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The Last Sons

Chapter One

Sirius Black breathed in the fresh air greedily. Well, in all truth, the air on the water outside of Azkaban wasn't what you would normally call 'fresh', but to a man who had spent a year of his life stuck in a living hell, it was heaven. He couldn't believe he was being released. He'd think he was dreaming if it weren't for the fact that the Dementors made it impossible to have anything but nightmares in Azkaban.

When the boat he was on finally ran ashore, a Ministry official approached him with trepidation. "Mr. Black, if you would take hold of this portkey, we'll be on our way to the Ministry to explain a few things to you and to deal with the paperwork," he said, holding out an old newspaper.


Sirius entered the Minister's office with some amount of fear. He knew that he had nothing to worry about. He was innocent and now everyone knew that. But would they let him have custody of Harry? He prayed they would.

"Ah, Mr. Black. Please, have a seat," Cornelius Fudge said before clearing his throat. "I'm afraid that the Ministry owes you our deepest apologies. We recently discovered the whereabouts of one Peter Pettigrew. He was hiding as a pet rat of one of our employees' sons. He was exposed when his two twin sons stole him from their brother and began experimenting with him using their father's wand. The Ministry, of course, had no idea that he was an Animagus. Naturally, we will be compensating you for your suffering and will also relinquish all the of the assets of your family that were reverted to us due to your imprisonment at the time of your mother's death."

"What about my godson?" Sirius asked urgently.

"Due to the fact that James and Lily Potter specifically appointed you as his legal guardian on the event of their deaths, you are entitled to full custody of him," Fudge responded. "However, Professor Dumbledore expressed his concerns regarding young Harry's safety."

Sirius's eyes burned with rage at the implications of that statement. "I would never harm Harry," he stated vehemently.

"Y-you misunderstood me," Fudge said nervously. "At the moment, Harry is protected by the blood between him and his aunt. He would lose that connection were he to stay with you. However, that would not be an issue if you were to adopt him."

"Then I'll do that," Sirius said, relieved that he would be able to raise the son of his best friends. "Am I free to go now?"

"There is one more issue we need to discuss," Fudge said apprehensively.

"Which is?" Sirius asked impatiently.

"Well, during a recent incident, your cousin Narcissa and her husband, Lucius Malfoy, were charged with being Death Eaters and sentenced to a lifetime in Azkaban," the Minister stated.

"What has that got to do with me?" Sirius inquired, not quite following.

"Well, they have a son, Draco, the same age as Harry. Given that you are his closest in kin, custody of the child goes to you," Fudge said reluctantly.

Sirius sat there stunned for a moment. Raise Narcissa's son? Him? No, he couldn't raise James's son with Narcissa's son. Could he? Maybe it would be good for the boy. He knew what is was like to be raised in a family like that. He was positive that he could ensure both Harry and Draco's happiness. It was actually quite fitting. They were the last sons of the three most powerful and influential families of the wizarding world.


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