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The Last Sons

Chapter Four

Draco looked up at the man with a puzzled expression. He said that Draco was going to be staying with him and another man who he called "Sirius". But why couldn't he have stayed with Tonks? She had been nice to him.

He looked around the room where the man, who had told him his name was "Remus", had left him to play. He had said he would be right back. The room was nice. It had plenty of toys for him to play with, but so did his old room, the room that Tonks said he couldn't go back to. She said that his parents were bad people and had been put away. He didn't care. They didn't ever play with him anyway. He hoped that the man he was staying with now would play with him.

The man came back in, followed by another man carrying a skinny boy about his age with messy black hair.

The other man knelt down and set the boy down. "Hi, Draco, I'm Sirius, did Remus tell you about me?"

Draco nodded hesitantly, he wasn't used to grown-ups talking too much to him. "Ser-u-ri-us," he said with his faced screwed up in concentration as he tried to pronounce the name.

The man smiled at his attempt. "How about you just call me Padfoot? Is that easier."

Draco nodded and said happily, "Padfoo'."

The man smiled again. "And this little guy here, is Harry. He's going to be living here with us too. Can you say Harry?"

"Ha'ry," he replied, proud of himself. He looked at the other boy. He was small, but he seemed a lot more fun than the boys his father had always had him play with. He smiled at the boy, thinking that they could be friends.


Harry clung to Padfoot's neck, not wanting this to be a dream. He didn't want to wake up in his cupboard and realize this had never happened. He knew his mommy and daddy were gone, and he had thought that Padfoot was too. He really didn't want this to be a dream.

Then Padfoot used magic to bring them inside of a house. Inside, there was another familiar face that he thought he'd never see.


The man had looked puzzled for a minute before looking to Padfoot. "He remembers us?"

"I guess," was the reply. "Now, Harry, you want to meet your roommate?"

Padfoot and Moony then brought him to a room where another little boy was. He had light hair, lighter than even Dudley's. Harry was a little scared at first because the only other boys he had met had been Dudley and his friends and they were not nice. But when the other boy smiled at him, Harry felt that maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

"We'll let you two get acquainted," Moony said as he and Padfoot left the room.

"You wanna pway with me?" Draco asked hopefully.

Harry smiled brightly. "Yeah!"

Remus and Sirius watched from the door as the two little boys played together. Maybe this wouldn't be as difficult as they thought it would be…