though - "..forget me...if..."

He drew his hand against that fair light hair, sighing in pleasure at the smooth sensations running from soft silky strands rubbing against his over sensitive skin. His partner moaned against him, words finally forgotten, warm breath tickling at his collar. He felt the smaller man snuggle against him, as if trying not to wake from the dream of the surreal ecstasy they'd shared only moments before.

They nuzzled together for several moments, neither wanting to part from the other's warmth. Tezuka felt a small click in his tennis wrist, a warning of things to come... he suppressed the worries of 'outside', outside this room, outside where society was, where his friends and family were, all waiting to judge him, them...but it didn't matter. He accepted it completely. It wasn't that he didn't care, he just loved this man too much, too deeply, to ever give him up... he looked down at those azure eyes, feeling an overwhelming flow of passion...

Those sky blue eyes were watching him, slightly glazed, as if a cool fog mysteriously shifted between them... and Tezuka saw an uncertainty, a taint of fear, shifting in those blue, blue eyes...

...and then slowly they faded... the warmth faded...the body was fading...

... body?

Tezuka felt something fading, something torn, something empty... something... cold...a ghost like figure was looking down at him, watching him with blue, blue eyes... eyes that begged him, eyes that knew him, eyes that ask..ed him...some...thing...

That person's mouth opened slightly, as if trying to say... Tezuka knew if he reached out his hand, it'd pass right through the fading body before him... he felt he had to... reach out... but...something...

Suddenly he sat up in bed, panting in cold sweat as if from a nightmare. He glanced around, fingering for his glasses. ...Had someone been there? He had a strange cold feeling... but he couldn't remember anything like that. He was in his bedroom, alone, as most only children are alone, as always.

Something felt terribly wrong, but he quickly dampened the feeling, as he did all emotions, letting his expression set back into it's usual impassiveness. Whatever dream he had had must have been disturbing, but it couldn't have been important since he'd already forgotten it. Glasses now properly in place, he scanned his room with minor uneasiness for any signs of disturbance.


He was alone.

End prologue

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