Author's Note-

Dear readers!

Sadly, I am going to my parent's summer place for the remainder of the summer. The problem with this arrangement is that there isn't a work computer there except for a lap top that I am allowed two hours a week on. This puts a big crinkle in my updating efforts, and most likely I will be able to update only once a week at the max. This is assuming I can set up a chapter and have it almost all written before I get on the computer. I will honestly try to update as much as I can, and I am looking to hit that mark of updating once a week, however I can't promise anything. I have to work and all. You all must be thinking, "Well, you hardly ever up date twice in one week." So, if I do, do this, then it shouldn't change much. Just a heads off in case people think I have deserted this plot, because I haven't. I have plans for next chapter including two lesbians in love and a bratty kid.

Have a great summer, I will try as best I can to update, and thank you all for reading!